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Saint Louis Drug Rehab Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Saint Louis Drug Rehab Center

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Saint Louis Drug Rehab Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The specific drug treatment that is used to help an addicted person overcome the addiction or the combination varies depending on the individual needs of the patients, usually in terms of the abused drug.

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Saint Louis Drug Rehab Center

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Drug Rehab Treatment

The intention of drug rehab treatmentis to help the addicted person stop the compulsive

tendency to seek and abuse drug. There are different settings where this treatment can be offered.

Additionally, this treatment can last for varying durations. Since drug addiction is a chronic

disorder whose characteristics include occasional relapses, one-time, short-term treatment is not

adequate. An effective treatment in most people entails a long-term treatment process with

regular monitoring and multiple interventions.

Evidence based treatment

Treatment for drug addiction can take different evidence based approaches. These include

behavioral therapy which includes cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as contingency

management and medication or a combination of both. The specific treatment that is used to help

an addicted person overcome the addiction or the combination varies depending on the

individual needs of the patients, usually in terms of the abused drug. Medical treatments such as

methadone and naltrexone for individuals with opioids addiction are available. For people with

addiction to tobacco, they can get treatment for bupropion and veranicline medications. People

with alcohol dependency or addiction can get medications which include disulfiram and

acamprosate. People with addiction to prescription drugs get treatments that are almost the same

as those for illicit drugs because they have similar effects on the brain systems.


Behavioral therapies

While undergoing addiction treatment, the participation of the patients is motivated with

behavioral therapies. These therapies offer strategies that enable patients to cope with cravings

for drugs, learn ways of avoiding drugs, preventing relapse and dealing with relapses when they

occur. By undergoing behavioral therapies, individual patients are able to improve their

communication, parenting skills, relationships and cope with family dynamics. Drug rehab

treatment usually involves group and individual therapies. Group therapy offers social

reinforcement while enforcing behavioral contingencies that promote non-drug-using lifestyle

and abstinence. Group therapies can also use cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency

management approaches.

Other treatments

Since most addicted people suffer from other medical or health conditions such as HIV and

depression, treatment at rehabilitation centers aims at addressing these issues. Issues like legal,

occupational, familial, and social problems are addressed concurrently with most treatment

programs. With a good program, patients get different services which include therapies.

Treatment programs of the best drug rehabilitation center are based on the specific needs of

individual patients. For instance, psychoactive medications which include antidepressants, mood

stabilizers, antipsychotic medication and anxiety agents can also be used with some patients.

These are commonly used when a patient has co-occurring mental problems which may include

anxiety disorders and depression.

Effective addiction treatment

To be effective, a drug addiction treatment must take a holistic approach. It should aim at dealing

with the addiction problem and its underlying causes in order to prevent relapse. After

undergoing treatment for drug addiction, the patient should be offered continuous treatment. This

implies that after the treatment program, patient should continue therapeutic sessions so that they

can have the withdrawal symptoms addressed properly and professionally. Therefore, while

choosing a drug rehab treatment program for you or for a loved one, select a program that offers

comprehensive treatment and care.