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Michael Joasil: A Renowned Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Joasil: A Renowned Entrepreneur

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Michael Joasil: A Renowned Entrepreneur
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Michael Joasil: A Renowned Entrepreneur

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  1. Michael Joasil: A Renowned Entrepreneur & Inventor

  2. Michael Joasil is widely known for his brilliant inventions. He has been able to strategy implement ideas and inventions to establish his own projects and developments. He has more than seven years of work experience in Business Development and corporate operations and has offered the world some of his futuristic developments.

  3. Recently Michael Joasil was also featured in the annual High Tech section of the 'Ottawa Citizen'- They See the Light', which is commendable on his part. Window Medics International was Michael Joasil's first establishment where he worked hard to offer an efficient solution to the clients.

  4. The company works to complete the window restoration process, also known as 'The Solution',at bare minimum costs. His revolutionary concepts and ideas led him to become one of the most reputed and successful people in no time. His ideas and intelligence is widely appreciated in the whole of the North America.

  5. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Window Medics International. After the huge success in his first venture, Michael Joasil invented energy efficient lighting technology bulb which was capable of replacing the fuel based lighting system.

  6. With this he started a new venture called PureRay Corporation in 2007 which tremendously gained popularity and even to this date, is considered as the world's most efficient light bulb. His aim to invent this light bulb was to solve the fuel based lighting in developed countries.

  7. Michael Joasil also established Livotek International in Ottawa to offer technology based consulting to his clients. The main aim of the company was to attract inventors who wish to launch products in the markets and help them to raise capital.

  8. Another greatest of Michael Joasil's invention was Thermonic Electric Co which introduced the concept of nanotechnology for developing quality and energy efficient products for enhancing efficiencies, cost effectiveness and reduction in carbon footprints.