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Michael Joasil - Livotek International PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Joasil - Livotek International

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Michael Joasil - Livotek International
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Michael Joasil - Livotek International

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  1. Michael Joasil Is Widely Renowned For Livotek International Foundation

  2. Livotek International is a prestigious firm established by Michael Joasil in 2008. The firm aims at helping inventors to bring products to the market by helping in its expansion and raising capital. Michael Joasil holds the position of Managing Director at this technology and consulting firm which is based in Ottawa, Canada.

  3. The firm operates by targeting Information Technology, Nano Technology and Film/ Television sectors for helping clients with capital investments. In order to help with new inventions, Michael Joasil built this company which helps clients with investments and in acquiring companies within specific sectors.

  4. He came up with this proven strategy so that clients can invest actively and wisely and also earn profitably. Michael Joasil recommends Livotek International to leverage companies with positive investment funds that offers venture level returns for the company as well as the investors and the partners. In no time, the firm was successful and affluent with his help and suggestions.

  5. The firm is committed to assist portfolio companies to achieve their required goals and objectives, and to assist them in any kind of situation that they may face.Michael Joasil is a prominent name in nanotechnology industry across the globe. He is the Founder and Manager of four leading industries in North America namely Window Medics International, PureRay Corporation,

  6. Thermonic Electric (TE) and Livotek Ventures. His Window Medics International Company was established in 2003 which provides cost effective and environmental friendly alternatives to window replacements. He established PureRay Corporation after he invented a proprietary lighting system and an efficient light bulb that saved significant amount of energy.

  7. The Thermonic Electric (TE) has revolutionized energy efficiency and energy usage. Consequently, the year 2009 witnessed the birth of America's one of the leading firms in Venture Capital & Private Equity industry and is celebrated throughout the globe as ‘Livotek Ventures'.