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Manual of Methods. Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of Original Free Will Baptists. Mission Statement. The Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of OFWB is an organization of Christian women whose primary desire is to serve our Lord with our individual talents and abilities within this union.

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Manual of methods

Manual of Methods

Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of Original Free Will Baptists

Mission statement
Mission Statement

The Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of OFWB is an organization of Christian women whose primary desire is to serve our Lord with our individual talents and abilities within this union.

It s place in the church
It’s Place in the Church

The threefold purpose of the Woman’s Auxiliary is:

  • To instill an all-consuming interest in world missions

  • To lead church women into deeper devotional life

  • To engage church women in definite service

The auxiliary s present outreach
The Auxiliary’s Present Outreach

  • FWB Press Foundation – 1873 – Jeff Daughtry

  • FWB Children’s Home – 1920 – Gary Lee

  • Cragmont Assembly – 1945 – John and Arlinda Williams

  • Mount Olive College – 1951 – Dr. Philip Kerstetter

  • OFWB International Foreign Missions – 1962 – Harold Jones

  • Ministers’ Program – 1940 – Donald Fader

  • Retirement Homes’ Ministry – 1975 – Ronnie Taylor

  • Sunday School Ministry – 1940 – Mary Dudley

  • Home Missions and Evangelism – 1972 – David C. Hansley

  • Church Finance Association – 1940 – Donald Fader

  • Convention of OFWBs – 1913 – Harold Swinson

Watchword purpose hymn
Watchword, Purpose, Hymn


  • “I can do all things through Christ” (Phil. 4:13)

    Purpose: “Women Working Together in Christian Service”

    The Woman’s Auxiliary is composed of individual women, each giving of their God given abilities in a united effort to advance the cause of Christ in the world.

    Woman’s Auxiliary Hymn: “In the Service of the King”


  • Woman’s Auxiliary Colors:

    • Carolina Blue – Carolina blue, like the blue sky above, speaks to us of the unlimited horizons in the scope of our Christian endeavors

    • Royal Blue – Royal blue reminds us that we are constantly “In the Service of the King.”

    • Silver – Silver suggests the genuine quality of our threefold purpose.

Defining the emblem
Defining the Emblem

  • Threefold purpose: Missions, Devotion, Service (Missions is the foundation)

  • Triangle offers a twofold symbolism:

    • It represents the Holy Trinity

    • It suggests that the Great Commission to evangelize the world leads to personal devotion and service

    • Points of triangle are rounded suggests an easy flow

Defining the emblem continued
Defining the Emblem-Continued

  • The circle with the words, “Woman’s Auxiliary” suggests the unbroken unity in service for the Master for which our women strive.

  • The globe is the world which is our parish.

  • The cross with its message of redemption is superimposed upon the globe, and suggests that our main purpose is giving of the gospel to all people.

Defining the emblem continued1
Defining the Emblem-Continued

  • The Woman’s Auxiliary colors are shown on the emblem in the following way. On the globe the continents are in royal blue and the oceans are in Carolina blue. The background area within the triangle is Carolina blue. The triangle and circle are in silver with royal blue printing.


  • Every woman who desires may become a member of the auxiliary. However, in order to hold an office, she should be a member of an Original FWB Church.

  • Monthly reports should be given by officers

  • Auxiliary should hold monthly meetings using the programs from Devotion


The Recording Secretary should record all work accomplished and report this information to the district recording secretary on forms provided by the district Woman’s Auxiliary recording secretary. The Treasurer should keep records of all receipts and disbursements and report to the district treasurer. These reports should reach the correct district officers prior to the Spring District Woman’s Auxiliary Convention. A summary of a district’s reports are then forwarded to the Recording Secretary and Treasurer of the Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of OFWB. This is a very important process.


  • The auxiliary should give to the Christian Service Fund. (p. 6.3 in Manual)

  • Take offerings during the programs of Pre-Easter (Missions), Pre-Thanksgiving (Children’s Home), and Pre-Christmas (Mount Olive College). (p.3 in Devotion)

  • State Goals and projects are designated each year by the Executive Committee of the Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of OFWB. (p. 3 in Devotion)

  • The auxiliary should give periodic gifts to the Anna Phillips Student Aid Fund p. 6.2 in Manual, (p. 7 in Devotion)

  • All monies should be sent through district treasurer.


1. President

2. Vice President

3. Recording Secretary can be combined

4. Corresponding Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Youth Chairwoman

7. Study Course Chairwoman

8. Program Prayer Chairwoman

9. Benevolence Chairwoman

10. Missions Chairwoman

President qualifications
President - Qualifications

  • Be a Christian who

    • Is a member of an OFWB church

    • Exemplifies Christian virtues

    • Is an inspiration to those she leads

    • Is prayerful concerning the needs of the body of Christ

    • Be resourceful & informed concerning

      • The Bible

      • Auxiliary’s Manual of Methods

      • OFWB Denominational periodicals

President qualifications continued
President - Qualifications Continued

  • She should possess leadership qualities

  • She should be devoted to the threefold purpose of the Woman’s Auxiliary

  • She should challenge the auxiliary to fulfill the Great Commission

Vice president enlistment
Vice President (Enlistment)

  • She should be a Christian who:

    • Is a member of an OFWB church

    • Exemplifies Christian virtues

    • Is an inspiration to those she leads

    • Is prayerful concerning the needs of the body of Christ

    • She should seek to enlist women of the church in the Woman’s Auxiliary

Vice president continued
Vice President - Continued

  • She should be resourceful and informed concerning:

    • The Bible

    • The Auxiliary’s Manual of Methods

    • The OFWB Church

    • OFWB Denominational periodicals

    • She should possess leadership qualities

    • She should be devoted to the threefold purpose of the Woman’s Auxiliary

    • She should keep before the auxiliary the demands and challenges of the Great Commission

Missions chairwoman
Missions Chairwoman

  • Have a consuming passion for the lost

  • Knows what the Bible says about missions (Romans 8:23) “…all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”; Acts 4:12 “Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

  • Be a soul winner

Youth chairperson
Youth Chairperson

  • Have a love for youth and children

  • Ability to relate to youth and children

  • An extra measure of patience

  • Belief in the Christian potential of youth and children

Study course chairwoman
Study Course Chairwoman

  • She should value the printed Word

  • Be a good steward

  • Believe in prayer

  • Be prepared to lead the women of the auxiliary in various areas of study

Program prayer chairwoman
Program Prayer Chairwoman

  • She should be devout (know the Word of God and the power of prayer)

  • Be resourceful

    • Bring new ideas and plans to monthly programs

    • Seek advice of other officers, gleans helpful leads to good programs available in Christian bookstores

    • Works out original ideas

Benevolence chairwoman
Benevolence Chairwoman

  • She is a Christian dedicated to the task of helping others

  • Leads members of the Auxiliary to become involved in benevolent work

  • Exemplifies service – self-denying, putting Christ first, others second, and self last – loves people by dealing with all people in need- desires to win the lost – prays consistently

Recording secretary may be combined with corresponding secretary
Recording Secretary (May be combined with Corresponding Secretary)

  • Responsible for Standard of Achievement

    • Mails completed forms to district secretary

    • Keeps accurate minutes and records

    • Compiles reports of members

    • Sends reports to the district convention

Corresponding secretary
Corresponding Secretary

  • Helps with Standard of Achievement responsibilities

  • Handles official correspondence

  • Promotes interest in auxiliary through – local newspaper, church bulletins, posters, religious periodicals (The FWB Magazine)


  • Handles money wisely

  • Keeps accurate financial records

  • Accounts for all funds in her possession

  • Understands the financial structure of the entire auxiliary work from the local to the convention level

  • Understands the responsibilities regarding fees/dues to the district and Convention

In all we do we serve the king
In All We Do We Serve the KING

  • When all the local officers are in place and serving effectively, then we add leaves to the tree, which represents, all other members of the Woman’s Auxiliary. We are complete as an Auxiliary only when we all serve the King together.

District convention
District Convention

The purpose of the District Convention is to bring women of each local church within their district together to transact business pertaining to the promotion of their work.

District Convention is composed of the officers of the Convention, the presidents of each local auxiliary, and one delegate for every 25 members or fraction thereof.

District meetings
District Meetings

The spring session of the Convention should be held for the election and installation of officers and transacting business. The emphasis of the fall meeting should be fellowship and inspiration.

The woman s auxiliary convention of ofwbs
The Woman’s Auxiliary Conventionof OFWBs

  • The purpose of this convention is to bring the women of each district together to transact business pertaining to the promotion of this work.

  • The Convention is composed of the officers of the Convention (11), district presidents (6), 5 delegates from each district convention, 1 delegate for every 25 members in the local auxiliary.

  • Meets annually on the second Thursday of May.

Manual of methods

One dollar ($1) per member (per capita dues) from each local auxiliary shall be paid yearly to the District Woman’s Auxiliary Convention for membership and a registration fee of $25 from each local auxiliary. (p. 6.3 in Manual)

A $25 registration fee is paid to the (State) Convention each year (p. 6.4 in Manual)

Standard of achievement pp 5 1 5 8 in manual
Standard of Achievement(pp. 5.1 – 5.8 in Manual)

  • The Standard of Achievement provides an opportunity for each auxiliary to determine if they are succeeding in their efforts to reach the potential God has for them.

  • Local auxiliary must complete the Standard of Achievement form and mail with their annual report to district secretary prior to spring convention. District secretaries mail these forms with the annual report to the recording secretary of the Woman’s Auxiliary Convention of OFWB.

Standard of achievement continued
Standard of Achievement-continued

  • Certain officers may be responsible for the different sections.

  • To attain recognition as an A-1 Auxiliary, a score of at least 425 must be achieved.

    • Three levels: Bronze (425 points); Silver (450 points); Gold (475 points)

  • Begin January 1 and use the calendar year (Jan-Dec)


  • Literature Committee

  • Christian Education Committee

  • Woman’s Auxiliary Prayer Band

  • The Anna Phillips Student Aid Fund

  • Life Membership Award

  • Christian Service Fund

    (All above in pp. 6.1– 6.3 in Manual)

Fruit production john 15 5 7 12
Fruit ProductionJohn 15:5, 7-12

5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love.

11 These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.