Ecorepair new release
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eCoRepair New Release. Slide Expanded view of Circuit Details 2 - 3 Change to Circuit Looping text 4 View of closed faults up to 30 days old 5 - 7 Minor Changes to Date and Time Fields 8 - 9 Changes to Structured Questions 10

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Ecorepair new release
eCoRepair New Release


  • Expanded view of Circuit Details 2 - 3

  • Change to Circuit Looping text 4

  • View of closed faults up to 30 days old 5 - 7

  • Minor Changes to Date and Time Fields 8 - 9

  • Changes to Structured Questions 10

  • New ‘Quick Test’ capability for Narrow Band Circuits 11 - 15

  • New Update Summary and Customer Required

    • Information feature 16 - 17

  • Milestone View - Removal of duplicate entries 18 – 19

  • Disclaimer – This is not a Training Document but is meant only as a guide to new or changed functionality. There may be some minor differences between the screenshots and the live system.

Ecorepair new release

Expansion Of Circuit Details

This is to give more information about the technology, speed etc before applying the loop to a certain circuit id.

In order to display the technology information, a new collapsible frame ‘Technology Type’ has been introduced just below the Circuit Details Tab. The ‘Technology Type’ will be made visible on clicking the ‘Expand Circuit Details’ button.

Ecorepair new release

Expansion Of Circuit Details….continued

By default this frame will fetch results from a cached dataset. If there are no results to be displayed then it will start the process of populating the latest records for the looping circuit id. It can also be refreshed manually by clicking the high lighted text.

NOTE: This ‘technology type’ frame is available on Create Fault as well as on Circuit looping

option in Diagnostics menu.

Ecorepair new release

Changes to Circuit Looping – Use of Syntax.

Instead of using the generic term ‘node’ eCo Repair will now where possible use

location details



Ecorepair new release

In Live Tracking window, the option to view

closed faults is now provided.

Clicking the ‘Closed’ button results in……

Ecorepair new release

…..something similar to this. Note the LIVE button to toggle back to live faults.


On this screen selecting any listed circuit would return

the milestone window for the fault.....

Ecorepair new release

View Closed Fault – Milestone toggle back to live faults.

New to this view is the showing of references to other faults that

have occurred on the same circuit. Clicking on the reference will

Switch the milestone view to those details.

Ecorepair new release

Date Validations toggle back to live faults.

Where possible dates will be validated not only in format but where logic dictates a

future date is expected e.g. for access, past dates will be rejected and similarly where

an historic date is expected eg for an Alarm, any future date will be rejected.

Example where only future dates are expected and accepted….

Ecorepair new release

Minute Intervals on the Date Time fields. toggle back to live faults.

The Minutes picker on the datetime control is now set to 5 minute intervals

and the ‘Cancel’ button for the structured questions has been relabled

‘Cancel Report’ (partially obscured in the picture by the time picker)

Ecorepair new release

Changes to Structured Questions toggle back to live faults.

These are aimed at reducing the number of questions being asked.

For example Input Access Details will now only appear if the diagnostics indicate a

fault at a particular end, and input will be compulsory.

Ecorepair new release

Narrow Band Quick Test toggle back to live faults.

This new functionality is automatically triggered as part of the Structured Questions

whilst creating a fault and results in a screen as shown below.

Each line is generated as the test progress’.

Its available only for KX and NX type circuits and only when there are no alarms


Please Note: The test is intrusive.

Ecorepair new release

The Narrow Band Quick Test toggle back to live faults. may end up with one of the following result.

Pass, Fail, Inconclusive, Premature Termination

Dependent on the outcome links would be made to the next questions

and the corresponding question would be displayed to the user.

Ecorepair new release

  • Further Details of Narrowband Quick Test toggle back to live faults.

  • The eCo Repair Narrowband Quick Test is a continuity check for Narrowband circuits only – i.e. those circuits with a prefix of KX and NX. It should be noted the Narrowband Quick Test is an intrusive test and if the circuit is not already ‘down’ then carrying out the test will result in a loss of service for the duration of the test – this can be up to 90 seconds. Once started the test cannot be stopped until it reaches completion

  • The circuit continuity check is carried out by means of remotely applying loops at both circuit ends and sending a known short-duration test pattern around those loops in a Fig 8 format. Circuit continuity is confirmed as a Pass result where the test pattern successfully travels the length of the circuit and arrives back at the point of its introduction. A loop can only be applied at the circuit ends however where that circuit terminates on a Network Terminating Unit or NTU and many narrowband circuits, particularly those provided for mobile operators, do not terminate on a NTU. Where a NTU does not exist at one or both circuit ends a loop will be applied at the BT exchange and the continuity check will be established to this point.

  • In displaying the test results, the Narrowband Quick Test will indicate where the loops were applied – i.e. circuit ends or at the BT exchange. A Fail result indicates a problem has been detected with the circuit and the CP should report the fault to BT using eCo Repair

  • The following should also be noted when using the eCo Repair Narrowband Quick Test;

  • Not all network technologies can support the Narrowband Quick Test and those circuits routed via older non-compatible technologies cannot be continuity checked using this tool. An appropriate message is returned where this is the case

  • All tests must be preceded by an Alarm Check

  • A test can only be performed where the Alarm Check indicates the circuit is alarm free

  • A short-duration continuity check such as the Narrowband Quick Test is not a suitable test for all faults types and problems of an intermittent nature and erroring type problems cannot be detected with this test.

Ecorepair new release

The option of performing the toggle back to live faults.Narrow Band Quick Test

is also available via the Diagnostics menu on eCo Repair.


Ecorepair new release

….continuing with the option of performing the Quick Test toggle back to live faults.

will bring up a screen which would ask for the Circuit No on

which the test is to be performed.

Clicking on the “Check” button will display a warning message.

Ecorepair new release

Update/Customer Required Information Summary toggle back to live faults.

This is about highlighting specific updates where BT requires

urgent information, or a business need to draw to your attention.

Updates can be filtered based on the selection of 3 categories by clicking

on the respective hyperlink.

Ecorepair new release

Clicking on a link would highlight it by changing the colour.

And result in only those category of updates being shown.

Ecorepair new release

Milestone View – New Buttons. colour.

New buttons have been introduced which relate directly to the category’s in the previous

screens. Clicking on one of the new buttons will result in the relevant screen opening so

that the details can be input eg Provide Access details will open up the Access Details tab.

Ecorepair new release

Milestone View - Removal of duplicate entries. colour.

Clicking the ‘Mark as Read’ button no longer creates a new log entry, instead

It appends the audit entry to the end of the log as shown here in green.