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NASA Technology Portfolio System

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NASA Technology Portfolio System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NASA Technology Portfolio System. Introduction October 11, 2012. Introduction to TechPort. TechPort is a new web-based software system that integrates detailed information about NASA’s technology development projects.

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nasa technology portfolio system

NASA Technology Portfolio System


October 11, 2012

introduction to techport
Introduction to TechPort

TechPort is a new web-based software system that integrates detailed information about NASA’s technology development projects.

NASA's Technology Portfolio System (TechPort) is now available to NASA civil servant and contractor employees who log in from a domain.

TechPort is an integrated, agency-wide software system designed to capture, track, and manage NASA's portfolio of technology investments. TechPort provides detailed information on individual technology programs and projects throughout NASA.

TechPort is equipped with features that allow users to efficiently search, identify technology gaps, update assessments of NASA's Roadmap Technology Areas, and provide comprehensive technology reports. TechPort is developed and managed by the Office of the Chief Technologist.

TechPort homepage

introduction to techport1
Introduction to TechPort
  • TechPort development was initiated after a request by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB’s request resulted in the creation of an FY2012 Annual Performance Goal Item APG: ST-12-17:

“Ensure that 75 percent of all NASA Space Technology Program’s projects are recorded in the portfolio database.”

  • The National Research Council (NRC) recommended that NASA provide past and present space missions and technology development information readily available to the U.S. industry (Source: National Research Council. (2012). NASA Space Technology Roadmaps and Priorities: Restoring NASA's Technological Edge and Paving the Way for a New Era in Space)
  • The Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan (SSTIP), created to respond to the NRC’s recommendations and provide the Agencies priorities for technology development stated “NASA will reach out to the public and share information about its technology investments.” The SSTIP identifiesTechPort as one of the mechanisms to achieve this goal.
introduction to techport2
Introduction to TechPort

TechPort’s High Level Objectives

  • Provide the capability to search and share NASA technology information
  • Provide NASA Centers, Programs and Projects the capability to dynamically capture information and manage their technology investments (including tracking milestones, key decision points, and generating performance quad charts)
  • Provide the Agency with tools to analyze the technology portfolio, make decisions about future investments and generate reports quickly
  • Enhance the ability to identify prospective technology development partners
  • Provide a social interface to communicate about technology projects
benefits of techport information
Benefits of TechPort Information

TechPort contains a wide variety of information on technology development programs and projects, including:

  • Technology Descriptions: Abstracts, full descriptions, benefit statements, alignment to applicable Space Technology Roadmap areas
  • Development: Technology Readiness Level (TRL) data, project start and end dates, performance measures
  • Contacts: Program and Project Managers, Program Executives, Principal Investigators, and Contractors
  • Funding: List of NASA Centers and other public and private organizations providing funding, budget plans for the next four years

Example technology project fact sheet

Some information in TechPort is publically releasable.

Other information, such as project performance and budget detail, is restricted to certain users.

benefits of techport features
Benefits of TechPortFeatures

TechPort is designed with several features to help users find the right information and help editors maintain accurate and current information:

  • Search & browse
    • Find and select technologies of interest
    • Build custom selection of programs and projects
    • Like and comment on items
  • Create reports and perform analysis
    • Show alignment to Space Technology Roadmap areas, TRLs, APGs, and states
    • Explore “what if” budget planning scenarios (designated users)
  • My TechPort
    • Store and retrieve quick access user favorites
  • Track Performance (designated users)
    • Update or view program and project monthly status reporting
  • Create and Edit items (designated users)
    • Add new programs and projects
    • Edit programs and projects

Example Features of TechPort

benefits of techport results
Benefits of TechPortResults

TechPort’s broad and dynamic data combined with its variety of features allows users to:

  • Perform efficient and accurate portfolio analysis
    • Analyze and report on a selection of or the entire NASA technology portfolio
    • Inform proposal evaluations and technology investment decisions
    • Identify technology gaps in a given technology area
  • Track current performance status of programs and projects
    • Dynamically capture, maintain, and report current and prospective technology investments
    • Generate regular reporting on projects or programs of interest
  • Provide accurate and fast reporting capabilities
    • Deliver information to Congress, including by state analyses
    • Support the need to find quick answers to “what projects are we doing that…” questions
  • Identify potential partnering opportunities
    • Fostering cooperation and leveraging funding across NASA
    • Broaden technology awareness and networking opportunities through social interaction features

Example analysis of number of TechPort projects by state

source of data
Source of Data

TechPort’s contains data on thousands of projects:

Current Data

  • Project Data includes both active projects and past projects
  • Active Technology project data in TechPort was collected through an agency-wide data call for technology project information.
    • This call was conducted in the late spring as part of the development of the Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan (SSTIP).
    • Program and project personnel entered technology project data into TechPort.
    • The data was validated by NASA mission directorate/office representatives.
  • Past project data was collected from publically releasable data from the SBIR/STTR electronic handbook.

New Data

    • Moving forward, TechPort will provide a venue for data owners to easily update technology project information, as well as the tools to conduct analysis and reporting on that data.
    • See your Center Chief Technologist for More Information.
  • Living System – Data will be updated daily as various data owners update their Program and Project data to manage their projects, create Quad charts, and develop their own internal reports.
  • Annually, NASA will use TechPort to do an analysis of the Agency Technology Portfolio. Prior to that analysis, data owners will be requested to update their data.
center of attention
Center of Attention

TechPort’s Top Ten Technologies

Do you have pride in your project?

Do you want others to consider partnering with you?

Do you want others to use your technologies?

Be the Center of Attention!… by frequently updating your project data and showing up on the “TechPort Top Ten”

See how many like your project

Post comments on the wall or send them to the Program Manager or Project Manager

accessing techport
Accessing TechPort
  • Go to This URL is only available from behind the NASA firewall.
  • Use your Agency user ID and password to log in through NASA’s single sign-on LaunchPad system.
  • All NASA personnel who have LaunchPad accounts are automatically registered to receive access to TechPort publicly releasable information.
  • There are elevated permissions for editing data and accessing budget and performance data in TechPort.
  • Instructions on how to navigate TechPort and use different features will be available on TechPort.
  • For questions on accessing or using TechPort, you may also - call the Enterprise Service Desk at 877-677-2123, - submit a trouble ticket at https://esd.nasa.govor - send email to

NASA’s LaunchPad login page

participants in techport development
Participants in TechPortDevelopment
  • NASA Office of the Chief Technologist
  • NASA Centers
    • ARES Corporation (System Architecture and Integration)
    • The Tauri Group (Creators of MATCH, TechPort Data Analysis)
    • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Creators of IMPaCT)
    • REI Systems, Incorporated (Creators of the Electronic Handbook and ESTO)

With support from:

  • Center Chief Technologists
  • NASA Chief Information Office (CIO)
  • NASA HQ Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD)
  • User Stakeholders

For more information, contact:

  • Faith Chandler – NASA OCT, Acting Director Program Management and Integration
  • Carl Ray – NASA OCT, Project Manager,
  • Tom Teague – ARES, Architect and Integration Lead,
  • Ryan Miller – ARES, Development Lead,