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Gravity and Motion Review

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Gravity and Motion Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gravity and Motion Review . If you were to jump off of a very high diving board you would fall downward at a very fast pace. What force pulls you toward the ground?. Gravity. Define the word orbit:. Definition of orbit. Draw a picture of objects orbiting one another: . What is gravity?.

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If you were to jump off of a very high diving board you would fall downward at a very fast pace.What force pulls you toward the ground?
Sample Answers: 1. A space shuttle orbiting around the Earth.

2. The moon orbiting the Earth.

What can you conclude about these objects and the gravitational force between them?





Diagram 3 has the most gravitational force between the two objects because they are the largest objects and they are the closest together.
Two objects have a certain gravitational force between them. What would happen if the mass of one of the objects suddenly increased?
Why would the moon have a greater effect on the Earth, for example on our ocean’s tides and waves, than the sun?
The law of universal gravitation says all bodies attract each other. If you drop a penny, it falls to Earth. Why doesn’t the gravitational attraction between your hand and the penny keep it from falling?
There is a gravitational attraction between you and the penny, but Earth’s gravity is stronger, so Earth’s gravity pulls the penny down.
The Law of Universal Gravity states that gravitational attraction exists between any two bodies anywhere in the universe.
Upon what two factors does the magnitude of the gravitational force between two objects depend?
The magnitude of the gravitational force depends on the masses of the objects involved and the distance between them.
This is possible because of the gravitational force that body has on the object. Without gravity, the object would not be able to orbit.