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Michael Joasil And His Biz-Ventures PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Joasil And His Biz-Ventures

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Michael Joasil And His Biz-Ventures
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Michael Joasil And His Biz-Ventures

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  1. Michael Joasil And His Biz-Ventures

  2. Michael Joasil is a man who ventured into business 7 years ago and is a prominent Business Developer and thorough corporate professional. His first company, Window Medics International was established in 2003, and with that, he got an ultimate chance to test his genius.

  3. He invented intellectual property used by the Window Medics International dealer network across North America and the UK. The company commercialized a concept with which a patent pending moisture control and damage prevention system was used to restore the clarity and insulation of a window glass unit.

  4. The company offered cost effective and environment friendly alternatives to window replacements to clients at very reasonable costs. Michael Joasil is the CEO of Window Medics since 2003. PureRay Corporation is one another brilliant establishment of Michael Joasil where he invented a patent pending, self-contained, solar powered, LED lighting system.

  5. It comes with a charging station and rechargeable bulbs which are specifically designed for the use in the off-grid market and the developing nations. His idea was to replace all the fuel based lighting system with another source of energy efficient, safe and renewable method.

  6. Other than that, the company pledged to donate 27.5 million of its products to Clinton Global Initiative Conference, which is an organization that works for the developing countries. Later in 2008, Michael Joasil founded another pioneer development- Livotek International- an Ottawa based technology and consulting firm.

  7. His idea behind founding this company was to help inventors bring products to markets by finding solutions to raise capital for its expansion. In 2008 itself, he founded Thermonic Electric Co. which focused on developing high quality energy efficient products through embedding company patent pending nano chip technology.

  8. Michael Joasil is the chairman of the firm and is constantly putting efforts to finding new solutions to energy problems. Furthermore, in 2009, Mr. Joasil established Livotek Ventures with a mission to invest and acquire companies within a range of sectors to help deliver new inventions.

  9. His later developments were PETRAai Inc, a search engine technology that contains embedded technology and advanced digital media. He has acclaimed recognition and fame as well and recently he was featured in the annual High Tech section of the 'Ottawa Citizen' – 'They See the Light'.