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Eastern Illinois University

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Eastern Illinois University. Energy Conservation and Sustainability Program December 11, 2007 Lt. Governor Pat Quinn Sustainable Government Symposium IDNR, Springfield. The EIU Program. Aggressive Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Fuel choice flexibility (Coal vs. gas/oil)

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Presentation Transcript

Eastern Illinois


Energy Conservation and Sustainability Program

December 11, 2007

Lt. Governor Pat Quinn

Sustainable Government Symposium

IDNR, Springfield

the eiu program
The EIU Program
  • Aggressive Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
  • Fuel choice flexibility (Coal vs. gas/oil)
  • Incidental small in-house projects with short paybacks
  • Electric rate management (Illinois State Universities Consortium: ISU, WIU, SIUC, SIUE and EIU)
  • Scheduling and optimization using BAS
  • Maintenance training/ operations program improvements such as the Building Operator Certification program managed by DCEO/MEEA;
  • Utilities sub-metering
  • Steam system: Pressure reduction, boiler tuning and combustion monitoring
  • Campus awareness and partnering
  • Develop a campus energy policy
  • EIU Energy and Sustainability Committee

EIU Performance Contracting

  • Phase I (Gov’s Pilot 1994- CMS COPS$$- Energy Masters)
    • 1.7M GSF upgraded, $3.4M project
    • Energy Conservation Measures Installed
      • 10525 energy efficient lighting upgrades
      • 697 variable air-volume dampers
      • 39 variable speed motors
      • 1,095 additional building automation points
      • An Energy Management System upgrade
      • Minor steam and electric metering
    • Annual savings $533,000 guaranteed for 10 years
    • This project was paid off in December 2006

EIU Performance Contracting

  • Phase II (EIU-managed 2001 - COPS $$- Honeywell)
    • 1.5M GSF upgraded, $10.8M project
    • Energy Conservation Measures Installed
      • 18,363 energy efficient lighting upgrades (T-8 and CFL)
      • 810 water conserving (1.5 gpm)) shower heads
      • 1,117 low water consumption flush valves and toilets (1.6 gpf)
      • 1,469 faucet aerators (0.5 gpm)
      • 118 energy efficient washing machines (Maytag Neptune)
      • Variable speed pump and fan upgrades
      • High efficiency electric motor replacements
      • Pipe insulation
      • Upgrades/expansion of building automation system (BAS)
      • Replacement of swimming pool filtration system
      • Replacement of five (5) large central chillers
      • Expansion of the campus chilled water loop
    • Expected annual ECM savings $1,332,000
    • Annual savings $1,200,000 guaranteed for 10 years

EIU Performance Contracting

Phase II Enhancement (EIU-managed- 2003 COPS$$- Honeywell)

  • Supplemental ECM’s installed, $2.6M project
  • Energy Conservation Measures Installed
    • Replacement of an additional chiller
    • Lighting upgrades in the Student Union
    • Upgrading building automation systems
    • Energy efficient exit lights (LED’s)
    • Replacement of chilled water coils
    • Optimizing ventilation rates with CO2 control
    • Global automation of campus chilled water generation and distribution
  • Expected annual ECM savings $315,000
  • Annual savings $295,000 guaranteed for 10 years

EIU Performance Contracting

Savings in Energy Units

Red line is resident population

Blue line is water used


Waterrates have increased70%

  • Water costs have decreased26%

The EIU Experience


  • Annual savings guaranteed: $2,017,000
  • Annual savings expected: $2,303,000
  • Net annual to reinvest: $286,000
  • $16.7M in infrastructure, systems and performance improvements paid from savings over 10 years
  • Out of that sum, $13.2M applied to deferred maintenance reductions

The EIU Experience


  • CO2 emissions reduced by 64,000 tons per year
  • SO2 emissions reduced by 600 tons per year
  • NOx emissions reduced by 240 tons per year
  • Lower fresh water resource usage
  • Lower waste water generation
  • Lower landfill input
  • Lower overall thermal rejection to ambient

A Remaining EIU Sustainability Opportunity

  • 10MW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant (new 20-year duration EPC will play a MAJOR part in making this feasible for EIU: RFP is now on the street)
  • Base-fueled with biomass with possible capability to “flex” to alternative fuels with minor re-tooling
  • Over $14,000,000 in deferred maintenance cost avoidance from investing in a new CHP
  • Abundant, sustainable, environmentally soft, local and low-cost long-term energy source
  • Leverage additional ECMs in this project to support the CHP such as higher voltage metering, science lab ventilation, chilled water upgrades, BAS optimization, lighting, water, etc.

Sustainability Comments

  • Support LEED concepts in the Capital project process
  • Vigorously develop 20 year EPC opportunities (new legislation was a great move!!)
  • Continuously improve maintenance skills through training

The best energy saver is a “world class” maintenance program

  • Incorporate sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass

Accept the fact thatthese options may feature more complicated infrastructure, high front-end costs and long paybacks

  • Building use schedule/temperature optimization (BAS)

Can easily conflict with expectations of the customers

  • Engage the campus community

Motivate employees and users to conserve- fight apathy!

  • Aggressively develop all no-cost/low-cost opportunities

Many small opportunities usually exist but are ignored



Please feel free to contact us for information

Gary Reed - (217) 581-2199 or