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In 2000, Michael Gangadeen founded his firm, Gangadeen & Associates, in Ozone Park, New York. He has a juris doctorate from St. John’s University School of Law. His areas of practice include civil lawsuits, insurance litigation, professional malpractice, and real estate transactions.

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Michael Gangadeen

The Need for an Attorney

Michael Gangadeen is an experienced attorney with over two decades of practicing law. He used his expertise to win millions of dollars for his clients. His law firm Gangadeen & Associates assist clients with personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, and real estate litigation. He is a well-known for his superior service and winning cases for his clients. His experience and excellent service to his clients is what makes him stand out from other attorneys. He aggressively fights for his clients in court

Michael Gangadeen

Real Estate Law

According to the Findlaw website (realestate.findlaw.com), “Real Estate law is a bunch of civil laws that cover the right to possess, use, and enjoy land and the permanent man-made additions attached to it.” Real estate law can involve homeowners, home buyers, landlords, home sellers and renters. Real estate laws can vary greatly from state to state. Michael Gangadeen is the attorney to go to in New York if you need real estate questions answered. He is one of the most experienced attorneys in the area and two of his specialties are real estate transactions and real estate litigation.

Michael Gangadeen

Criminal Law vs Civil Law

Michael Gangadeen is an attorney who handles civil cases. Just as there a difference between civil cases and criminal cases there is a difference between criminal attorneys and civil attorneys. Civil attorneys can represent either the defendant or the plaintiff. Civil attorneys only represent clients in lawsuits. A civil attorney is hired by an either the defendant or plaintiff in a lawsuit. They cannot be not appointed by the court. Civil attorneys represent clients suing for compensation for their clients. They only have to prove negligence not guilt or innocents.

Michael Gangadeen

Litigation vs Arbitration

Michael Gangadeen has experience in both litigation and arbitration. He has practiced law for more than twenty years. He graduated from St John’s University of Law with a Juris Doctor in 1995. He began his career with State farm and in 2000 founded his own law firm Gangadeen & Associates. Mr. Gangadeen has received special training in the art of Trial Advocacy. This makes him more effective as an attorney and better equipped with the knowledge an attorney needs to provide exceptional services and representation to their client.


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