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Teleste Transcoder – OPTIMO. Video to c onnected devices requires multiple formats… – Transcoding is the solution! . Big TV Screens Best Quality Mobile Devices => Multiple Formats Connected to Internet => More Content Available Personal consumptions => On Demand Social Connectivity

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Video to c onnected devices requires multiple formats transcoding is the solution
Video to connected devices requires multiple formats… – Transcoding is the solution!

  • Big TV Screens

  • Best Quality

  • Mobile Devices

  • => Multiple Formats

  • Connected to Internet

  • => More Content Available

  • Personal consumptions

  • => On Demand

  • Social Connectivity

  • => Data Connections

Emerging typical operator needs for transcoding
Emerging typical operator needs for transcoding

  • Content is available in MPEG-4 AVC format from satellite, but there are still majority of STB supporting MPEG-2

  • Operator needs compress content to save network capacity. Typical IPTV case requires to transcode from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 to save bandwidth with same picture quality

  • More HD channels will appear to offering, but Operator need to control bitrates for maximise multiplex utilisation and avoid overbookings with highest picture quality

  • Connected devices like smart TV’s and mobile devices (iPads, smart Phones…) is more common in subscribers and will change content use. Operator need to create seamless user experience for content availability to multiple screens with multiple formats.

  • Video file transcoding to offer on-demand content for multiple devices

Teleste headend solution for live video
TelesteHeadend Solution for Live Video

Optimo Transcoders

Publish Point



Origin server

Video trancoding

  • MPEG-2

  • MPEG-4 (H.264 AVC)

  • HD & SD

    Audio transcoding

  • Multiple formats

  • Metadata transcoding

  • Various subtitle formats

  • Multiprofile transcoding

  • Source to multiple resolutions and bitrates

  • Segmenting (HLS, MSS, HDS, MPEG-DASH)


Advanced DVB proc

  • Component filtering

  • PSI/SI table proc

  • Content protection

  • IP streaming





HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS)

Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)

Adobe HDS



IPTV multicast streaming


Luminato edgeQAM&COFDM

Broadcast Manager



Advanced DVB processing

  • DVB simulcryptscrambling

  • PSI/SI table insertion


STB bootloads

Network SI tables



The transcoder solution optimo
The Transcoder Solution - OPTIMO

  • High Density Professional Transcoder Platform

    • More channels in less rack space

    • Best Quality with high efficient encoding

    • Multipurpose (supports many formats)

  • Multiscreen Transcoder

    • Built-in multiple profile transcoding with ABR streaming

    • HLS, MSS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH*

  • Built in WEBUI management

    • one box solution

    • Optionally separate management server for multi chassis management and redundancy purpose


Teleste technology p artner
Teleste Technology Partner

  • Many-core optimized video processing software

    • Built “from the ground up”: H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2 engines

    • Exploits both parallel and serial engines for optimal efficiency

Teleste optimo products
TelesteOptimo Products


Live encoding for online and mobile delivery


File-based transcoding for multiscreen applications


Unified video management system


Video customization and packaging


Teleste optimo live transcoder hardware
Teleste OPTIMO Live Transcoder Hardware

  • 1RU chassis, 3 models

  • Optimo160: 8xCPU, 1xGPU

  • Optimo220: 16xCPU, 2xGPU

  • Optimo400: 16xCPU, 4xGPU

  • Interface options:

  • 2x 1GigE

  • 6x 1GigE

  • 1x 10GigE

  • 1x, 2x or 4x HD-SDI

Teleste optimo live transcoding densities use c ase examples
Teleste Optimo LiveTranscoding Densities – Use Case Examples

Max input channels per 1RU device

Estimated amount of input channels depends on amount of output profiles and their resolution

Contact to Teleste for tested channel counts with target output profile set

Note: Use Cases not listed => Contact to Teleste

Teleste optimo server performance
TelesteOptimo Server Performance

Time to encode 30s input file to multiple outputs (shorter is faster)

Optimo is 10X faster

The key h ighlights
The Key Highlights

High density in 1RU

  • Up to 12 H.264 channels @1920x1080i50

  • Up to 24 H.264 channels @1280x720p25

  • Up to 48 H.264 channels @720x576i50

    The best of two worlds

  • Performance: transcoding by HW -> most efficient

  • Flexibility: Streaming & segmenting done by SW -> quick adaptation to new demands

    Integrated solution

  • Multiprofile transcoding and segmentation in same chassis

  • Embedded Management

  • Multipurpose platform – support various formats and use cases

    Audio transcoding

  • Many audio format changes and level adjustments

    Metadata transcoding

  • Captation, subtitle format changes

    One input to multiple profiles and resolutions

  • Extremely flexible to create multiprofileadaptive streaming

  • Support all streaming formats (IP multicast, HLS, MSS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH..)

    Content protection

  • Integrated with Verimatrix

    Digital Program insertion / Ad splicing

    Future proof

  • Supports H.265 in future SW release

  • MPEG-DASH streaming

  • 4K (UltraHD)

Optimo references
Optimo References

  • CATV operator in Finland

Optimo technology is also used by these service providers

Optimo product codes
Optimo Product Codes

Live transcoders for One-to-One formats


Content distribution: IPTV, HFC

No adaptive streaming

Live Transcoders for Multiscreen


Multiprofile transcoding

Adaptive streaming (HLS, MSS, HDS, MPEG-DASH)

Content Distribution: Public IP network

File-to-File transcoder


Multichassis management


Available now for orders

Teleste optimo product variants
Teleste Optimo Product Variants

Available for orders: Now

Delivery starts: 1 April

Typical Delivery time from order 5..7 weeks

All product in 1RU chassis

Dual power supplies

Teleste optimo demo

1.) YLETV1, YLETV2, MTV3 => adaptive streaming

2.) H.264 HD VBR => H.264 HD CBR 8Mb/s

3.) H.264 HD => MPEG-2 SD

TelesteOptimo Demo

Public IP network

Origin servers








HFC network

Optimo Transcoder

Luminato Receivers





Verimatrix DRM


Free ubiquitous video stream parsing decoding hw or sw
Free Ubiquitous VideoStream parsing & decoding (HW or SW)

Pay tv ubiquituos video decryption drm
Pay TV Ubiquituos VideoDecryption / DRM

Optimo server specyfication
Optimo Server: specyfication