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PPI Node Report. Raymond J. Walker Steven P. Joy Todd A. King. PDS Management Council March 25, 2010. Archiving Status. Cassini All teams are up to date on deliveries. MAG team have redelivered all Saturn data with improved calibrations.

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Ppi node report

PPI Node Report

Raymond J. Walker

Steven P. Joy

Todd A. King

PDS Management Council

March 25, 2010

Archiving status
Archiving Status

  • Cassini

    • All teams are up to date on deliveries.

    • MAG team have redelivered all Saturn data with improved calibrations.

    • Have had discussions with CAPS team about contents and format of moment data – no deliveries yet.

  • Messenger

    • EPPS data peer review and liens resolved.

    • EPPS CDR and MAG EDR and CDR data for March 15, 2010 release were submitted in January.

Archiving status1
Archiving Status

  • Mars Express

    • APSERA- IMA data resubmitted. Will be made public after resolution of PSA liens. ELS and NPI data sets current.

    • MARSIS – Data through December 2005 available. Total electron content (TEC) data available.

  • MSL

    • Participated in archive planning teleconferences (RAD).

Archiving status2
Archiving Status

  • MGS

    • Continuing high resolution MAG deliveries


    • J. Mafi attended MAVEN workshop and started archiving discussions.

  • LRO

    • First CRaTER data deliveries early.

    • Data are online. Considerable interest.

      • Data need reorganization to support metrics generation

    • Earlier resubmitted SIS to document unexpected noise in the data.

    • Entire CRaTER data base now being mirrored at PPI

Archiving status3
Archiving Status

  • Rosetta

    • ROMAP MAG and RPC MAG passed peer review.

    • IES (plasma) did not.

  • Juno

    • J. Mafi attends DAWG meetings.

      • Some teams would like to archive data as CDF files

  • DAWN

    • Data through the Mars flyby to be peer reviewed next week (3/30)

      • Release delayed several times by incomplete spectrometer (VIR) documentation

Archiving status4
Archiving Status

  • Kaguya

    • M. Sharlow has been working with Kaguya team to generate PDS labels for data in CDF.

    • Team has sent both science data and metadata to PPI.

  • Yinghuo

    • Contacted Chinese team – Ziming Zao and Hua Zhao (a former Bruin).

    • Planning a workshop tentatively set for July 10 and 11 in China.


  • Galileo

    • Bill Patterson contacted PPI – plasma moments are now ready for archiving – asked for help in preparing metadata.

  • DS1

    • Liens on PEPE data not resolved – 7 years!

  • Artemis

    • Project asked PPI to archive the lunar data.

    • We have agreed to take it on as a restoration.

      • Mission data system uses CDF files

  • Venera 15/16 electron density profiles derived from radio science observations.


  • Standards

    • S. Joy, T. King, B. Harris and M. Sharlow continued to work on standards/PDS 4/PDS 2010 issues.

    • S. Joy, J. Mafi, and D. Kazden attended the DDWD workshop in January.

  • Operations

    • Reorganization of PPI archive into single data set volumes almost complete.

    • Established provider data site – providers control site at UCLA

    • First official delivery of data to NSSDC.

    • Process of preparing manifests needs to be speeded up.

    • Prepared ROSES web pages listing PPI data that meet the requirement that only archived data are suitable for proposals.


  • Several missions (Kaguya, MAVEN, Artemis, Juno, Yinghuo(?)) have asked to archive data in CDF.

  • There are many versions of CDF. Some (Kaguya) use simple structures while others (Artemis) take advantage of the complexity that CDF allows.

  • CDF does not meet archiving standards.

  • Recommend that the NSSDC develop CDF-A that will adhere to archiving standards.

  • Recommend that PDS make CDF-A an allowed format for PDS 2010.