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educational institution facility & student records managemen PowerPoint Presentation
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educational institution facility & student records managemen

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educational institution facility & student records managemen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Document management companies implement departmental and campus wide educational facility and student records management solutions. View this presentation to learn how your educational institution can benefit from these solutions.

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Educational Institution Facility and Students Records ManagementBy Kevin D’ArcyVice President of Sales & Marketing

student records management
Student Records Management

Document management companies implement departmental and campus wide educational facility and student records management solutions for colleges and universities as well as K-12 institutions.

These document management solutions allow educational institutions of all sizes to increase employee productivity, eliminate manual paper processes and reduce waste.

If your educational institution is in need of a secure online records management solutions to store and protect your educational institution’s health and immunization records, registration data, disciplinary documents, grades, attendance reports and other institutional documents, look no further than your local document management company.

student records management3
Student Records Management

A high quality document management company’s records management solutions provide numerous benefits including:

Elimination of the need to maintain old microfilm equipment and microfilm rolls

Better use of employee time with the elimination of the need to search and load microfilm rolls into microfilm readers

Online record repository that allows record managers from various educational institutions to access records without having to travel to a district or county file room

Vastly improved audit preparation due to the fact that all records are available at the click of a mouse

student records management4
Student Records Management

Educational institutions face a number of key challenges in regards to student records management including the fact that too often documents are being doubled and triple keyed. Additionally, records managers spend too much time dealing with dated technology as opposed to focusing on their core business tasks.

Student records management solutions can address these key challenges by automating the collection of information from students and parents and addressing the long-term retention requirements of these documents.

Additionally, these document management solutions provide remote access for record managers from different schools, which improves collaboration while still maintaining document security through a centralized information management structure.

facility records management
Facility Records Management

Educational institutions also face a number of key challenges in regards to facility services document management.

Similar to student records, facility services documents are not commonly stored in a central repository, which makes collaboration, disaster recovery and remote access more difficult if not impossible.

Additionally, these institutions lack the ability to manage internally and externally created document and drawings in various formats and struggle greatly with retention control.

records management solutions
Records Management Solutions

High quality records management solutions allow these educational institutions to gain positive control and accountability over their facility records and allow these companies to access and update these documents electronically.

Additionally, these solutions allow educational institutions to implement cost-effective archival processes and reduce the operating costs related to interaction with the records in their archives.

If you are considering replacing, upgrading or adding to an existing record management system, consider your local document management company.

records management solutions7
Records Management Solutions

A quality document management company will work with your institution to diagnosis, recommend and implement a records management solution that will address your needs.

They will meet with you to discuss your business requirements in detail and recommend the document management solution that is best suited to your educational institution.

Contact your local document management company today for more information about records management solutions and how these solutions can increase employee productivity, eliminate manual paper processes and reduce waste.

about the author
About the Author

Kevin D'Arcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about our records management solutions, visit