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Miami Plumber Shares How To Remove A Tub Spout That’s Stuck

Repairing or replacing a broken or corroded bathtub faucet is easy. What will make it a little difficult is when the tap doesn’t move at all while you’re removing it. Check out this short presentation on how to remove a tub spout that’s stuck on the water pipe. Get valuable tips from your trusted Miami plumber! Visit: http://www.OrrPlumbing.com/

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Miami Plumber Shares How To Remove A Tub Spout That’s Stuck

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  1. Douglas Orr Plumbing How To Remove A Tub Spout That’s Stuck • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  2. Douglas Orr Plumbing Your bathtub spout is not exempted from corrosion and leaking. When the time comes that it’s already problematic, you’ll have to either repair it or replace it. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  3. Douglas Orr Plumbing Regardless if you’ll fix the old fixture or install a new one in place, you’ll still have to remove the old faucet from the tub. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  4. Douglas Orr Plumbing Removing the spout may seem easy at first but the truth is, sometimes, these things get stuck. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  5. Douglas Orr Plumbing Fortunately, there are tools that can help you detach stuck faucets. Follow this guide to find out how to go about this plumbing problem. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  6. Douglas Orr Plumbing For this DIY project, you’ll need a towel, flashlight, hand towel, allen wrench, hair dryer, pipe wrench and a pair of gloves. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  7. Douglas Orr Plumbing • The first thing that you have to do is check the bottom part of the faucet. If it has a small hole at the end, there must be retaining screw that holds it to the water pipe. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  8. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Get the towel and put it over the bathtub’s drain. That should plug the drain and prevent foul smell from escaping the pipes. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  9. Douglas Orr Plumbing Turn the water supply valve off to avoid flooding your work area. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  10. Douglas Orr Plumbing • When it’s been turned off, use the Allen wrench to twist the retaining screw. Turn the screw counterclockwise until it loosens the faucet. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  11. Douglas Orr Plumbing • If the tap won’t budge, twist it sideways and pull on it harder. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  12. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Now before moving onto the next step, here’s what you should do if your faucet doesn’t have a retaining screw. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  13. Wrap a clean towel around the faucet and clamp your pipe wrench on it. Turn the wrench and the faucet counterclockwise to detach the fixture from the water pipe. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  14. Again, if the tap won’t budge, get your hair dryer. Use it to heat the tap and make it expand. Remember that you should protect your hands with a pair of rubber gloves for this task. You don’t want to touch a hot faucet. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  15. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Pull on the tap and carefully remove it from the rest of the plumbing. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  16. Douglas Orr Plumbing Just carefully follow this step-by-step guide on how to remove a tub spout that’s stuck. You’ll surely repair or replace your faucet in no time! • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  17. Douglas Orr Plumbing If you need help from professionals, just hire a licensed Miami plumber. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  18. Douglas Orr Plumbing Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional yet affordable plumbing services in all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. If you need professional plumbing help, don’t hesitate to ring us at 1-800-DOUG-ORR! • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

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