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Successful Tutoring Sessions

Successful Tutoring Sessions. Codes:. 10 distinct statements were used for coding: 5 were associated directly to the student behavior actions 5 were associated directly to the tutor actions emotions. Student. Student shows desire to learn. Cooperative Willing Wants to understand.

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Successful Tutoring Sessions

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  1. Successful Tutoring Sessions

  2. Codes: • 10 distinct statements were used for coding: • 5 were associated directly to the student • behavior • actions • 5 were associated directly to the tutor • actions • emotions

  3. Student

  4. Student shows desire to learn • Cooperative • Willing • Wants to understand

  5. She responded that she was concerned with everything, from figuring out what she wanted to say to getting it organized on paper. It was evident that the student was eager to learn as much as he could.

  6. Student trusts the tutor • Comfortable • Develops rapport

  7. She felt secure enough with me to vent her opinions of the assignment without feeling that anything said would go back to the professor. During the session, I observed her as she became more comfortable and relaxed.

  8. Student has receptive attitude • Attentive • Interested • Excited

  9. She became energized about writing. The student was involved and engaged throughout the entire session.

  10. Student is able to provide information • Brings assignment • Brings text being analyzed

  11. She slid the assignment sheet and a stapled copy of her paper toward me. I skimmed over the requirements, looking for key words and ideas to look for in her work. As I filled out my portion of the of the session form, she took out two copies of her paper as well as the assignment sheet and a pen.

  12. Student’s attitude or knowledge changes positively • Student feels more confident • Student has learned

  13. Certainly, what I am doing in the writing center will, or at least should, translate into better grades; however, my primary measure of successful tutoring is knowing that the writer I worked with left my session with more skills or confidence than when he or she had walked into the center. Her countenance visibly changed; she looked, well, proud of herself.

  14. Tutor

  15. Tutor reflects positively on the tutoring session • Appreciated by student • Confident about session

  16. He was very appreciative of our help. Then, I realized that a session I had considered a failure had been a success that led to another session. This session was one of, if not the best, not only because she felt very confident upon leaving, but also because I felt confident in providing her with assistance.

  17. Tutor successfully communicates

  18. I simply listened and gave advice when I was asked. I learned that day that being a tutor is more than just proofreading papers. It is becoming friends with my peers, listening. There is an interaction and a communication that enable us as tutors to really feel the student is learning.

  19. Tutor provides higher order instruction • Teaches prewriting strategies • Discusses thesis and organization

  20. The majority of the session ws spent marshalling arguments and brainstorming ideas for the essays. The best aspect of this session was that the student and I were both interested in both topics, and we were able to deal with higher-order issues like invention. Typically, my most successful tutoring sessions are those where the the writer has a clear sense of what ideas to present but are not sure how to do so because he or she does not write traditionally.

  21. Tutor feels comfortable with the student • Knows the student

  22. He knew I had his welfare in mind, and I already knew his temperament and writing ability. Because she was so cooperative, I felt even more relaxed than in any session; it seemed as if I had tutored her before although I hadn’t.

  23. Tutor provides lower-order instruction • Teaches grammar and punctuation rules • Reviews citation styles • Discusses word choice

  24. In the final run through his draft, we discussed the underlines and check marks I had made. We discussed ways to make the sentences more clear. We discussed phrasing and word choice. We focus on conversational speech, but our sessions do not leave out grammatical things like verb agreement and article use. He brings in idioms that he does not understand, and we discuss what they mean and how they are used. We also discuss phrases or sayings that have similar denotative meanings but slightly diffeent connotative meanings.

  25. Successful Tutoring Sessions

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