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prolong ejaculation premature ejaculation remedies l.
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prolong ejaculation

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prolong ejaculation
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prolong ejaculation

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  1. Prolong Ejaculation | Premature Ejaculation Remedies! I Bought It And YOU Really Need To Read THIS Review Before Buying IT Too: Prolong Ejaculation | Premature Ejaculation Remedies >>> Get This... You CAN prolong ejaculation with the methods taught in Ejaculation Trainerby far the best premature ejaculation remedies you will find

  2. If you aim to Prolong Ejaculation, you must understand...: • To effectively Prolong Ejaculation, you simply CANNOT take some pill and make the problem just go away • To effectively Prolong Ejaculation, you simply CANNOT expect to cure your self by doing exercises • To effectively Prolong Ejaculation, you simply CANNOT rely on desensitizing/numbing lubes, sprays, and condoms • To effectively Prolong Ejaculation, you simply CANNOT learn some crazy technique of starting, stopping, squeezing, breathing, etc...

  3. So, how can you effectively Prolong Ejaculation ? Essentially defeating premature ejaculation can be achieved by a combination of knowledge, understanding, conditioning and technique. And what that boils down to is a very simple three step process

  4. The first step involves learning mental control. A very large part of your premature ejaculation problem comes from what goes on inside your head. What you are thinking, and more importantly how you are thinking during sex can play a huge impact on the way you perform. Once, you can teach yourself to understand the thoughts that goes on in your brain and the triggers that set off these thoughts. You can then begin to teach yourself to control them. At that point you'll gain a newfound control of your ability to prolong ejaculation.

  5. The second phase is based around hormonal balance. The process of further understanding what your body goes through during an orgasm. You can learn a completely safe and effective way to regulate the natural levels of dopamine and serotonin in your body, which are the two chemicals that accelerated/decelerate the orgasm process.

  6. And finally, you will learn to tackle the ability to physically control your body as you reach climax. When you ejaculate there are a number of different glands, muscles and nerve endings that go to work. It is only through understanding each and every one of these small systems in your body that you are able to to maintain complete control over yourself. If you train yourself ahead of time, you will begin to recognize what each of these muscles and feelings do and you can teach yourself how to react to them.

  7. Once you've taught yourself to master all three (very important) aspects of ejaculation. You can begin to achieve total control over your ability to prolong ejaculation. The best part about this approaches the effects of the method are permanent. This is not some short-term solution that you will be applying over and over again. Additionally, there are no extra products that you will be needing to purchase in order for the method to maintain its effect At this point, I assume you have looked into other products that claim to cure you of premature ejaculation. However, if you look deeper, you will find that no other product offers a realistic or reasonable method for achieving a"cure".

  8. Most of these products simply give you a routine exercise to perform, maybe a set of exercises. They tell you how many to do, when to do them, where to do them, etc... What they don't inform you is that by doing these blindly, your potentially causing yourself more damage than you are "curing". The reason behind this is that the same muscle groups, used to halt an orgasm are also the same muscles use to propel an orgasm. By simply strengthening these muscles. You could be increasing your ability to orgasm quickly, if you do not take the appropriate measures and learn the other aspects of ejaculation and how to control them. There is no way that exercises alone can or will cure your condition.

  9. The solution is a simple one. You learn the methods taught in Ejaculation Trainer, apply what you've been taught, and you gain control and you then have the ability to control yourself at any time any place. If you’re interested in getting more free content and information, just access the Prolong Ejaculationwebsite.