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UNDP NIGERIA Democratic Governance for Development Project (DGD II) PowerPoint Presentation
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UNDP NIGERIA Democratic Governance for Development Project (DGD II)

UNDP NIGERIA Democratic Governance for Development Project (DGD II)

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UNDP NIGERIA Democratic Governance for Development Project (DGD II)

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  1. UNDP NIGERIADemocratic Governance for Development Project (DGD II) Progress Report Election Phase 2014-2015

  2. Overview (June 2014 – February 2015) • The Project’s Four component: • Promoting Credible, Transparent and Sustainable Electoral Processes. • Improving the Democratic Quality of Political Engagement. • Enhancing Participation by Women, Youth and other Marginalized groups. • Strengthening Channels of Civic Engagement.

  3. Electoral Processes • Strengthening the Strategic Planning, Policy, and Operational Capacities of INEC • Supported trainings to assist INEC enhance its preparedness for the 2015 general elections. • Improving the Electoral System Process through ICT • Supported INEC Electoral Management Systems (EMS). • Facilitated measures to build confidence between INEC and relevant electoral stakeholders on the CVR/PVC ….. • Improving the Legal and Policy Framework for Election • Supported the Electoral Reform. • Production of Manual for Electoral Officials and Poll Agents. • Enhancing INEC/FOSIECON Professional Capacity and Collaboration • Promotion of INEC/FOSIECON engagement and collaboration through Peer Learning and Election Study Missions. 3

  4. Political Engagement • Strengthened Capacity of Political Parties • Supported IPAC to promote the Political Parties Code of Conduct. • Supported the National Dialogue for Peaceful Elections and facilitated the Abuja Peace Accord signed by all the presidential candidates. • Supported the Political Party Leadership and Policy Development Center to strengthen capacities of political parties • Facilitated through IPAC engagements between INEC and political parties • Improved Effectiveness of NASS Committees/Processes Support provided to NASS through the National Institute of Legislative Studies included: • Supported internal and external communication, including website. • Conducted NASS Gender Audit • Adopted Gender Mainstreaming manual • Drafted Parliamentary oversight guide • Designed Induction programme for incoming parliamentarians 4

  5. Enhancing Participation Gender • Supported development and implementation of INEC Gender Policy • Supported the National Conference on Women and Elections in Nigeria to Increase commitment for women candidates. • Training of accredited gender-focused CSOs on election observation. Youth • Development of Mobile App on civic and voter education • Supported FYMD campaign to promote peaceful youth electoral participation Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) • BRIDGE training for INEC Desk Officers on ACCESS to the Electoral Process and Voter Information. 5

  6. Civic Engagement Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) • Supported CSOs and the National Orientation Agency voter education programmes on PVC collection, voting procedures, and peaceful participation. • Facilitated engagements between INEC and CSOs • Supported CSOs to observe political party conventions and primaries. Media • Facilitated the development and adoption of the Nigerian Media Code of Election Coverage. • Conducted training for Media Organisations on the electoral process and conflict sensitive reporting to promote peaceful elections. • BRIDGE trainings for women journalist on Gender, Democracy and Elections. 6

  7. Ongoing and Upcoming Activities Election Management System • Support to INEC for Election Management System (EU) Voter Education • Support for INEC’s voter education efforts (EU) • Support for CSOs voter education programmes - both community-based and media • Support for the National Orientation Agency voter education programme using media, theatre skits, and community dialogues in 774 LGAs. • Support to Women Situation Room on Peaceful Elections. • Targeted voter education for women Peaceful Elections • Support for Youth participation on non-violent elections. • Continued engagement with media on hate speech and peaceful elections. • Support to Judiciary on election petitions. • Support to the Office of the National Security Adviser and Special Service Office for trainings for the Security Community to maintain peace and security on Election Day. 7

  8. DGD II – FINANCIAL UPDATE • Approximated shortfall from January 2014 –June 2015 is $7m

  9. Thank you! 9