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Horror movie poster research PowerPoint Presentation
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Horror movie poster research

Horror movie poster research

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Horror movie poster research

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  1. Horror movie poster research

  2. What is a movie poster? ‘A film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets. They normally contain an image with text’ – Wikipedia By defining exactly what a movie poster is, will help be know exactly that makes them so appealing and why they are used of often and successfully. This then moves me on to their codes and conventions…

  3. Codes and conventions of a horror movie poster: Colour scheme – implies it is out doors, dull yet bloody, ‘normal life gone wrong’ Main image is a close up medium long shot, highlights perhaps the character isn't as important but the narrative and situation is The lighting fades from high to low, may imply something is leading to disaster Tagline- text colour is a binary opposite with the movie title name Mise- en-scene: the normality of clothing contradicts the title name Movie title name- mostly placed in the middle or above for part of the main focus Institutions and production logos

  4. Codes and conventions of a horror movie poster: Highlighting other films that they’ve made in order to draw in a wider audience Setting is confirmed- indoor, house Title of film, making it one word makes the narrative even more of an enigma Mise-en-scene Lighting- high key- contradicts with the movie name which connotes something negative. Key image, wide, long shot, may outline narrative or character identity. Colour scheme- typically dreary colours, negative, cold feel- enhances the genre Credits- crew names, institutions, production labels etc. Links to social networking sites in order to increase marketing/advertising

  5. Codes and conventions of a horror movie poster: Lighting – low key and high key mixed, may imply there is hope at the end of the film Tagline Colour scheme- rain, dirt, outdoor colours, perhaps even a cold setting Background image- essential that it is eye catching and effective, this poster uses an extreme close up Actor/actress name Movie name Cast and crew- credits Website links to social media

  6. Other things horror movie posters include: • Date of release • ‘coming soon’- very common • Age rating- most likely to be between 15-18 • Key image is always something which has to be effective in order to attract an audience