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Warm up- Why do people sometimes get sick from eating their food ?

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Warm up- Why do people sometimes get sick from eating their food ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outcomes: Identify 4 Cs of food safety Identify important characteristics of bacteria define 10 food safety principles demonstrate importance of proper washing create a SAMPLE list of DON’T BEHaviors.

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Outcomes:Identify 4 Cs of food safetyIdentify important characteristics of bacteriadefine 10 food safety principlesdemonstrate importance of proper washingcreate a SAMPLE list of DON’T BEHaviors

Activities: watch film clips, team answer questions, match game, class demo, review brochure, partner-work sample list


Warm up-

Why do people sometimes get sick from eating their food?

What can be done to prevent this?

List 3 things you think you know about bacteria.



  • Chill
  • Cook
  • Combat Cross-contamination

New generation of e coli bacteria. Bad bacteria bred with neutral good bacteria for this new type.


They use principle of competitive exclusion and spray good bacteria on chicks feathers. Chicks digest the good bacteria and it takes up space so there is no room for salmenella.

find the definition match
Find the definition match
  • Danger Zone 
  • Foodborne illness 
  • The Thaw Law 
  • Sanitation 
  • Thorough cooking 
find the definition match1
Find the definition Match
  • Two Hour Rule
  • Personal Hygiene 
  • Perishable Food 
  • Cross-Contamination
  • Contaminated Food 
hand washing
  • 1. Cold water with soap
  • 2. Warm water no soap
  • 3. Warm water with soap
  • Additionals-

Time length– Happy Birthday song vs. 3 second

review the 4 cs brochure
Review the 4 cs brochure
  • With your partner, try to come up with 3 NOT behaviors for each C word.

Ex. : cross contamination– don’t lick your mixing spoon and continue to stir with it!!

exit ticket
Exit ticket
  • List 3 SPECIFIC food safety behaviors that you learned today that you did not know before.
  • Explain why storing food at the correct temperature is so important.