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Preparing for the CCIE Written Exam

Prepare for written ccie exam.

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Preparing for the CCIE Written Exam

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  1. How to Prepare for the Written CCIE Exam

  2. Important Things to Take Care • The Written exam has to be done before the lab test. • So you need to work out an approach that will help you do well in the written exam but somehow keep you prepared for the lab test. • First of all, know that there are no prerequisites for taking the written exam.

  3. Important Things to Take Care • You are going to have to take the written exam at a registered Pearson VUE test centre. • These guys now run the exams with Cisco, and they have a long-standing partnership. • As a major part of your ccie training, the exam itself is two hours long.

  4. Two Ways of Doing it.. • One approach is to study for both at the same time. • This has clear advantages in that you can save time with your ccie training. • The advantage of preparing for lab and the practical side of things is that it makes for a more efficient process.

  5. Continue... • You could prepare for your written test and then prepare for the lab. • This helps segment a lot of the work, and makes it easier for some people to stay calm and focus on the job at hand.

  6. Which Way is Better? • I can say that both are equally valuable. • People prefer the first method because it allows them to retain information quicker for longer, but it’s also twice as much work essentially. • The first method has its merits, but this means also that you will be studying again after you’ve taken your written exam, And this may not help with your stress levels.

  7. Last Words.... • The good news is that you have up to 18 months after your written test to schedule your lab exam. • This gives you plenty of time to prepare for it. • You can get ccie data center racks on rent also to make your preparation better.

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