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Graduating Chariho High School How Do We Get There?

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Graduating Chariho High School How Do We Get There? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graduating Chariho High School How Do We Get There?. Quick Comparison. Old Requirements. New Requirements. Course Credits MCAs and QCAs Graduation Portfolio NECAP NWEA and RtI. Course Credits Mid-year Exams Final Exams. Course Credits.

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Graduating Chariho High School

How Do We Get There?

quick comparison
Quick Comparison

Old Requirements

New Requirements

Course Credits

MCAs and QCAs

Graduation Portfolio


NWEA and RtI

Course Credits

Mid-year Exams

Final Exams

Course Credits
  • All students at Chariho High School are required to complete 24 credits of course work during their high school career, including:
  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of Mathematics
  • 3 years of Science
  • 3 years of History
  • These required classes are all college preparatory classes.
MCAs and QCAs

At the end of each quarter, all students must complete major exams in all of their courses. Students must pass these major exams to receive course credit, even if they receive a passing grade for the course. MCAs at the high school:

  • create much stress because they are
  • worth 25% of the quarterly grade
  • must be retaken by students who fail
  • the exams on their first attempt
  • QCAs follow the same procedure at
  • the middle school. However, the
  • QCAs at the middle school are worth
  • less than at the high school.
Graduation Portfolio

During their senior year, before graduation, all students at the high school must complete and then present an electronic portfolio to a team of Chariho District teachers. Students must demonstrate evidence of proficiency in 10 different expectations. Students must scan and enter more than 30 items into their portfolios.

NECAP State Tests

The NECAP tests are rigorous assessments mandated by the Rhode Island Department of Education to assess students in grades 3 – 8 and also in grade 11. The NECAP tests measure student achievement in the areas of Reading, Writing , Math and most recently Science. Each year, the NECAP tests are usually scheduled during the month of October.

Why worry?

Because students who score less

than the minimum achievement

level will not be awarded a diploma

from Chariho High School.

NWEA and RtI

At all Chariho schools, including the elementary schools, intervention plans

must be made for all students who need more instructional support in the

areas of Reading and Math. Students who struggle on the NECAP assessments

are closely monitored and are given this intervention during skills classes at

the middle school and during advisory blocks at the high school.