east end wellness center riverhead ny offers immune support programs n.
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East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY PowerPoint Presentation
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East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY

East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY

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East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY

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  1. East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY Offers Immune Support Programs

  2. East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NYis a wellness clinic that combines western medicine and integrative practices to help patients get healthy and stay healthy. The health specialists at East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY believe that an intact immune system can ward off most of the common ailments of the human body.

  3. Hence, they have developed a general approach towards immune support in the areas that are important for their patients. They offer individualized programs that focus on balancing the five pillars of health for their patients such as diet and nutrition, hormone levels and balance, digestion and absorption of nutrients, detoxification and elimination, immune system function and response.

  4. The wellness specialists atEast End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NYexcel in treating immune dysfunctions such as common allergies. They aim at building a strong foundation of health by testing for and addressing the things that are adversely affecting a patient’s health.

  5. By educating and informing patients about the various procedures and healing processes, the wellness center helps them in actively responding to all treatments. By combining allergy testing with individualized program of desensitization for each patient, East End Wellness Center provides nutritional supplementation and life style changes that can help patients in the healing process.

  6. The applied immunology program atEast End Wellness Centercomprises of a combination of several practices that help in a healthy living. The wellness experts at the center recommend an individualized diet program as per the patient’s needs and requirements. They also use intra-dermal skin testing to identify underlying allergies that stress and weaken the immune system.

  7. By progressive desensitization they neutralize the allergic reactions and offer nutritional supplementation to support the healing process. In cases where patients need immediate help they also offer IT Therapy to quickly support the immune system and resolve the nutritional deficiencies.

  8. To diagnose the problem in depth, they can also order laboratory tests to identify issues such as stress, infection, nutritional deficiencies, and biochemical imbalances. Find out more about the complete range of services provided by East End Wellness Center, Riverhead, NY by browsing through

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