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Small And Mid Size Business Formation Attorney PowerPoint Presentation
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Small And Mid Size Business Formation Attorney

Small And Mid Size Business Formation Attorney

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Small And Mid Size Business Formation Attorney

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  1. Small And Mid Size Business Formation Attorney The Miami Real Estate Lawyer

  2. Business Law Business Laws of Miami Real Estate Council • Florida's dynamic economy offers almost unparalleled opportunity to entrepreneurs, and tens of thousands of small- and medium-size businesses operate here. While all of these businesses capitalize on our state's broad range of opportunities, many struggle with the ever-growing number of state and federal laws governing Florida's businesses and industries.

  3. Laws governing employee • Laws governing employee relations, accounting, contracts and other legal matters can be confusing, and remaining in compliance with constantly changing regulations can be expensive. • As lawsuits for business law infractions continue to mount, it is increasingly important that businesses remain in compliance. • Many small- and medium-size businesses, however, do not have the funds to employ in-house legal counsel for Real Estate Attorney Miami Florida.

  4. Outsource Your In-House Counsel Real Estate Attorney In Miami offer full business law legal services, from periodic advice to frequent and ongoing management of your firm's complete business law legal needs. Common legal services include: • Business formation, including limited liability corporations (LLCs), partnerships, joint ventures, and C- and S-corporations • Counseling for shareholders and directors meetings • Preparing buy-sell, operating, shareholders and non-compete agreements

  5. Outsource Your In-House Counsel • Drafting and negotiation of contracts, including distributorship, management, franchisee and vendor agreements • Facilitating business financing, including lines of credit and term loans • Human resources, business policy, licensing and insurance advice • Real estate leasing and tenant lease negotiations • Contractor and construction legal representation


  7. Residential Real Estate Lawyer Anyone who has purchased residential real estate is aware of the multitude of laws and regulations and the complex paperwork involved in transferring property.. It is critical that mortgages, title, deeds, liens, inspections, disclosures, insurance and more all be handled correctly by the closing date since there is often no opportunity to correct problems after the sale.

  8. Residential Real Estate Lawyer We can work with you either at problematic points or throughout your entire purchase process. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing residential real estate, we can work with you to avoid and solve legal problems, protect your rights and facilitate your transactions. We believe that buying residential real estate, whether as a home or as an investment, should not be fraught with confusion and risk regarding the legalities of the property.

  9. Commercial Real Estate Lawyer The purchase and sale of commercial real estate involves a broad range of elements, from the acquisition and negotiation of financing to possible easements and lease negotiations. If you or your firm is involved in the exchange or development of CommercialReal Estate Attorney In Coral Gables or any other commercial real estate issue, an experienced lawyer can ensure that your transactions are legally sound and that your opportunities and bottom line are optimized. Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

  10. The commercial real estate law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. assists clients from a commercial real estate transaction’s conception to its post-closing matters. We are experienced with all types of commercial real estate transactions and problems, from negotiations with distressed tenants to large-scale developments, including the purchase or sale of raw land, financing, and the construction or acquisition of properties such as apartments, warehouses, shopping centers and office buildings. Commercial property involves varied and often unanticipated legal issues. Miami real estate lawyer Marlyn Wiener has worked in commercial real estate for 25 years, as a senior business transaction attorney, consultant and in-house counsel for a real estate holding company. Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

  11. Commercial & Residential Leases Miami real estate attorney Marlyn Wiener has protected the rights of landlords and tenants since 1981, working as a 1) real estate attorney for several law firms, 2) a vice president and in-house counsel of real estate operations for a property management company and 3) a consultant and owner of a business and real estate consulting firm.

  12. Does your business rent space in an office building, mall, warehouse or other commercial building? Do you own rental housing property and have lease and rental questions? Do you live in a rented condominium, townhouse or single-family home? Comprehensive Range Of Lease-Related Legal Services • Does your firm own commercial or housing property, including malls, warehouses, apartment complexes and office buildings? • Does your construction firm perform work for tenants or landlords? • Do you have a pending commercial or residential real estate closing and need legal representation?

  13. For Queries? Contact Us:- The Ingraham Building, Eighth Floor 25 Southeast Second Avenue Miami,Florida-33131 Phone:-(305) 371-6880 Fax:-(305) 675-3271 Website: