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michael dadoun ceo of upclick adopts a customer centric approach n.
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Michael Dadoun, CEO of UpClick, Adopts a Customer Centric Ap PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael Dadoun, CEO of UpClick, Adopts a Customer Centric Ap

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Michael Dadoun, CEO of UpClick, Adopts a Customer Centric Ap
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Michael Dadoun, CEO of UpClick, Adopts a Customer Centric Ap

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  1. Michael Dadoun, CEO of UpClick, Adopts a Customer Centric Approach Michael Dadoun

  2. Michael Dadoun, the dynamic CEO of fast growing e-commerce solution company, UpClick, possesses all the relevant skills that go into the making of a successful leader. • He is a person with strong sense of responsibility towards his employees, organization, and the society. Dadoun is intelligent possesses charisma and excellent problem solving skills, is a strategic thinker, and always open and willing to take on new challenges. • Down the ages, successful CEOs have been those who have created organizations where employees are motivated to give their best and clients want to do business with it. • These successful leaders have a hive degree of professional integrity and create winning organizations where individual worth is recognized and every employee works with a single minded devotion of giving his/her best to the company.

  3. Employees of organization lead by a competent and compassionate CEO love and respect their leader. They believe that their future is tied with the person leading them as he has the ability to soar above the competition. • In the following section, we shall talk about some important characteristics that all modern business leaders must possess to successfully lead their organization through a highly turbulent time.

  4. A Customer Centric Approach • In this age of globalization, intense business rivalry, rapid technological changes, and uncertain economic environment, CEOs of modern organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of attracting and retaining customers. • Modern business leaders realize that to increase the wealth of their organization’s shareholders, generate profit, and contribute meaningfully to society, they have to grow their customer base. • Developing brand awareness and generating brand loyalty now forms an important and integral part of investing and growth strategies of a large number of modern organizations. • Another important factor that successful leaders never fail to take into consideration is ever shifting needs and buying patterns of customers. They keep their ears to the ground and their eyes open to ensure that they do not miss even a subtle shift in consumer buying patterns.

  5. Experienced and knowledgeable CEOs realize that being able to respond quickly and effectively to these shifting patterns and changing trends is the only way to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. • It, therefore, comes as no surprise to find out that highly successful organizations are those that leave no stone unturned in finding new and innovative ways of stimulating customer demand as well as customer loyalty. • Digital marketing platforms help companies move forward. The whole world is making a fast transition from analog to digital. Smart phones, tablets, mobiles, i-phones, and other hand-held internet enabled devices have made digital consumption all pervasive. • Organizations are increasingly tailoring their marketing strategies to cater to the demands of a large number of consumers hooked on to the new age digital communication media.

  6. They are adapting fast to this new form of marketing, as they help a business expand largely in a very short period of time by enabling firms to market their product effectively and in a more cost efficient way. • Organizations can get instant feedback on their products and services through social media. They can also carry out live research or measure the response to their offerings in real time. • Many organizations are also involving more and more customers in their product and service development. This makes a lot of sense, as no one can understand the needs and requirements of an individual other than the individual himself. • A continuously evolving business environment has made it imperative that you choose a person to lead an organization who has vision and is clairvoyant. Where your business is going is much more important than where it has been.

  7. A CEO can only be successful, if he or she knows where the market stands today and where it is likely to be in the coming days. • Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, is a foresighted leader who adopts a highly customer centric approach. He interacts regularly with his clients and their suggestions, and feedback forms an important part of his overall strategy for the growth of the organization.

  8. Never Shy Away from Delegating Authority • Successful leaders take a hands-off approach to leadership that requires effective delegation. They have this ability to pick up winners in their organization and assign them important duties and tasks to groom them as future leaders. • Top-notch leaders like Michael Dadoun, the CEO of payment processing firm, UpClick, are vision setters. They take the big picture into perspective, design the vision, and let their subordinates work towards turning that vision into reality.

  9. Conclusion • Dwindling economy, shifting consumer patterns, and decreasing trust in modern organizations has made the task of a CEO immensely difficult. • Leaders like Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, have stood up to the challenge. His emphasis on involving his clients while formulating successful policies for his organization has endeared him greatly to his organization’s stakeholders.