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Download Zend Framework Training Course Content by Koenig

Download this PDF file to know about the latest Zend framework training fundamental course concepts & guide from Koenig Solutions. To know more about the latest Zend Framework 2 certification course training, visit Koenig: http://www.koenig-solutions.com/zend-framework-2-training-certification-course.aspx

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Download Zend Framework Training Course Content by Koenig

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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO ZEND FRAMEWORK A. Course Goals and Approach B. Course Projects 2. RAPID APPLICATION DESIGN A. Steps to RAD B. Zend Tool 3. MVC DESIGN PATTERN A. MVC Elements and Structure B. MCV Mapped to the Web 4. ZEND FRAMEWORK CONTROLLER RELATED COMPONENTS (GB) A. Zend_Controller B. Bootstrap Architecture C. Controller Execution Methods 5. ZEND FRAMEWORK GENERAL COMPONENTS (GB) A. Zend_Config B. Zend_Exception C. Zend_Session 6. ZEND FRAMEWORK MODEL RELATED COMPONENTS (GB) A. Zend_Db B. Zend_Db_Profiler C. Zend_Db_Table D. Zend_Db_Select E. Zend_Form 7. ZEND FRAMEWORK VIEW RELATED COMPONENTS (GB) A. Zend Framework and Views B. Zend_View C. View Scripts D. Zend_Layout 8. MORE CONTROLLER RELATED COMPONENTS (WIKI) A. Front Controller Plugins B. Action Helpers 9. MORE GENERAL COMPONENTS A. Zend_Registry B. Zend_Log 10. MORE MODEL RELATED COMPONENTS A. Authorization and Authentication B. Zend_Acl C. Zend _Auth D. Zend_Filter

  2. D. Zend_Filter E. Zend_Validate F. Zend_Filter_Input 11. MORE VIEW RELATED COMPONENTS A. Zend_View_Helper B. Placeholders and Partials C. Plugins D. Supporting Documents

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