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LT 209 Media Services

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Week One, June 19. LT 209 Media Services. Housekeeping. Syllabus Outline of class schedule Any questions? Instructor’s blog: http://nnmclibsummer10.wordpress.com/ Next week, June 26. What is “Media Services” in the library?.

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  • Syllabus
    • Outline of class schedule
    • Any questions?
  • Instructor’s blog:
    • http://nnmclibsummer10.wordpress.com/
  • Next week, June 26
what is media services in the library
What is “Media Services” in the library?
  • No singular definition, but it is helpful to think of it as being...
    • ...the use of various media to enhance the experience of patrons and students
    • ...and it can be applied through every encounter from casual browsing to formal bibliographic instruction in a library classroom
what is media
What is “Media?”
  • Media can be anything from...
    • Computers
    • Internet
    • Television
    • Smartphones
    • Gaming systems
    • Etc.
what is library 2 0
What is Library 2.0?
  • Library 2.0 is Web 2.0 as it is applied to libraries, meaning that ...
    • ... Online media is used to enhance the patron’s experience through interaction with the library’s site, including: blogs, forums, tags, podcasts, online exhibits, full text searching, etc.
  • Online journal/serial/etc. What is your definition?
  • How may these be useful to a library?
  • Find blogs for a public, academic, and special library, and let’s compare them
blogs cont d
Blogs, cont’d.
  • Public library:
    • Ann Arbor District Library
      • http://www.aadl.org/
  • Academic library:
    • University of Texas TexLibris
      • http://blogs.lib.utexas.edu/texlibris/
  • Special library:
    • University of Louisiana Special Collections
      • http://hill.blogs.lib.lsu.edu/
blogs cont d1
Blogs, cont’d.
  • You are going to create one!
    • Your choice of sites from Wordpress, Blogger, or LiveJournal (we will discuss the merits of each)
  • Spend some time thinking about what was and was not successful with the example blogs
rss atom
  • RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and Atom is pretty much the same thing, just with a few differences in code that you don’t have to worry about
  • The link to the RSS feed of a site can easily be found by looking for ….
  • If there is no icon visible, you may still be able to find an RSS feed with the URL bar on your browser (works with Chrome and Firefox)
what is rss atom
What is RSS/Atom?
  • An RSS or Atom is a feed that allows a web user to subscribe to a site’s content without actually having to go to the website
  • The content from the site is delivered to a reader, like Google Reader, much as a magazine subscription is mailed to your house instead of you having to trek down to the store to find it
why is rss atom useful
Why is RSS/Atom useful?
  • It allows web users to condense all of the content from blogs and sites they keep up with into a single feed
  • It prevents web users from missing site or blog updates
  • It provides more privacy for the user because it does not require an email subscription for each separate site
where can i follow rss atom feeds
Where can I follow RSS/Atom feeds?
  • Aggregators!
  • Aggregators “aggregate” all of the disparate feeds into a single feed
  • There are many aggregators out there, such as:
    • Google Reader (requires a Google account)
    • FeedDemon (requires a software download)
    • RssReader (requires a software download)
why is google reader so great
Why is Google Reader so great?
  • Obviously, I am a little biased, BUT, Google Reader:
    • Does not require a software download
    • Is accessible from any computer or phone with internet access
    • Lets you search for new feeds within the reader
    • Allows you to easily categorize your feeds, build bundles, and share items with other people you know who also use Google Reader
google reader in action
Google Reader in action
  • Sign into your Google Account and follow the “Reader” link at the top of the Google homepage (you may have to go to “more” and follow the drop down menu to get to it)
  • At the left side of the page, there is a button for “+ Add a Subscription” – click it and paste the link!
  • Let’s practice: add 7 or 8 different feeds to this (they can be whatever subjects you want, not necessarily library-related)
why would you want to share
Why would you want to “share”?
  • Sharing items on Google Reader lets you both give and receive information that you and everyone else might be interested in. It can be very useful for sharing within the professional library community.
what is a google reader bundle
What is a Google Reader bundle?
  • A “bundle” is a collection of RSS feeds that you create to share with other Google Reader users – for instance, you could share all of your job feeds with your friend who has decided that he/she wants to work in a library like you, because libraries are awesome.
let s create a bundle
Let’s create a bundle!
  • Find a few different feeds that you are following and create a bundle with them (like “Totally Awesome Feeds!” or “Food Blogs” or “Current Events”)
    • Go to “Browse for Stuff” and then “Create a bundle”
    • You can click on and drag your feeds into the bundle. Simple and wonderful. Now it can be shared with other people!