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Justin Bieber

Erika Burns. Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber

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  1. Erika Burns Justin Bieber

  2. Justin Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario, and raised in Stratford, Ontario. He was discovered by Scooter Braun who found his videos on YouTube. During childhood, he was interested in hockey, soccer, and chess. He kept his musical interests to himself. He won second place at his talent show, and so his mother put up videos on You Tube for his friends and family to see. They had no idea Justin would be on his way to becoming famous. His life changed completely, going from a small town boy to a famous star travelling the world.

  3. Justin Bieber was born with a natural talent in music. • He started playing drums at age2 and the guitar at age 9. He learnt fast in both. • He taught himself how to play the guitar and drums. • Justin plays almost every instrument • He has the looks and voice that almost all girls are interested in.

  4. Justin Bieber is a leader because he motivates people to follow their dreams and to not give up. • He had a hit single called “Never Say Never” and that had a huge impact on some people because they believed Justin was sending a very strong message out to everyone. • He inspires young teenagers across the world to believe in their selves and to never quit or say no.

  5. Justin Bieber was one of the youngest musicians ever. • He always had a love for music and soon enough was signed with Usher, who was Justin’s idol. • His family began to take a completely different change for Justin, and he became a superstar. • He became a role model to people across the world and he was a big hit everywhere.

  6. Justin Bieber is extremely famous all over the world. He has millions of fans and they never give up on him. • Justin Bieber tries to make an impact on people by telling them to go for anything they believe in. He wants to do good deeds and support his fans as much as he can.

  7. Justin has supported many charities. He has supported the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Cure Duchenne, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, Grammy Foundation, Jumpstart, New Look Foundation, Pencils of Promise, and Red Cross. He also went to visit a children’s Hospital, and to give back.

  8. Justin has had many inspirations by many people. The artists who have inspired Justin in some way are Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and New Kids on the Block.

  9. Justin Bieber was on top for a very long time. Day by day, more and more people began to know who he was. He came across as a very nice and giving person, with great musical talent. Justin believed he could make a change with the help of his fans. He has millions of fans that admire his personality and music.

  10. 2011 Awards Billboard Awards (2011) Top New Artist (2011) Top Social Artist (2011) Top Streaming Artist (2011) Top Digital Media Artist (2011) Top Pop Album (2011) Top Streaming (video) (2011) Fan Favorite Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards (2011) Bill Lowery Horizons Award Much Music Video Awards (2011) UR FAVE: Artist (2011) International Video of the Year by a Canadian CMT Music Awards (2011) Collaborative Video of the Year MTV Video Music Awards (2011) Best Male MTV Movie Awards (2011) Best Jaw Dropping Moment Juno Awards (2011) Best Album (2011) Best Pop Brit Awards (2011) International Breakthrough Artist

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