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Departmental Scanners in Ontario - MES Hybrid PowerPoint Presentation
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Departmental Scanners in Ontario - MES Hybrid

Departmental Scanners in Ontario - MES Hybrid

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Departmental Scanners in Ontario - MES Hybrid

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  1. Departmental Scanners in Ontario What You Need to Know about Features

  2. Departmental Scanners • When searching for Departmental Scanners in Ontario, it’s important to know what features you need and those you can do without. Rather than focus on features you’re familiar with, like speed and resolution, instead think about your work processes and how scanning can make your job more efficient.

  3. Departmental Scanners • Too often, buyers compare the familiar features of standard printers and multi-function printers to scanners. But the most important capabilities of Departmental Scanners in Ontario may not be the fastest speeds and the highest resolutions. When you focus only on these features, you can miss the other benefits a scanner can provide.

  4. Departmental Scanners • Evaluate Your Workflows • If you need to get a document to a worker in a remote location, how do you handle that task? Do you search for documents in physical filing cabinets, make a photocopy, then fax it to the recipient? If so, you’re a prime candidate for Departmental Scanners.

  5. Departmental Scanners • When you scan a document, you can integrate it into your electronic systems. When stored digitally, workers can easily retrieve needed documents when the need them and regardless of location. Document sharing increases efficiencies and lowers the costs associated with paper processes. • Carefully analyzing how you perform document-related processes can help pinpoint appropriate scanning uses. Then you can match the key features for Departmental Scanners to your requirements.

  6. Departmental Scanners • Don’t Get Hung Up on the Specs • Although it’s important to compare your options as objectively as possible, don’t get lost in the numbers. Pages per minute (ppm) and dots per inch (dpi) are good things to know, but they shouldn’t be the sole criteria for selecting one scanner over another.

  7. Departmental Scanners • When considering Departmental Scanners, make sure you look at the qualitative features too. For example, high speeds and resolutions won’t get you very far if the scanner is difficult to use. What you save in higher scanning speeds can get lost in complex operation. • In other words, opt for a scanner that’s simple to operate and has a user-friendly interface. The last thing you want to have to do is schedule multiple training sessions. And you certainly don’t want to involve your IT department with regular scanner support.

  8. Departmental Scanners • Other productivity features worth considering are multi-feed and missed-feed detection. Multi-feed detection capability eliminates paper jams by making sure a single page is fed through the scanner at a time. Missed-feed detection makes sure no page gets past the scan element without being digitized. When mechanical errors are avoided, workers don’t waste time trying to fix scanner issues and can instead focus on their jobs.

  9. Departmental Scanners • Also, you need to evaluate Departmental Scanners that can handle all your anticipated document types and workloads. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for a certain capability, think longer-term and anticipate capabilities you may need down the road.

  10. Departmental Scanners • In addition to simple and reliable operation, buyers should consider the capabilities of document scanners in Ontario most closely related to their work processes. Things like how much paper can be stacked in the feeder, can it do dual-side scanning, does it accommodate different paper sizes, can it scan stapled documents or is it able to scan high volumes are typical evaluation criteria in a department setting.

  11. Departmental Scanners • Fortunately, advanced production features have made their way into Departmental Scanners in Ontario. You can expect high levels of performance with regards to image quality, ease of use, dependability and versatility. And the cost of acquiring sophisticated scanning technology has become increasingly affordable.

  12. About the Author • Kevin D'Arcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about Departmental Scanners in Ontario, visit: