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Tree Work
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Tree Work

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  1. Tree Work Seth Routt

  2. Pictures When you’re becoming a Tree worker you have to take many classes to become a licensed, and Certified Tree Worker. When you are done with these classes you will need know how to climb, and use the machines. Such as the Bucket truck, the skid loader and track loader and the chipper and many other machines. To do the job that needs to be done.

  3. Education/Training • When it comes to education most people go to ISA International Society of Arboriculture. When you go to ISA they give you a consists of a 50 question multiple-choice exam, and a written test and a climbing skills test. When ISA trains you , you must be able to achieve three training skills ISA Certified Arborist , ISA Certified Arborist Utility, and then the ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist. When you have finished these classes you will you will have to take some climbing classes. When you are finished will all of your classes you will become a Certified Tree Worker.

  4. Salary • A Tree Worker makes up to $40,441 dollars a year.

  5. Attributes & Abilities • . • the ability to undertake a range of practical tasks • a good knowledge of health and safety • to be happy working outdoors in all weathers • to be physically fit with a head for heights • common sense and a strong sense of responsibility • the ability to work well as part of a team • to be able to communicate effectively with members of the public

  6. Job outlook • Employment of agricultural workers is expected to decline by three percent between 2010 and 2020. However, agricultural workers should have good job prospects.

  7. Duties of being a tree worker The duties of a Tree Worker is to be able to perform variety of skilled work involving the Trimming, and the removal of the tree, and the removal of the stump, and maintain all tree equipment, to perform related work.

  8. Duties continued Tree service technicians are generally trained on the job, rather than having any formal schooling in tree maintenance. They employ sophisticated methods for scaling trees in order to remove part or all of plants that have been determined to be unnecessary. Using tools such as pruning hooks, wood chippers, stump grinders, hacksaws and chainsaws, they work carefully, using all technologies available to accomplish their goals in a safe and professional manner. In some instances, tree service technicians may use truck-mounted lifts in order to reach targeted limbs

  9. Math Tree workers use math to add up the hours they made that current week so they could get their pay check. When a tree is about to be removed the tree worker needs to know the angle he is going to drop the tree at.

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