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SensMax People Counting Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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SensMax People Counting Solutions

SensMax People Counting Solutions

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SensMax People Counting Solutions

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  1. SensMax People Counting Solutions Visitors counting makes the most efficient use of resources - people, time and money, which leads to higher profits in effect >

  2. Why there is a need to count visitors? • Collect statistics of attendance • Track and analyze trends • Act & control results • Evaluate effectiveness Counting of visitors is an important part of any retail business. People counting systems are used to estimate trends of attendance, to schedule staff work, to manage sales staff performance, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing activities, as well for optimal organization of the sales object, in accordance with trends in attendance. Visitors counting makes the most efficient use of resources - people, time and money, which, in effect, leads to higher profits. >>

  3. Why to choose SensMax? • Wireless devices • Automated solution • Easy installation and usage • Centralized and rich reporting • Connection to financial data • Price SensMax company has years of experience in the development and implementation of people counting systems. The company specializes in people counting systems for geographically distributed network of retail stores. Our visitors counting systems are developed with the direct participation of our clients, given their particular needs and business processes. Convenient wireless installation, functionality and diversity of reporting, and reliability of the components of the system allows our customers to get a powerful tool to estimate the parameters of the business for the effective price. >>>

  4. Types of people counting systems • SE - autonomous system independent of any IT infrastructure • S1/TCP - automated system with centralized reporting via LAN or Internet • D3/GPRS - automated system with centralized reporting via GPRS For small, stand-alone retail facilities - fully autonomous people counting system with wireless people counters and mobile data collector that does not require any connection to the local area network and uses no permanent connection to the computer. Easy to install and use without any IT infrastructure! For stores and retail chains - an automated people counting system with wireless people counters and automatic data transfer collectors to forward all statistics to the central office via local area network or Internet. Reliable solution to automate people counting in large quantity of shops and to make all reporting centralized. For shopping centers and other complex objects - an automated people counting system with wireless people counter and automatic data transfer to the central office via the network of any mobile operator, using the GPRS connection. Wireless bidirectional people counters provide opportunities to determine the direction of movement and detect the number of visitors are currently in a particular area or floor space of the shopping center. >>>>

  5. How it works? • Wireless sensors > Data collector > LAN or Internet>Centralized reporting Wireless people counters are installed at the entrance of the premises and provide people counting automatically. Statistical data is transferred to the collector of data collection using wireless communication interface every few minutes. Easy installation without any wires makes these people counters useful for all types of entrances. People counters can be used not only to count visitors, but also to alert personnel to incoming visitors by an audible signal. Wireless people counters are installed without disturbing the existing design of the room and do not require the installation of wires for communication and supply. People counters use the unique saving technology of energy supply XLP (eXtreme Low Power), which provides a record of long life battery - up to 7 years! >>>>>

  6. Software reports • Statistical reports • Administrative and analytic reports • Financial reports • Time spans: hour/day/week/month/year • Scales: entrance, group of entrances, shop, group of shops SensMax EasyReport people counting software is an important part of visitor counting system and is designed for automatic update and store data, as well as for the creation of various reports. SensMax EasyReport has more than 20 graphic and tabular reports, and their number continues to grow in line with the needs of our customers. SensMax EasyReport allows to display the data of the visitor counting as statistic, analytic, administrative and financial reports. Intuitive and user-friendly interface allows to use SensMax EasyReport not only for professionals, but for regular users as well. >>>>>>

  7. Happyend Thank you! Time for questions... >Yes Sir, we can do it! PS. Almost 122 people more live on the Earth now, than before you finished reading this presentation and next 3 ones are born while you were looking to the number of 122 >>>>>>>