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Brain Emulation Technology

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Brain Emulation Technology. Technology and Applications Overview May 2013. What is BrainChip?. The brain is a huge, interactive information carrier whose prime function is to LEARN New tasks are learned on top of lower level tasks that were learned previously

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brain emulation technology

Brain Emulation Technology

Technology and Applications Overview

May 2013

what is brainchip
What is BrainChip?
  • The brain is a huge, interactive information carrier whose prime function is to LEARN
  • New tasks are learned on top of lower level tasks that were learned previously
  • Tasks need to be learned before the brain can control anything
    • For example: Limbs provide proprioception feedback through which the brain learns to control that limb
  • Brainchip’s BrainChip emulates all these functions in silicon
anatomy of brainchip
Anatomy of BrainChip
  • BrainChip is an array of digital electronic neurons that learn from sensory input through repetition and intensity like the brain does, rather than being programmed
  • BrainChip contains exact copies of all the functions of biological neural cells, including structure, synaptic memory and plasticity
  • BrainChip matches pulse patterns in input streams once they have been learned
brainchip application
BrainChip Application
  • Medicine-brain interaction and effects analysis need emulation technology:
  • Emulation of major sections of the brain takes large supercomputers (A blue-gene /P with 147,456 processors can emulate 0.0144%)
  • A PC with an array of BrainChip processors can emulate the brain in real time
brainchip applications
BrainChip Applications
  • A more intelligent ‘Furby’ toy that learns by interacting with a child
  • Toys that look out for the kids
  • Robotics
  • Many examples in fiction: ‘Ted’, ‘C-3PO’, ’R2-D2’ etc.
    • We could make this fiction real…
brainchip applications1
BrainChip Applications
  • Prosthetic limbs that are controlled by the brain
  • Nerve endings in the stump provide pulse streams that are interpreted by the chip
  • The chip provides the correct feedback to the brain
  • A microprocessor gets input from the chip and controls motors in the limb (artificial muscle)
brainchip eye and ear implants
BrainChip eye and ear implants
  • Cochlear implants. The Audio waves are converted to a pulse stream, which is processed by the chip and injected into the amygdala
  • Retina implants. An array of light sensors is connected to the chip, which performs the edge detection and colour separation that is done by the eye and injects the resulting pulse streams into the optical nerve
brainchip apps d riverless vehicles
BrainChip Apps: Driverless Vehicles
  • ‘Programmed’ self-driving vehicles are potentially dangerous because the programmer is not aware of ALL possible ‘real world’ scenarios that the machine will encounter
  • A vehicle that contains our chip, which has been taught to drive like a human operator learns from unexpected situations and uses knowledge to address each situation
brainchip apps drones and air transport
BrainChip Apps: Drones and Air Transport
  • Provide expert control of unmanned air and water drones for commercial and military apps
  • Monitor the actions of pilots and foot soldiers
    • Receive radio communications and verify that the pilot or soldier understands and is following instructions
    • Extract voice communications from noise
    • A test by Theodore Berger at USC shows that a neural system can recognise words in a signal with 85% noise – way beyond human limits
brainchip applications security
BrainChip Applications: Security
  • Monitor secure areas for people’s presence actions, and authority to be there
  • Determine access to an area by face recognition
  • Determine the difference between people and animals entering an area
brainchip app greentech
BrainChip App: GreenTech
  • Utilities – Monitor and learn people’s habits for automatic home and office climate control
  • Fuel economy – Monitor and learn people’s driving habits for optimized fuel consumption in vehicles
brainchip apps gaming
BrainChip apps: Gaming
  • Character personalities are generated in a neural networks
  • A BrainChip device will increase the precision and processing speed of characters’ personality
  • Learns from games won and lost, increasing the level of interaction
next steps
Next Steps
  • Identify a semiconductor partner to produce a commercial grade chip to address these BrainChip application opportunities
  • Explore non-dilutive government funding for brain research and technology
  • Raise equity funding to:
    • $600,000 - Produce the commercial prototype
    • Staff the company
    • $6 million – Production chip
      • Go to market
      • Exit