is fmh s next generation crop insurance policy administration system n.
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Is FMH’s next generation crop insurance policy administration system. PowerPoint Presentation
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Is FMH’s next generation crop insurance policy administration system.

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Is FMH’s next generation crop insurance policy administration system. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is FMH’s next generation crop insurance policy administration system.
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  1. Is FMH’s next generation crop insurance policy administration system. September 2011

  2. Just the FACTS… • F – Flexibility • A – Automation • C – Compete • T – Technology • S - Service

  3. CloudNet • Reduce IT development time • Ease of entering new markets, distribution channels, etc. • Opportunity for increased revenue • Increased productivity for Business & IT

  4. Account Registration For Users of the System to be able to quickly and easily manage their account with FMH via any common web browser. Home Office automatically authenticated based on network login (Single Sign-on) Iteration I – Key Impacts

  5. Product Administration Iteration I – Key Impacts • Manage data unique to lines of business, crops, i.e. • Identify what crops are available for states • Dates for processing; billing, cancellation, etc. • Rates for states, crops, endorsements • Forms & Provisions data

  6. Agency / Agent Iteration II – Key Impacts • Agency code changes • Service Center, Holding Companies, Brokerage will be treated as such, not having to look like an agency • Contract process will be handled by the field • Agent licenses and expiration

  7. Application Iteration II – Key Impacts • Policy structure will be at state level (instead of county level) • More editing within the system for less review (Rules for line of business products are easier to change with ownership by the business) • Reduction in number of application/amendment forms • Ability to share policyholder data; land, SBI, party(entity) data • Crop Fire will be administered in CloudNet

  8. Financial Processing Iteration III – Key Impacts • Policyholder output such as Bills, Dec Pages will be automatically generated on specific dates within the system; not user requested • G/L will be changing to accrual basis, not just cash basis • Daily posting & balancing to the General Ledger (EAS) • G-Agents will be completely automated; no longer sending paper • ACH capabilities for policyholders • PMP Management by the agent

  9. Claims Iteration III – Key Impacts • Claim process is being automated; little to no paper will be used for the adjustment and settlement of losses • Adjusters assignment; can be completely automated with oversight only by the field representative • Adjusting process is automated • Automatic claim payment; varying levels of review • Claim management and regular status update availability

  10. Acreage/APH/Production Iteration III – Key Impacts • Ease of entry by Section, Unit or Map • Ability to quickly capture and meet CLU Mapping requirements • Mapping capabilities for Crop Hail

  11. Preferences Iteration III & IV – Key Impacts • Maintainability by the Agency for Mailing and Printing requirements • Reduce mailing costs • On-Demand Agency printing

  12. Mapping Iteration IV – Key Impacts • Land • Claims • Territory APH Management • Ability to quickly divide, edit, copy, combine units

  13. Iteration V – Key Impacts Adjusting • Automation of the adjudication process • Equipping adjusters with computer hardware to complete the adjusting process while at the farm • Automated notification on deferred claims

  14. Claim Settlement & Mgmt Iteration VI – Key Impacts RMA Feeds • Fewer RMA errors due to editing and process flow • Transmission of records only when changes occur • Automation of RMA transmissions • Real-time ability to know what the status of a claim is in during the claim life cycle. • Automated settlement of claims and automated workflow to those that require review or approval Agent Financials • Easy to understand commission statement • Real-time reporting of agency/agent financial information • Automation of LRR fees

  15. Iteration VII – Key Impacts Cancellation • Automation of cancellation and notification processes • ITS/DNS automation • Collections process automation Authorization • Ability to quickly and easily manipulate rights and privileges within the system based on user roles, etc. • Website authorization • User Dashboards for delivery of key information based on user Training • Rollout of Training • Negating Risk • Agency User Group • Adjuster User Group • Hot Line for Answering Questions

  16. Development Plan Timeline CloudNet Development Timeline 4/2/10 Beginning of Development Phase 6/1/10 Iterative DevelopmentBegins 10/2011 Foundation Completed; Iterations I, II, III 9/2012 CloudNet System Completion Dt • 12/2012 • Completed Conversionfor all Agencies • Includes eCrop years of 2011, 2012, 2013 16

  17. What we deliver for you… • It will allow “You” to quickly and easily manage your business with FMH • It will allow for selling more related products (linked) in one step or as an easy add-on • It will provide up-to-date claim status and faster claim process • And much more…

  18. What can we answer for you?