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Michael Delich joined the navy after graduating from high school and served as an electronics specialist aboard the USS Kansas City. After completing four years with the navy, he started working as a manufacturer’s representative for a wholesale records and electronics business called RTI.

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Michael Delich - Benefits of Using Digital Billboards for


Michael Delich has been in the marketing and sales business for forty years and knows that

proper marketing techniques can help drive customers to your business. Digital billboards

have been around for over a decade, though they were only accessible to large global

companies. When digital billboards first made their appearance in the marketing arena, it

was only available if you had huge marketing budgets, in other words, it was out of the

reach of small businesses. But gone are those days when digital billboards were used only by

large global companies. Michael Delich is the President of Waitt Outdoors, LLC an outdoor

advertising company in Omaha, Nebraska and knows that using digital billboards can benefit

any business, large or small. Here are a few benefits of using digital billboards.

Prime Locations

Digital billboards are set up in prime locations where normally it would not be possible for

small businesses to market their services or products. But with digital billboards, multiple

companies can advertise their products without having to worry about sharing space,

making it an ideal medium to use in marketing. Digital billboards don’t require lengthy

lead-times. All you need to do is send your advertisement to the company and in a matter of

few hours, your advertisement can go up on the screen.

Flexibility and Creativity

Generally, outdoor advertising works in two-week blocks, but with digital billboards, you can

start and end on any day you want. If you are advertising a special sales promotion at your

company for the weekend, you can stop advertising as soon as the promotion ends. This

makes it ideal for short campaigns thereby enabling you to use your funds more efficiently. If

you have a restaurant and are offering multiple special menus for breakfast, lunch, and

dinner, you can create three different advertisements to be displayed at different times

during the day. You can be very creative and include high-quality photos of the menu to

attract customers.


Digital billboards are built using high-quality light sensors. The sensors determine how bright

the surrounding is and the display is adjusted automatically. This is particularly beneficial to

motorists as it does not distract them while driving. The lights used are energy efficient and

therefore use less energy. They are brighter during the day and are less bright at night.

Michael Delich has four decades’ experience in sales and marketing and knows how digital

billboards can make a positive impact in a business’ marketing strategy.

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