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Michael Dadoun Is An Excellent Communicator PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Dadoun Is An Excellent Communicator

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Michael Dadoun Is An Excellent Communicator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Great leaders lay more emphasis on building a better organization rather than a bigger organization. This can be only achieved if they value the opinions and judgments of their subordinates.Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based e-commerce solution provider UpClick, is an excellent listener.

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Factors like attitude, charisma, discipline, sound communication skills, vision, and passion are some of the important factors that separate leaders from non-leaders. Michael Dadoun possesses all these qualities in ample measure. This has made him a stand out leader.

  • Great leaders have vision and the ability to effectively communicate that vision to their subordinates. Their employees believe in the vision and give their best to make it a reality.
  • Exceptional leaders are also exceptional motivators. They are able to motivate their employees by tying their current efforts to prospects of a better tomorrow. More importantly, these leaders know the factors that motivate their employees.

Not all employees are motivated by the same things. For some job satisfaction may be the most important factor, while for others, it is recognition that will motivate them the most. Recognition of the motivators helps a leader stand out among the crowd, as motivated employees always deliver beyond expectation.

Some other important characteristics that modern leaders must possess to successfully lead their organization are as following:

excellent communication skills

It is often said that good communication skills make good leaders. In other words, no person leading a modern organization can hope of succeeding without possessing sound communication skills.

  • History bears testimony to the fact that great leaders also had been great communicators. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Martin and Lurther King Jr were all exceptional communicators.
  • Modern leaders have to understand that it is imperative to strike a chord with their followers. Their ideas and vision must stir the emotion and aspiration of their employees. If it is not the case, their message is likely to find very few takers.
Excellent Communication Skills

A person as a leader of the organization has to perform three important interpersonal roles. They are:

  • The Figurehead role: This involves duties of ceremonial nature. The head of an organization may welcome an important dignitary or throw a dinner party for important stakeholders of the organization. These all activities help in smooth functioning of the organization.
  • Leadership role: Here the leader trains and motivates employees. True leaders of the people understand that they and their organizations are as good or bad as their employees.
  • Liaison role: Here the leader develops and manages communication inside and outside the organization with a wide variety of people like with government agencies, partners, and trade unions, among others.

Leaders of modern organization spend an overwhelming amount of time each day in some type of interpersonal situation. Good communication is an indispensable criterion, if the leader is to succeed professionally.

  • It is important to note here that good communication skills and good listening skills are not mutually exclusive. Good communicators are invariably good listeners. Their listening skills allow them to hone their observation skills.
  • Michael Dadoun is an excellent listener. His emphasis is on building a better organization than a bigger organization. He values the opinions and judgments of his subordinates.
  • He is skilled at sensing the moods, aspirations, concerns, and dynamics of his subordinates. This enables him to adapt the message to the environment.
a spirit of continuous learning

Leadership is a continuous process. No leaders worth their salt can allow themselves to stagnate, more so in the contemporary complex and fast changing business environment.

  • Accomplished leaders are not the one to continue performing to familiar scripts. They always have the big picture in mind and a strong desire to challenge the status quo.
  • They wonder why the things work the way they do and what can be done to derive a better way of making things happen. It is this attitude and curiosity that leads them to spot new opportunities.
  • Eminent leaders are also keen observers of people. They do not have inflated egos and strongly believe that they can learn something from everybody. They always pay attention to what people do, how they do it, and what worked and what did not.
A Spirit of Continuous Learning

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal-based e-commerce solution provider UpClick,is a keen observer of the people. He is passionate about learning new things and new ways of doing it.

  • He is always on his toes, wanting to learn more and do more. This alertness and desire for innovation enables him to marshal his resources and channelize the collective energy of his employees towards the overall growth of the organization.
  • Great leaders understand the importance of building team spirit in their organization. One way to go about the business is to delegate. A leader cannot be present anywhere and at any time.
  • Delegation builds trust as well as hones the skills of the employees. If subordinates trust their leaders, they will give their best for the overall development of the organization.

In contrast, they will be highly reluctant to go in the direction their leader is taking them, if the leader has a reputation built upon poor character or lack of integrity.

  • Sound communication skills are essential for modern leaders to succeed. Employees will care for the organization, if leaders can suitably communicate that they care for the welfare and overall development of their subordinates.
  • Michael Dadoun gets things done quickly, as he has exceptional communication skills and the self-confidence to delegate authority without feeling weak or threatened.