Effect of depth jumps on agility in female varsity hockey players
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Effect of Depth Jumps on Agility in Female Varsity Hockey Players - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Effect of Depth Jumps on Agility in Female Varsity Hockey Players. By: Sadie Whaley Advisor: Jeff Vossen Co-Advisor: Angie Kolen October 30 th , 2013. Agenda. Introduction Literature Review Purpose Methods Procedure Tests. Introduction.

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Effect of depth jumps on agility in female varsity hockey players

Effect of Depth Jumps on Agilityin Female Varsity Hockey Players

By: Sadie Whaley

Advisor: Jeff Vossen

Co-Advisor: Angie Kolen

October 30th , 2013


  • Introduction

  • Literature Review

  • Purpose

  • Methods

  • Procedure

  • Tests


  • Plyometrics are exercises used to increase power in athletes (Fatourors, 2000)

  • Power – amount of work a muscle can produce per unit of time (Adams, O’Shea, O’Shea & Climstein, 1992)

  • Plyometric exercises are characterized by a rapid lengthening of the muscle followed immediately by a shortening muscle action (Miller, Herniman, Ricard, Cheatham & Michael, 2006)

  • Depth Jumps are continually used in plyometric studies (Flanagan, Ebben& Jensen, 2008)

  • Elite hockey training often uses plyometrics for strength and increasing speed (Ebben, Carroll & Simenz, 2004)

Agility and hockey
Agility and Hockey

  • During hockey games, players are continually stopping, starting and changing direction

  • Agility – ability to maintain and control correct body position while quickly changing direction through a series of movements (Yap & Brown, 2000)

  • Important skill in hockey – NHL Strength & Conditioning Coaches use this in training and testing (Ebben, Carroll & Simenz, 2004)

  • Power gained through plyometrics could improve agility as changing direction in an explosive manner requires a high force output (Asadi, 2012)

  • If plyometrics are already used to train to increase power, do they have an affect on any other skills?


  • The main objective of this study is to determine if a depth jump training program increase’s individuals agility and vertical jump


I hypothesize that a depth jump training program will increase the subjects agility and vertical jump height.


  • 10 – 15 Female St. FX Varsity Hockey athletes

  • No prior plyometric training required

  • No initiation of new lower body training regimen

  • Participation is voluntary and based on recruitment through Head Coach, David Synishin


  • Pre-tests will be performed following Research Ethics Board approval and completion of Consent forms by participants

  • Training program will be initiated in second semester

  • Post-tests will be performed within a week of completion of the training program to ensure benefits are still present

Training session protocol
Training Session Protocol

  • 6 weeks of training with 2 sessions per week

  • Warm up: 5 minutes on stationary bike

    Dynamic stretches

  • Training: Depth Jump Intensity based

    on week protocol (See next slide)

  • Cool Down: 2 minutes on stationary

    bike followed by static stretches

Training portion
Training Portion

  • Entire training portion consists of depth jump

  • 15 second rest between repetitions

  • 3 minute rest between sets

  • (Read & Cisar, 2001)

Week 1: Focus is familiarization (Gehri et al, 1998)

Week 2-6: Focus on proper technique and power production

Depth jump
Depth Jump

Subjects will be instructed to step off a 40 cm box, land and perform a maximal vertical jump while minimizing contact time.

(Thomas, French & Hayes, 2009)


Warm-up prior to testing

5 minute stationary cycling

Dynamic Stretches

2 Practice trials for each test then record

Illinois Agility Test


Jump Height Test

Cool-down post testing

Stationary Bike

Static stetching

Illinois agility test
Illinois Agility Test

Dimensions will be measured using open reel long dimension tape measure

Light sensor stop-watches at start and finish gate to ensure accuracy

Observer at far line to ensure subjects reach the end

Considered standard test in agility (Sheppard & Young, 2006)

T test

Dimensions measured using open reel tape measure

Laser stop watch at start and finish to ensure accuracy

(Miller, Herniam, Ricard, Cheatham & Michael, 2006)

Vertical jump
Vertical Jump

  • Complete vertical jump on force plate

  • Force plate measures impulse which can be used to calculate vertical jump height

  • Force plate – PasPort 2-Axis

    Force Platform Model No,


  • Data imported to

    Microsoft excel

Statistical analysis
Statistical Analysis

  • 2 X 3 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with Repeated Measures using SPSS Version 15.0.1

  • Dependent Variables: -Pre-test

    - Post-test

  • Independent Variables: - Illinois Agility Test

    - T-Test

    - Vertical Max


  • Jeff Vossen

  • Angie Kolen

  • Graham Kennedy

  • St FX Human Kinetics Department