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How to Give a Presentation

How to Give a Presentation. Problem. digitalized 21st century university duties fear factor complexity of the task. Topic. presentation with Power Point how to be a good speaker. What to do with Power Point. keep it simple : do not put every word on the slides use key words

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How to Give a Presentation

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  1. HowtoGive a Presentation

  2. Problem • digitalized 21st century • universityduties • fearfactor • complexity of thetask

  3. Topic • presentationwithPowerPoint • howto be a goodspeaker

  4. WhattodowithPowerPoint • keepitsimple: • donotputeverywordontheslides • usekeywords • bulletpointing • avoiddistractinganimation

  5. be aware of thedetails: • choose Font typecarefully (Sans Serif) • sizematters • be understandable (acronyms) • donotdistractyouraudience(pictures, diagrams, colors…)

  6. Stagefright • knowthematerial! • movearound • donotdealwiththesurrounding • Practice!

  7. The presenter’sskills • maketheaudiencecomfortable • keepeyecontact • power of thepause, pace • body language • be part of theaudience

  8. Obama's inauguration speech 2013

  9. Works Citied The most effective usage of Power Point Life after death by Power Point Killer presentation skills

  10. ThankYouForYourAttention Presentation By Markovics Ádám

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