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michael dadoun is a compassionate leader n.
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Michael Dadoun is a Compassionate Leader PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Dadoun is a Compassionate Leader

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Michael Dadoun is a Compassionate Leader
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Michael Dadoun is a Compassionate Leader

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  1. Michael Dadoun is a Compassionate Leader Michael DadounUpclick

  2. Leading a modern organization is an immensely challenging task. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, has been successful because he is a responsible, dependable, honest, educated, and achievement oriented leader. • A person apart from the leadership ability should also have the belief that they can effectively lead his organization as well as lead its employees. Higher degree of self-worth and self-esteem are important for an individual to succeed as a leader. • Some of the other important qualities and characteristics that a person must possess to leave his imprint as a great and successful leader are as following:

  3. Great Leaders put People First • Great leaders are invariably compassionate people. They have this immense ability to empathize with their workers and employees. A successful leader understands that individuals and not organizations create excellence. • The famous American industrialist, John. D Rockefeller, once remarked, “I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun.” Acclaimed management Guru Peter Drucker says that “Man, of all the resources available to man, can grow and develop.” • Great leaders understand that it is people that make or break leaders. Simply put you will simply not be called a leader if there is nobody to believe in abilities and follow you. • Strong leaders develop a very strong understanding in the very beginning that an organization is made of people and not robotic machines. It is expected that they will experience a wide gamut of emotions like other normal human beings.

  4. The employees of your organization may experience pain or suffer from some illness or disease just like you or me. They may fall ill or die of some unfortunate disease or accidents. • They may be the sole bread winner of their family and leave behind apart from tears and pains immense financial hardships. Great leaders build trust and respect by doing their best for such employees and their families. • They may bend the rules in favor of their employees making things easier for them and their near and dear ones. It must always be remembered that trust and respect gained by helping someone in need are going to stay with you forever. • Michael Dadoun is a highly compassionate leader who treats his employees with the utmost love and respect. He understands that you either treats people well, earn their trust, respect or loyalty, or you simply won’t succeed as a leader.

  5. Successful Leaders have the Larger Picture in Mind • Good leaders always have the larger picture in mind. They are acutely aware of their organization, its place in the marketplace, its strengths and weaknesses, and the quality of its workforce. • Quality leaders are ambitious but realistic people. They may be bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement about their organization, but never lose focus of the company’s effectiveness to achieve its goals and objectives. • They carry out an effective SWOT analysis which helps them find answers to some important questions like: what is the worth of their organization in the marketplace? • How well does it cater to the needs and requirements of its clients? What are the factors that can give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace? What is their own ability and capability to effectively and efficiently lead their organization?

  6. The answers to these important and realistic questions provide leaders with a wider view of the whole marketplace and their own organization. • Armed with this knowledge they are in a better position to access the capital and other resources requirements of their organization. This also allows them to better configure their workforce and streamline their organization’s overall goals and objectives. • Michael Dadoun, the CEO of e-commerce solution provider UpClick, is a passionate and a realistic leader. He understands his strengths as well as his limits. This provides him with the willingness to accept new deals and change his directions according to the given circumstances.

  7. Conclusion • Good leaders get things done through people. They need to align individual goals and aspirations with organizational goals for successful handling of the business. • Leadership is the process of directing all the available resources towards the common organizational goals. This direction is a vital management function, which ensures maximum employee contribution and also helps in establishing sound industrial and human relations. • It also involves coordination between the different departments of the organization to ensure maximum utilization of all resources, including human resources.

  8. The world has become an economic village and economies are in a state of flux. This situation warrants leaders who can experiment with new ideas and practices and embrace change. • They need to come up with new ways of doing things and encourage employees to come up with new and innovative ideas. • Michael Dadoun the CEO of Montreal Canada, based UpClick, is a leader who cares deeply for his subordinates, respects their ideas and feelings, and establishes work relations characterized by mutual trust and respect.