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Deployment Planning Services for Lync & Exchange. L&EDPS Helping customers evaluate and plan their Lync and Exchange Solutions –on premises or in the cloud. Exchange Business Group, Lync Business Group | November 2011. AGENDA. Note to Existing Partners: New in CY 2011

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Deployment Planning Services for Lync & Exchange


Helping customers evaluate and plan their Lync and Exchange Solutions –on premises or in the cloud

Exchange Business Group, Lync Business Group |November 2011


Note to Existing Partners: New in CY 2011

L&EDPS – What is it?

Benefits to Partners - why care?

Getting Started

Partner Requirements & Registration

Learn About the Offering, Engagement Types & Materials

Empowering Your Business with L&EDPS - Best Practices, Finding Customers, Marketing Materials

Voucher Process

Appendix: Partner & Customer Resources, Benefit Calculation

existing partners new in cy 2011
Existing Partners: New in CY 2011

Changes implemented and yet to come for Exchange and Lync DPS

January 2011

June 2011

August 2011

October 2011



Partner Requirement

Program Deliverable

  • Customer Deliverable
  • Completion Report
  • No deliverable = No Payments. Learn more at
  • EDPS name is changing to L&EDPS: Lync & Exchange Deployment Planning Services
  • Voucher name & customer-facing materials will be refreshed in August, 2011
  • All of the DPS service offerings are now under one roof!
    • http://microsoft.dps/
  • Same URL, but a new and consolidated look and feel!
  • MPN Active Status + ONE of the following:
  • Messaging Competency
  • -OR-
  • Communications Competency
  • This replaces the UC Competency as the key L&EDPS partner requirement in October, 2011.
l edps more than just deployment planning
L&EDPS- More than just deployment planning

Expanded scope, more flexibility and easier to use

  • Value and Deployment Planning Services for customers with Software Assurance
  • Partners & MCS can deliver 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 day paid-engagements
  • Flexible … leverage MCS-materials based on Microsoft best practices or Partner methodology
  • Integrated approach Exchange, Lync—cloud & on premises
  • One of Seven Exchange/Lync, SharePoint, Desktop & Servers, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Developer Tools, and SQL Server
l edps benefits to partners
L&EDPS Benefits to Partners

Drive results with L&EDPS

  • Create Revenue & Increase Customer SATCreate ongoing services with deployment and work resulting from your L&EDPS engagement and increase customer SAT by offering a valuable service to customers:
  • >96% of customer engage in deployment activities within 1 year (74% 1-6 months, 21% 6-12 months)
  • Follow-on services resulting from L&EDPS engagements help generate revenue through SI deployment activities
  • L&EDPS Usage Help Unblock Deployment by up to 15%**
  • Empower your services business with L&EDPS Deployment drives renewal and creates ongoing services opportunities
  • Paid sellingGet subsidized for Pre-SI Sales activities – building the pipeline
  • Trusted AdvisorSpeeding up the software lifecycle brings more opportunity, more frequently

“EDPS has been a tremendous conversation starter with our customers… EDPS results have been positive across customer satisfaction, SA renewals, and follow-on deployment services.”  

- Jaime Waterfield, CDW Microsoft Solutions Manager

getting started with l edps
Getting Started with L&EDPS

Next Steps

  • Partner Requirements & RegistrationFind out program requirements as well as where and how to register.
  • Learn About the Offering- Approved Services & ActivitiesLearn what you can do and what we provide to support you in your endeavors.
  • Have consultant’s read The Consultant’s Introductory Guide to L&EDPSThis is a must read for new and returning consultants to understand the scope, offerings and engagement protocol for L&EDPS
  • Empowering your business with L&EDPSUse L&EDPS along with marketing materials and creative offer ideas to get your foot in the door, find customers, and enter the licensing lifecycle earlier to create more follow-on services opportunities.
  • Voucher ProcessMake sure all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed so once you secure your first customer, you can move forward with delivering the engagement and getting paid.
  • Resources for Partners and CustomersMake sure all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed so once you secure your first customer, you can move forward with delivering the engagement and getting paid.

Click here to visit the Partner Portal to view all the details.

partner requirements registration
Partner Requirements & Registration

Partner organization must maintain active status in the following 2 areas:

  • Unified Communications Competency
  • Messaging Competency
  • -OR-
  • Communications Competency
  • Microsoft Partner Network Membership
  • Microsoft Partner Network Membership

FY12 H1

FY12 H2

  • For L&EDPS, certifications are not required at the consultant level. To see the recommended areas of experience, view the individual delivery guides on the website: ExchangeLyncOffice 365
  • Microsoft recommends Partners deliver engagement scenarios based on their area of expertise
  • Registration
    • Each partner location must register.
    • Click here for registration details
    • Click here to go directly to registration
l edps engagement materials
L&EDPS Engagement Materials

Delivery Consultant Materials by Engagement Type

  • There are four offering types in L&EDPS:
  • Understand the Value
  • Test Drive
  • Plan the Solution
  • Deploy & Adopt
  • View the following page to see a high-level view on approved services and activities per offering type and activity.
  • The following is a key resource for new and returning consultants:
  • The Consultant’s Introductory Guide to L&EDPS Engagements
  • View & select all the engagement materials from the “Conduct the engagement”page on the Partner Portal. These pages, listed by engagement type, contain all of the templates, presentations, and guidance (on the right-hand list of materials) you’ll need to conduct an engagement.
empower your business with l edps
Empower your business with L&EDPS

L&EDPS to drive post-sale SI activity to ensure renewals and deployment

  • Optimal Scenario: Aligning Customer Upgrade to their Volume Licensing agreement lifecycle.
  • Best Practices with L&EDPS
  • Use L&EDPS to leverage the momentum of the sale – connect with LAR or Microsoft Sales to close lag between sales & services & enter into the licensing lifecycle earlier.
  • Use L&EDPS to minimize cost of SI pre-sales activities – cover “sales & deployment blocker” activities. Build a business case to drive deployment projects & SI revenue stream.
  • Reason to call/Foot in the door
  • Develop creative offers…such as…
  • Supplement DPS days & get customers vested –add days & add value by making engagements 5 day. Options: Ask Customer to add 2 paid days & Partner can “kick-back” 2 days in follow-on services.
  • 1:Many Key Customer Lync or Exchange Deployment Summit –invite Customers with SA Benefits to 1:many conference with a follow-on offer: Turnkey engagement (+ optional supplemental days).
  • Pursue co-campaigning with Microsoft representatives & PAMs
  • Prove Value & Close Contract
  • “Trusted Advisor”
  • Speeds up software lifecycle
  • Planning the solution gets the upgrade scheduled
  • Customer deploys, adopts
  • Value realized
  • Tips on Finding Customers:
  • Joint Account Planning with Your Partner Account Manager to Create a Qualified Customer List Create a relationship with and co-campaign with LARs
  • Offer Deployment Planning to all Customers Regardless of Eligibility
  • Work with Customers to Determine Eligibility
finding customers
Finding Customers

How do Partners connect with eligible customers?

  • There are several ways to go about proactively identifying customer opportunities and verifying customer entitlement to the Packaged Services benefit to help create your qualified customer list.
  • Joint Account Planning with Your Microsoft Partner Account Manager to Create a Qualified Customer List • Partners can contact their Partner Account Manager (PAM) and request to joint account plan to find entitled customers in the partner’s region • Partners provide a list of current customers for whom they are the current partner of record to their PAM to have the PAM cross-check for customer benefit entitlement • Partners can ask their PAM to coordinate working with a local Microsoft account team to help identify entitled customers in region interested in deployment
  • Create a relationship with and co-campaign with LARs• There’s mutual benefit to working with LARs. Renewals create deployment opportunity and completed deployments help ensure renewals. Some Large Account Resellers (LAR) will share their list of entitled customers who purchased Software Assurance benefits with their license – you can use that list to create pipeline activities and campaigns combined with the ‘creative offer’ ideas listed on the previous page.
  • Offer Deployment Planning to all Customers Regardless of Eligibility • As a best practice, Microsoft recommends offering deployment planning to all customers. Deployment increases the rate of Enterprise Agreement renewals, which promotes future systems deployment and follow-on services for the partner. Regardless of customer eligibility, you can use the Planning Services' structured and pre-defined materials, best practices and intellectual property developed by Microsoft Services as a supplement to your deployment planning consulting you would typically offer to your customer.
  • Working with Customers to Determine Eligibility• If you are unable to have your PAM, a Microsoft sales or customer account contact help you determine customer entitlement. See the Customer Resource slide for details or see How to activate SA benefits on your customers behalf to understand how to have a view into their benefit entitlement.• Once you know your customer has Software Assurance benefits, see the specifics on Calculating Customer Benefits to understand how many planning “days” they are entitled to.
marketing materials
Marketing Materials

Get your foot in the door – reach out to customers proactively with L&EDPS marketing materials

Email Templates


Partner-ready: & navigate to “Sell the Engagement”

voucher process
Voucher Process

Vouchers and Time-Sensitive Deadlines

From the moment the voucher is activated/assigned until Partners get paid for a completed engagement, these are the key items that Partners need to keep tabs on regarding the voucher lifecycle and deadlines.

  • Voucher duration and lifespan
  • When the customer’s software license expires, the voucher also expires. However, when the voucher is activatedor reserved, these two actions give the voucher an additional 180 days from the date of activation or reservation.
  • Voucher Reservation
  • If you do not reserve the voucher, any partner or MCS can legitimately use it. Once you know you are going to work with a customer, reserve the voucher because you can change the engagement start and end dates.
  • Voucher requirements during lifespanDuring this 180-day duration, the following processes must be completedby the Partner:
  • Validate & reserve the voucher in VVR
  • This step also includes setting the engagement start and end dates. Start and end dates can be revised.
  • Conduct the engagement
  • Redeem the voucher and upload the deliverables to receive payment
    • You need the voucher ID available during voucher redemption process and the same Live ID used during Partner registration
  • Invoice Microsoft through the SAVB tool to receive payment
    • To be paid by Microsoft for the engagement, Partners must invoice Microsoft within 60 daysof engagement completion, which is based on the Service End Date entered when the voucher is redeemed. Your payment will be set within net 60 days from date of invoice.


Click here to find detailed process for customer and partner online.

Exceptions: If you feel your particular situation warrants an exception, please contact your PAM or your customer’s local account representative to have them email the SA Packaged Services Benefitsalias in the Microsoft address book to request one.

Unreserved vouchers returning to the pool of days:If 180 days pass and the voucher has not been reserved andit is still within the original lifespan of the licensing agreement, the voucher is considered unused and returns to the pool of available days.

Partner Resources

 You wanted to know...

Calculating SA Benefits

Days, Points & Determining Eligibility

  • Total entitlement for this sample calculation is 13 days (10 Days + 3 Days).
  • Customer Benefits Administrator, VLSC:
  • Determine eligibility on behalf of your customer
  • Customer determines by viewing product list:
  • To learn more, visit