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The watches till the time this brand indulged in great inventions were known to have square or round dials but it broke the myth and proved that these are not the only two dials that can shape the watch. Visit us at:

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Top 5 Best Watches Brands United Kingdom

Here is a list of top 5 watch brands that are much adored among the masses


Cartier watch

The brand grabbed a firm hold in the innovation spheres in the field if watches in the early 1990's. The watches till the time this brand indulged in great inventions were known to have square or round dials but it broke the myth and proved that these are not the only two dials that can shape the watch. There is much more to explore and much more to experiment. This one brand was the first to release the watches that had rectangular dials. These rectangular dials were lavishly entertained and accepted by the people world over with love and affection as these broke the monotony of their life. It is a French high-jeweler that is well known for leading-edge style both with quality as well as style as far as home accessories and watches are concerned. These luxury timepieces are a perfect blend of class and technology.


Chopard watch

A Switzerland-based high-jeweler, Chopped is a watch and accessory company. The company was founded by Louis-UlysseChopard in the year 1860. Chopard’s watches became popular in the early 1900s. The company was able to make a Mark in the foreign market and was therefore able to grab some hold over the international buyers from eastern Europe, Russia and Scandanavia. Later, this company was sold to Karl Scheufele who was the descendant of a family of expert watchmakers and jewelers who belonged to Germany. The dual expertise eventually led to making Chopard’s the luxe-watch brand as it is known worldwide at present.


Rolex watch

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the company back in the year of 1905 Later under the command of Wilsdorf and Davis, the company shifted to Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1919. It was after this that it adopted the company name Rolex. Forbes ranks Rolex holds the rank of 57 (2012) on the list of the world’s most powerful global brands. Among the dew luxury brands that exist worldwide, it grabs an important position in the market for being the supplier of the best and worthy luxury brands. Owning the watches under this brand name is considered to be a class. If you are a lover of collecting watches then you will surely want to own one from this brand.


Christian dior watch

A French fashion designer founded Christian Dior in 1905. The world’s top fashion houses at present the brand is now owned by LVMH, world leader and owner of over 60 prestigious brands. It is a popular brand as far as watches are concerned. Watch lovers prefer this brand as it have several unique features to offer. There are four watch collection by this brand, namely, Dior VIII, La D De Dior, Dior Crystal and Chiffre Rouge. Each of these brands include the exceptional options that are Dior-unique, sophisticated and fine timepieces. The element of sophistication that it adds to its watches is the most noteworthy.


Franck muller watch

It is a Swiss watchmaker who graduated from the Watch making School Of Geneva. It is known for its complicated designs that rightly call themselves as the “master of complications.  They are good and perfect at making complicated timepieces. It prepares the fusion fashion timepieces that combine modern elements with those that prevailed in the early 1900s. The manufacturer is so good at going about doing things that they organize a World Premier every year in order to introduce a new line of wrist watches for men. They always feature something different and something worth attention grabbing. Muller graduated from the Watch making School of Geneva and has since become of the top timepiece companies in the world.


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