legal process services for international society of primerus law firms n.
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Legal Process Services for International Society of Primerus Law Firms PowerPoint Presentation
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Legal Process Services for International Society of Primerus Law Firms

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Legal Process Services for International Society of Primerus Law Firms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Legal Process Services for International Society of Primerus Law Firms. Your Alliance Executive: Paul N. Hoagland Evalueserve North America Tel: +1 315 655 2262 June 20, 2008. Presentation Plan. Evalueserve Overview Legal Process Services

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Legal Process Services for International Society of Primerus Law Firms

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    1. Legal Process Servicesfor International Society of Primerus Law Firms Your Alliance Executive: Paul N. Hoagland Evalueserve North America Tel: +1 315 655 2262 June 20, 2008

    2. Presentation Plan • Evalueserve Overview • Legal Process Services • Project Execution Process • Confidentiality & Client Feedback

    3. Evalueserve – Your Global Knowledge Partner • Evalueserve is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm that provides custom research and analytics services to companies in the US and worldwide • Our services include: Legal Process Services, Intellectual Property Research, Market Research, Business Research, Data & Financial Analytics, Investment Research, and access to a global network of domain and Industry experts through Evalueserve Circle of Experts. • The firm was founded by IBM and McKinsey alumni, and has completed over 12,000 client engagements. • We currently employ over 2,100 full-time professionals located in research centers in India, China, Chile, New York, and Romania. • Evalueserve has won several recent awards, including: 2007 CIO-100; 2006 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Private Companies; 2006 NASSCOM IT Innovation Award for Business Model Innovation;Wall Street Journal (Asia) Top Six Innovative Emerging Companies in Asia; Outsell Top 50 Research, Reports and Services Companies Worldwide; and Deloitte Top 150 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific.

    4. A Full-Service Global Research Firm • Evalueserve has various competencies— Legal Process Services, Intellectual Property, Investment Research, Business Research, Data and Financial Analytics, Market Research, and Circle of Experts. • Our research teams are comprised of highly skilled professionals including Lawyers, Paralegals, MBAs, PhDs, Engineers, MDs, Chartered Accountants, Scientists, Architects, Industry Experts, etc. Evalueserve Value Proposition Quality Global Coverage Custom/Cost-Eeffective • Attention to detail in every element of client interaction • Disciplined project management and communication • Accurate and insightful analysis • Extensive research infrastructure • Operation centers in India, China, and Chile • Multi-lingual capabilities (50+) • Research conducted in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA • Local ‘in-country’ support • 24x5 coverage • Fraction of traditional cost • 100% customized projects • Access to experts in your field • Multi-industry experience (10,000+ completed projects) • Highly scalable/rapid response • Flexible working relationship

    5. Synergistic Competencies Circle of Experts Market Research • Fast access to frontline industry experts with unique opinions on markets, companies, products; 360° view of market due diligence on long-term investments • ‘Executive confidante’ for one-on-one discussions on strategic issues • Elicitation training on most effective and compliant methods to interview experts • End-to-end market research services • Design, conduct and analysis of surveys: B2B, B2C • Data processing • Survey analytics • Market research solutions: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, brand perception, new product development, advertisement effectiveness Business Research • Market sizing and estimation • Industry and company profiling • Benchmarking • Value chain analysis • Newsletters • Custom list generation • Marketing and sales operations support Investment Research • Validation of investment ideas • Corporate finance • Equity research support • Industry landscape and company profiles • Fixed income research • Target identification • Quantitative Analysis • Financial modeling and valuation Legal Process Services • Paralegal and litigation support services • Legal research • Contract related services Data and Financial Analytics • Data cleansing, validation, and treatment • Dashboard solutions and reporting • Statistical modeling and forecasting • Data-driven strategies including profitability analysis, channel assessment, product affinity analysis/cross selling • Segmentation and cluster analysis Intellectual Property • Patent application drafting and filing with USPTO, EPO, etc. • IP asset management • Other IP analysis, e.g, licensing of valuable patents, • Infringement analysis (preliminary) • Technology Assessment

    6. EVS Serves 1,100+ Leading-Edge Clients Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East and Africa Latin America and the Caribbean North America Automotive Financial Services Energy and Utilities Chemicals Consumer Goods Retail Life Sciences Information Technology Manufacturing Media and Entertainment Telecommunication Logistics and Transportation 100+ Fortune 1000 Companies 200+ Research, Consulting and Law Firms 800+ Small and Medium Businesses

    7. Growth Milestones Aug ’07: 2,000+ Professionals; 1,000+ Clients 2007 Feb ’07:Acquired Nitron Circle of Experts Dec ’06: 1,400+ Professionals; 1,000+ Clients 2006 Nov ’06:Commenced Chile Operations Dec ’05: 800 Professionals; 800 Clients 2005 Sept ’05:Commenced China Operations 2004 Dec ’04:400 Professionals; 500 Clients 2003 Dec ’03: 240 Professionals; 200 Clients Dec ’02: 100 Professionals; 50 Clients 2002 Mar ’02: Achieved Profitability Jul ’01:First Major Client Signed Up 2001 Jan ’01:Commenced India Operations Dec'00: Founded

    8. Evalueserve Language Capabilities

    9. Primerus Members can rely on Evalueservefor many types of custom research projects! The default location for all work is India. The India hourly pricing rates for the term of this Agreement for Evalueserve’s various service lines are tabulated below. * For China: multiply India rate by 1.2. For Chile: multiply India rate by 1.33. For Europe & future Research Centers: TBD. ** Evalueserve will provide access to frontline industry experts-- in any industry vertical, any geography-- through its subsidiary Circle of Experts (CoE). CoE introductory fees are waived for Primerus & its Member Firm projects per this Agreement. NOTE: Evalueserve will provide fixed pricing for individual on-demand projects upon request.

    10. Take advantage of our proposal development process…

    11. Presentation Plan • Evalueserve Overview • Legal Process Services • Project Execution Process • Confidentiality & Client Feedback

    12. Evalueserve’s Legal Process Services Legal Process Services Paralegal and Litigation Support Legal Research Contract Related Trade Marks related

    13. Paralegal and Litigation Support Services Paralegal Support • Assistance in e-filings and processing: Immigration compliance support such as preparing and filing Labor Condition Application, Visitor Visa Letters, Employee Verification Letter, etc. • Preparing Deposition Summaries: Summarizing complex testimonies • Lease Abstraction: Creating brief abstracts of the leases to track specific details • Term Sheets: Providing support services relating to counterparty documents Litigation Support • Document Discovery: Identifying and extracting documents related to litigation from the Client’s internal knowledge repository to prepare a chronology of events to support evidence • Email Discovery: Reviewing, extracting, coding, summarizing & organizing scanned legal documents, emails with the help of specific software and programmes • Motion Drafting: Preparing motion drafts covering pleadings, briefs, complaints, claims etc.

    14. Term Sheets: Assisting in Various Parts of OTC Trade Process… Account Opening Master Agreements Trade Execution OTC Trade Process • Compare term-sheets against pre-approved templates for consistency • Identify simple errors such as business day convention, incorrect trade date or counterparty name, etc. • Assist with internal approval process and warehouse all approvals received • Receive and catalogue all required counterparty documents • Ensure counterparty is not on internal black-list • Ensure counterparty is in company register • Check company register to ensure that only authorized signatory has signed documents • Assist in drafting and negotiating Master Agreement with the counterparty • Assist in drafting and collateral agreement (CSA) • Drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements EVS Services Key Benefits Much quicker turn around Reduced cost

    15. Case Studies – Paralegal Services (1/5) Paralegal assistance related to Immigration work Client One of the Fortune 50 information technology companies with revenue over USD 50 billion Team One Lawyer, Two Paralegals and One Shadow Analyst Project Scope • Drafting and e-filing Labor Condition Application (LCA) • Create the project in database • Prepare and submit LCA on-line at DoL website • Send it to Attorneys for their signature • Update the database to reflect the current status • A spread sheet is maintained for records • Creation of Wagemail • Receive wagemail request • Execute spreadsheet • Create first wagemail draft • Send it to respective manager • Follow-up on completion of wagemail draft • Review the wagemail for accuracy and update the database Approximately, the team processes 20 -25 requests of each Process in a day. Client benefits from huge saving in cost and time

    16. Case Studies – Paralegal Services (2/5) Creation of Visitor Visa Letter (Repeat Customer) Client One of the Fortune 50 information technology companies with revenue over USD 50 billion Team One Lawyer, Two Paralegals Project Scope Access to Clients' group ID, which receives all queries, requests related to visitor visa letters Draft the letters in accordance with the information provided in duly filled questionnaire Respond to queries regarding the issuance of visitor visa letter. However, in case of ambiguity, the team co-ordinates with Client’s attorney before responding Legal research related to visa requirements in various jurisdictions, as and when required The project is carried out in a systematic way and as per the well-defined process charts which ensures better efficiency and quality. Approximately, 20 - 25 requests are processed in a day

    17. Case Studies – Paralegal Services (3/5) Deposition Summary Client Litigation Practice law firm Team One Lawyer and Two Paralegals Project Scope Receiving the documents containing complex testimonies from the client Reviewing the testimonies and prepare their customized synopsis Benefit to client This enables client to get a crisp and clear view of various submissions made before the court along with any corresponding references in the documents Deliverable

    18. Case Studies – Litigation Support Services (4/5) Document Discovery Process Client An international investment bank having over 800 employees across Europe, US and Asia with revenue of over USD 30 million Team Two analysts from the Investment Research team and Two Lawyers Project Scope Sorting documents available on the Client website and cataloguing them Conducting secondary research by using various databases Preparing comprehensive chronology of various transactions

    19. Case Studies – Litigation Support Services (5/5) Email Discovery Client A practicing securities attorney Team One analyst from IT team, One Lawyer and One paralegal Project Scope Retrieving of information from the hard drive containing PST folders Searching key words in those PST folders Identifying and procuring appropriate software to extract and search emails from the hard drive Using the software program to conduct the search in the body of email and attachments and cross checking it for accuracy. Finally, the search was customized in order to meet Client’s requirement

    20. Legal Research Services Legislation Research • Conducting research related to specific laws in various jurisdictions such as labor laws in different states, rights and penalties of directors, prospective regulations in particular sectors etc. Legal Updates/Newsletters • Tracking industry–specific legal updates • Assisting drafting of the content for legal newsletter, legal reports, bulletin and alerts Background support in Mergers & Acquisitions • Preparing checklists, rights and liabilities charts in order to assist attorneys in conducting due diligence.

    21. Case Studies (1/3) Legislation Research Client One of the biggest Companies in telecom sector Team Three analysts from the Business Research division Project Scope To Conduct a research and analysis of the wire-tap laws with the help of a website dedicated by the government of particular country in its jurisdiction The team successfully overcame the language problem in non-English speaking jurisdictions by working closely with the translation staff, besides seeking assistance from numerous language websites The project was completed within 350 hours

    22. Case Studies (2/3) Legal Research Client An insurance company having revenue in excess of USD 100 million. Team Two Lawyers Project Scope Conducting primary and secondary research to determine the rights and liabilities of directors in different jurisdictions Preparing a comprehensive report. The research helped Client in drafting the terms and conditions for selling directors’ insurance

    23. Case Studies (3/3) Legal Research Client A full service investment banking and securities firm with 30, 000 employees and revenues in excess of USD 35.6 billion Team One Lawyer and one Paralegal Project Scope Study of regulatory regime in the Indian media industry Primary and secondary research Comparison Matrix – Difference in Indian and US regulatory regime in media industry on certain parameters

    24. Contract Related Services Creating Rule Book • Preparing a rule book and comparison chart to highlight the inconsistencies in Clients’ standard contracts Contract Review & Negotiation Support • Reviewing various contracts such as NDAs, TLAs, vendor agreements, MSLAs etc. • Providing negotiating support by consulting the terms of contract with Clients’ customer (based on defined parameters) Contract Management • Creating database and checklist of all contracts in order to provide an in-house management tool to streamline the contract management process across the company Contract Templatization • Tracking important clauses in a database such as effective date, execution date, term, indemnity and other minute details in different categories of contracts Contract Drafting • Preparing first drafts of contracts, supplier agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, terms and conditions, shareholder agreements, service level agreements etc.

    25. Case Studies (1/4) Creation of Manual Database Client One of a biggest manufacturer and distributor of building products employing over 12,000 employees and revenues of approximately USD 80 million Team One Lawyer and one Paralegal Project Scope Receiving both hard copies and soft copies of contracts Segregating of Contracts as per category Scanning of hard copies to be converted to PDF [Document Conversion] Reviewing the Contracts for specific clauses Creating Manual Database to capture the important provisions of the contracts Identifying and extracting specific key Clauses i.e. liability, indemnity, term, termination charges, value of the contract, renewal period etc. Deliverable

    26. Case Studies (2/4) Contracts – Templatization Client One of the biggest telecom and mobile companies with almost 9000 employees with revenue of USD 40 billion Team One Lawyer and two Paralegals Project Scope Accessing Clients’ repository Reviewing the contracts for specific information Tracking the information such as type of agreement, class, name of the contracting party, name of client’s company, payment terms, execution date, effective date, expiration date, indemnity provisions etc. Populating details in a software ( See sample of profile sheet in a software below) Deliverable

    27. Case Studies (3/4) Contract Review and Negotiation Support Client A technology company with revenues over USD 250 million and large employee base. Team One Lawyer and one Paralegal Project Scope Reviewing Clients’ contracts on stipulated parameters and guidelines Highlighting modifications and inconsistencies in a track change mode, along with the comments “Negotiating” the clauses of contracts with third parties to bring them in accordance with clients’ policies In order to facilitate smooth flow of operations, a web based access has been provided by client to Evalueserve’s Legal Process team Tracking and populating the spreadsheet with the details, pertaining to the number of contracts reviewed and negotiated during the month

    28. Case Studies (4/4) Drafting & Reviewing Technology Licensing Agreements (Repeat Customer) Client A technology company with revenues over USD 250 million and large employee base. Team One Lawyer and one Paralegal Project Scope Creating rule book based on Clients’ standard and sample TLA’s Reviewing the Technology Licensing Agreements in accordance with the rule book Conducting an advanced review and negotiation support of Technology Licensing Agreements on ongoing basis Deliverable

    29. Trademark Related Services Trademark Search • Search on free, paid and commercial TM Databases for various countries Filing and Prosecution • Filing and prosecution of the Trade Mark applications in India and in various other jurisdictions through our global network of Trademark attorneys Maintenance and Database Updating • Renewal of registered Trade Marks and licenses of trademarks in India and in various other jurisdictions through our global network of Trademark attorneys • Maintain and populate the trademark specific details in the profile sheets / databases • Liaison and co-ordinate with attorneys and Clients’ offices to seek necessary information • Drafting and sending Cease and Desist Letters along with screenshots

    30. Case Studies (1/2) Filing of a Trademark Application Client One of the largest financial services company in the world Team One Trademark Attorney (Project Manager) and a paralegal Project Scope To conduct trademark search in various jurisdictions To prepare relevant documents and to file the same with the Indian Trademark registry To co-ordinate with Partner Associates in Germany and the US to file the TM application

    31. Case Studies (2/2) Database Maintenance Client The client is a developer and provider of systems for real- time measurement and analysis of bio-molecular interaction Team One Trademark Attorney as project Manager and a paralegal Project Scope To track the specific information from the trademark applications and relevant documents To populate the details in a spreadsheet To keep a track of reminders and send an email to Client regarding it To co-ordinate with officials at various Clients locations in order get the specific information from them.

    32. Research Resources and Tools Individual Databases Databases • Westlaw • One Source • Bloomberg • Profound • Factiva • Executive Select • Morningstar • Dialog PRO • Reuters Knowledge • Reuter 3000 Xtra OneSource • Economic Intelligence Unit • ISI Emerging Markets – Asia and Australia • Boxscore, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) • Delphion • IEEE Enterprise • STN, • • Micropatent, • ICO Suite • SPIE Digital Library • Kompass US Trademark Office British Trademark Office Japanese Trademark Office European Trademark Office WIPO Trademark Office German Trademark Office French Trademark Office Paid Database Paid database on trademarks ( offers Search Facilities for: UK, US, EC, Canadian, WIPO and German @ $110 for a contiguous period of 12 hours (through Micropatent database)

    33. Presentation Plan • Evalueserve Overview • Legal Process Services • Project Execution Process • Confidentiality & Client Feedback

    34. Evalueserve’s Project Execution Process Project Owner at Client’s Company Project Request Client Drafting Proposals Analyzing Request Proposal Delivery Rejection Project Understanding Call Effort and Cost Estimation Acceptance Project Execution Project Kick-off Call Finalization of Project objective, Scope, Methodology, Deliverable format, Project schedule, Communications plan, Schedule and Process Generally weekly or as required Conducting Research Interim Deliverable (s) Conference Call/s • Status report • Status conference call Final Deliverable (s) Invoicing and Client Feedback

    35. Project Methodology (On-Demand Model) Regular Status Reports (in Writing) Regular Conference Calls (Updates) Project Closure Project Execution Project Closure • Project closure communications • Send Invoice • Overall project review/feedback • Responsive action within EVS in accordance with the feedback Final Deliverable and Feedback • Send near-final deliverable to the Client • Incorporate Client’s feedback • Re-send revised/final deliverable Interim Deliverable and Feedback • Send interim deliverable(s) to the Client • Incorporate Client’s feedback • Further research for project completion Project Initiation Project Initiation • Client request • Project assessment call with the Client • Proposal drafting • Project initiation call • Project staffing Disciplined Project Communication

    36. Project Methodology (ORC/ Dedicated Team Model) Multiple Projects • Multiple projects for a Client, including BR, MR, IP and Analytics • Project life cycle • Project Initiation • Interim deliverable and feedback • Final deliverable and feedback Offshore Research Center • Dedicated team to manage all the Client requests • Regular/Repeat requests • On-demand requests Pilot Projects • Client understanding • Project understanding • Proposal/Initiation • Staffing Regular Status Reports (in Writing) Regular Conference Calls (Updates) Steady State Growth Project Initiation Disciplined Project Communication

    37. Presentation Plan • Evalueserve Overview • Legal Process Services • Project Execution Process • Confidentiality & Client Feedback

    38. Confidentiality Management System Legal Measures Dedicated Teams • NDA • Western jurisdiction • IP of projects belongs to Client • Chinese Walls • Staffing rules Confidentiality • Clean desk • ‘Need-to-know’ • IS0 27001 Certification • Confidentiality as element of quality • Strict ‘ethical research’ guidelines • Secure transmission • Secure storage • Data access forteam members only Process Measures Technology

    39. Client Recognition of Evalueserve Quality “…EVS is the finest professional services organization I have worked with in my 40 years in business.” “Your proposals and reports are (in my opinion) second to none.” “…by leveraging EVS, we have seen significant cost savings and improvement in delivery time to our Clients. This is a dependable company, responsive to our needs…” “…Always a pleasure working with the EVS team, always thoroughly professional, I look forward to working on many more projects together.” “…The EVS team was well organized and operated in a highly disciplined manner.” “…I was very pleased with the work, I have referred you to several patent attorneys at my firm.” “…Wonderful job on this project; thank you for being flexible and finishing on time (even under pressure).” “[Circle of Experts] has delivered the most relevant experts for our needs, without fail, from engineers to managers.” “I was impressed with the speed, follow up and value of deliverables. I will recommend evalueserve to many of my collaborators.” “…You exceeded our expectations in each area. We truly appreciate your clarity, professionalism and devoted organizational management.”

    40. Thank you…for considering us as yourGlobal Knowledge Partner Paul Hoagland Solutions Executive Evalueserve Tel: +1 315 655 2262