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AASHTO Trns•port ® 2008 Contractor’s Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AASHTO Trns•port ® 2008 Contractor’s Report. Thomas P. Rothrock, Ph.D. Senior Vice President October 6, 2008. Themes. Info Tech Key Roles and Responsibilities web Trns•port Status MSE activities Service unit and direct contract activities Trns•port related activities

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Presentation Transcript
Aashto trns port 2008 contractor s report l.jpg

AASHTO Trns•port®2008 Contractor’s Report

Thomas P. Rothrock, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President

October 6, 2008

Themes l.jpg

  • Info Tech Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • web Trns•port Status

  • MSE activities

  • Service unit and direct contract activities

  • Trns•port related activities

  • Appendix – production software details

Info tech key roles and responsibilities l.jpg

Info Tech Key Roles and Responsibilities

Key info tech roles and responsibilities l.jpg
Key Info Tech Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carole Duval, Manager Legal Affairs

    • Reviews all proposals, contracts, and contract modifications

    • Reviews all invoices and produces the monthly Service Unit report

  • Joe Phelan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

    • oversees all of the Trns•port marketing activities including trade shows, on-site presentations, webinars, and RFP responses.

    • oversees a team of four Account Managers

      • Pamela Barry, Ward Zerbe, Phil Rodriguez, and Stan Silva

Key roles continued l.jpg
Key Roles -- continued

  • Teresa Franklin, Director of Trns•port Development

    • Oversees the development, maintenance, and release management activities and is Info Tech’s key liaison with the TTF and manages all of our TTF directed activities

    • Her key support staff include

      • Bob DeHoff, Chief Architect

      • Monelle McKay, web Trns•port Program Manager

      • Doug Shiver, Client/Server Trns•port Program Manager

Key roles continued6 l.jpg
Key Roles -- continued

  • Cindy Bass, Director of Trns•port Services

    • Oversees all of our Trns•port service activities, including implementation services, on-site activities, customer support, business analysis, and testing services

    • Her key support staff include:

      • Pat Williams, Customer Support

      • Kathy Yelle, Senior Consultant

      • Jim Patton, Business Analysis Manager

      • Sid Hodgson, Senior Manager of On-Site Activities

Key roles continued7 l.jpg
Key Roles -- continued

  • Terry Sullivan, Vice President of Special Projects

    • Provides support to critical projects and is currently overseeing Info Tech’s work to support the Philippine’s Department of Public Works and Highways as they implement Trns•port PES/LAS, CES, and Expedite

  • Margaret Andraka, Vice President of Global Strategy

    • Oversees all of Info Tech’s business initiatives and works with business partners, customers, and internal Departments to establish appropriate plans for proper execution of initiatives

Scojd strategic plan vision statement l.jpg
SCOJD Strategic Plan Vision Statement

“AASHTOWare will become an industry leader in providing technology solutions for the transportation sector”

Web trns port benefit l.jpg
Web Trns•port Benefit

  • Modern, from scratch web design and development

  • Unified the data model, business rules, security model, and GUI for consistency throughout the entire application

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Client/Server through easier deployment, fewer errors upon delivery, lower cost to modify (correct errors and add new features), easier to customize and extend

Cost benefit continued l.jpg
Cost/Benefit -- continued

  • High quality due to better documented design with detailed user stories, test-driven development with over 100K automated tests, extensive manual testing performed following each sprint, and high level of user involvement throughout

  • Established a mature agile development environment with daily builds and application of acceptance tests, cross-trained developers co-located with subject matter experts, and an independent testing team

Challenges and lessons learned l.jpg
Challenges and lessons learned

  • User challenges (TRTs, etc.)

    • time commitment, variations in agency needs, seeing incomplete software as it is created

  • TTF and AASHTO challenges

    • time commitment, contract administration across multiple projects, system standards, licensing

  • Contractor challenges

    • cost and schedule estimation with magnitude of scope and scope refinements, third party tools, new platform with more environment variables, ongoing daily user input, decisions: existing features vs. improvements  

Tug presentations on web trns port l.jpg
TUG Presentations on web Trns•port

  • Today following this presentation

    • Monelle McKay - web Trns•port Development Update

  • Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

    • Peggy Leight and Randy Lawton – web Trns•port Implementation and migration

    • Bob DeHoff for web Trns•port Technology

  • Preconstruction and CRLMS TAGs, TRT, and Roundtable sessions

  • Demo room – Daily demonstrations on request

Web trns port preconstruction status l.jpg
Web Trns•port Preconstruction Status

  • Sprint development completed on September 30

  • Contains 100% of the contracted business and technical scope required for the production release

  • Currently undergoing final testing by Info Tech

  • After we complete our testing and error correction it will be submitted to the beta states (Vermont and Virginia) for a final three week round of testing

  • Once approved by the TTF, we will package and deliver, most likely in early November

Web trns port crlms status l.jpg
Web Trns•port CRLMS Status

  • All business user story development is complete

  • Approximately two months of development work remains

  • Will submit to beta with 100% of business and technical functionality complete following the December sprint

  • After a 3 month beta, we will correct final errors during the April sprint and upon TTF approval, prepare production release for delivery in May

Slide16 l.jpg

Agency Call Tickets on web Trns•port

  • 60 of the Preconstruction CTs reported prior to July 2007

    • Mainly by Kansas DOT during preview testing

  • All CRLMS CTs reported since start of project, June 2007

Trns port licensees l.jpg
Trns•port Licensees

Trns•port Implementation Status


MSE Activities

Trns port licensees19 l.jpg
Trns•port Licensees

  • 42 State Agencies

  • 2 Canadian Provinces

    • New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

  • District of Columbia DOT

  • New York Thruway Authority

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike

  • FieldManager®

    • 132 Local Governments

    • 655 Consultants/Contractors in 159 organizations

  • Estimator

    • 753 Design Consultants in 483 firms

MSE Activities

Agencies licensing additional modules since last tug l.jpg
Agencies Licensing Additional Modules Since Last TUG

  • CA - DSS, CES, Expedite, PES/LAS

  • GA - FieldManager, CES

  • KY – Expedite


  • ME – FieldNet

  • NYSTA – BAMS/DSS, Estimator, PES/LAS, Expedite

  • OH – SiteManager


    • Oregon, Wyoming, NYSDOT,

  • web Trns•port Preconstruction Production

    • CA, LA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NYSTA, VT

MSE Activities

Maintenance tmr call ticket trend l.jpg
Maintenance TMR/Call Ticket Trend

Fiscal Year

MSE Activities

A few stats from last fiscal year l.jpg
A Few Stats from Last Fiscal Year…

  • 1,473 Support Requests (Call Tickets)

    • E-Mail, Telephone and TeamTrack direct-submit

  • TMRs Reported

    • 70 Warranty

    • 197 Maintenance

    • 56 Enhancement

  • TMRs Delivered

    • 54 Warranty

    • 142 Maintenance

    • 56 Enhancement

MSE Activities

2007 2008 mse releases l.jpg
2007- 2008 MSE Releases

  • Web Trns•port Rel. 1 Preproduction (November 2007)

  • FieldManager 4.4a, FieldNet 3.0a (March 2008)

  • SiteManager 3.9a (June 2008)

  • BAMS/DSS 6.6d (June 2008)

  • Estimator 2.6a (June 2008)

  • Expedite 5.7a (June 2008)

MSE Activities

2007 08 general system highlights l.jpg
2007-08 General System Highlights

  • Maintenance TMRs

    • Began the year with 1,063 TMRs, ended with 948 TMRs

    • 197 reported, 142 delivered and 170 obsolete TMRs

    • Addressed urgent, critical and select highs per TTF

  • Enhancement TMRs

    • 37 Trns•port functional enhancements delivered

    • 19 FieldManager and Estimator Enhancements

MSE Activities

2008 09 development focus l.jpg
2008-09 Development Focus

  • Web Trns•port Development

    • Post Production Preconstruction

    • CRLMS

  • Vista Tech Upgrade

  • Urgent/critical TMRs and TTF approved high priority TMRs

  • Client/Server Interfaces with web Trns•port

  • Installation, testing and release improvements

  • Fiscal Year MSE releases June 2009

MSE Activities

Customer support activities l.jpg
Customer Support Activities

  • On-line Support and Issue Tracking

    • External Agency TeamTrack usage going well

  • Help Desk and Call Ticket Resolution

    • Ongoing training of help desk staff

    • Ongoing interaction with developers and testers

  • Customer Surveys

    • Service available via web tool hosted by Info Tech

  • VMWare (virtual machine environment)

  • Evaluation Licenses



MSE Activities

Service unit and direct contract activities l.jpg

Service Unit and Direct Contract Activities

The NYSDOT LIMS implementation

Service unit activity l.jpg
Service Unit Activity

  • More than 75 trips to 12 agencies

  • Began 5 new Trns•port implementations

    • Louisiana for web Trns.port preconstruction

    • Georgia for DSS and CES

    • Illinois for Expedite

    • Kentucky for Expedite

    • New York for SiteManager LIMS

  • Completed 662 Service Units

  • On-site dedicated teams at 6 Agencies

    • Alabama

    • Indiana

    • Louisiana

    • New Jersey

    • New York

    • Tennessee


Trns port marketing activity l.jpg
Trns•port Marketing Activity

  • 21 agency visits focusing on

    • Parametric estimation, materials management and LIMS, web preconstruction and construction management options

    • Presentations/demos of entire Trns•port suite

  • 24 informal agency visits focused on building relationships with Trns•port users and knowledge of processes

  • 25 webinars primarily focused on cost estimation, construction/materials/LIMS, and electronic bidding

MSE Activities

Meeting and conference attendance l.jpg
Meeting and Conference Attendance

  • AASHTO Meetings

    • National AASHTO Annual Meeting

    • Subcommittees on Information Systems, Construction, and Materials

    • Civil Rights

  • HEEP International and 2 Regional Mtgs.

  • American Public Works Association (APWA)

    • National Congress and some regional meetings

  • Associated General Contractors and Road Builders shows (select few)

  • TEA and TUG Meetings

MSE Activities

Progress with internet bidding using expedite and l.jpg
Progress with Internet Bidding using Expedite and

US DOTs in production with 2-way Bidding (28)

Canadian Provinces in Production (1)

Implementing or working toward implementing 2-way Bidding (5)

Bid express l.jpg
Bid Express

  • Continues to grow with 28 Agencies and 1 Canadian Province in production

  • 5 more agencies now being implemented

  • Roughly 3,800 contractors signed up

  • Approximately $60 billion in bids submitted in 2007

  • On-line bid bond validation available with Surety 2000 and Insure Vision

  • New features added in 2006/2007

    • Small Business Network for connecting Primes, Subs and DBE

Trns•port Related Activities

Software and services to dbe community l.jpg
Software and Services to DBE Community

  • Working with agencies to develop their Small Business Network for more effective contractor community communications

    • Alabama

    • Georgia

    • Indiana

    • Iowa

    • Michigan

    • New Jersey

    • Oregon

    • Nova Scotia

MSE Activities

Collusion detection training workshops l.jpg
Collusion Detection Training Workshops

  • Held annually at Info Tech offices in Gainesville, Florida in February

  • Provides hands-on, in-depth training using BAMS/DSS with real agency data

  • Last workshop:

    • February 26 – 28, 2008 (13 participants)

  • Enrollment is limited to 15 participants to ensure student/staff interaction

  • 2009 workshop not scheduled – To be determined

Trns•port Related Activities

Summary l.jpg

  • web Trns•port Development

    • Complete CRLMS Development

    • CRLMS Preliminary Release/Beta Release

    • CRLMS Production Release

    • Preconstruction Warranty and Next Release

    • Continued Work with Construction and Materials TRTs

  • Supporting the users

    • Continued growth in on-site services

    • More and better collaboration with the TTF, TRTs and users

    • We’re fully committed to providing excellent service to all our customers

Some ways to stay connected l.jpg
Some ways to stay connected

  • Web Sites

    • Cloverleaf

    • TUG

    • AASHTOWare®

  • TUG List Server

  • Documents

    • Trns•port Newsletter

    • Trns•port Product Sheets

    • Maintenance, Support, and Enhancement Work Plan

    • AASHTOWare Catalog

Appendix l.jpg


Product Level Details

Accomplished last fiscal year

In progress this fiscal year

Future or planned items

Slide43 l.jpg

  • Accomplished

    • Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • In Progress

    • 2007 – 2008 FY Release

      • web Trns•port Interface

      • Warranty and maintenance TMR resolutions

    • Urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • Upcoming

    • 2008 – 2009 FY Release

Pes las sapw cas l.jpg

  • Accomplished

    • Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • In Progress

    • 2007 – 2008 FY Release of SAPW and CAS

      • web Trns•port Interface

      • Warranty and maintenance TMR resolutions

    • Urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • Upcoming

    • 2008 – 2009 FY Release

Expedite l.jpg

  • Accomplished

    • 1 FY release, 3 TMRs

      • Expedite 5.7a

    • Enhancement TMR 9803 (Bid Submission Extension) and Maintenance resolutions

  • Upcoming

    • June 2009 FY Release

      • Expedite 5.7b

    • Maintenance and Warranty Resolutions planned

Bams dss l.jpg

  • Accomplished

    • 1 FY Release, 14 TMRs

      • BAMS/DSS 6.6d / BAMS/DSS Standard 6.6d

      • web Trns•port Interface

  • In Progress

    • Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • Upcoming

    • December 2008 Warranty Resolution Release

    • 2008 – 2009 FY Release

Estimator l.jpg

  • Accomplished

    • 1 Beta release, 1 FY Release

      • Estimator 2.6a

    • 14 TMRs (5 Enhancements)

  • Estimator 2.6a Enhancements:

    • 7813: Support Estimate Report Option to Hide Prices

    • 9508: Exclude Item from Reference Price Calculations

    • 9543: Enhance Estimator Printing Functionality

    • 9548: See Item Unit when Selecting Item

    • 9562: Allow Estimator to Read and Write Excel Files

Estimator48 l.jpg

  • Upcoming

    • FY2008 – 2009 Year End Release

      • 5 Enhancement TMRs:

        • 8122: Enhance Integration for Internet Catalog Updates

        • 8684: Add Cut Command to Edit Menu

        • 8869: Support Keep Together Function in Estimate Report when Printing

        • 9948: Modify Existing XML Export File So the Extra Data Field Entries Can Be Imported

        • 9950: Allow Users to Create Custom Crystal Reports Templates for Custom Reports

Sitemanager construction module l.jpg
SiteManager Construction module

  • 18 other agency funded enhancements, including:

    • Navigate from DWR Work Item to related Material sample and six other DWR enhancements.

    • Add Attachments to Stockpile Materials, and update all Attachment icons to indicate whether an attachment exists.

    • Automate line item overrun adjustments, and agencies can calculate price adjustments based on DWR date instead of estimate date.

    • Change Order approvers must have contract authority.

    • Agency-defined custom Reports icon on Main Panel.

Sitemanager sitepad sitexchange l.jpg
SiteManager, SitePad, SiteXchange

  • Accomplished

    • 1 product update, 7 TMRs

      • SiteManager 3.8a-1

    • 1 product release, 60 TMRs

      • SiteManager 3.9a

      • Agency-funded Construction and LIMS Enhancements

  • In Progress

    • Warranty and urgent/critical TMR resolutions

  • Upcoming

    • February 2009 Warranty Release

    • 2008 – 2009 FY Release

Sitemanager materials module l.jpg
SiteManager Materials module

  • Sample Information

    • Autopopulate some fields when creating sample.

    • Test tab-level security for Sample Information window.

    • Additional fields – Lab Control Number, Lab Reference Number, search lens for four new Other types.

    • Print a sample label.

    • Automated office-level Lock.

  • Add Attachments to Material Detail

Sitemanager materials module52 l.jpg
SiteManager Materials module

  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Integration

    • LIMS is built upon existing materials testing and certification data within SiteManager, enhancing the materials management capabilities to include lab testing workflow and processes in server and standalone mode.

    • LIMS System Administration

      • Associate material users to qualified labs.

      • Automated test assignment for samples.

      • Define standard workflows and alternatives

    • Additional Test template functions

Fieldmanager fieldnet suite l.jpg
FieldManager, FieldNet Suite

  • Accomplished

    • 4 Releases, 97 TMRs

      • FieldManager 4.4a, 4.4a-1, FieldNet 3.0a, 3.0a-1

    • IBM Websphere MQ layer replacement in FieldNet

    • Tech Upgrades for Oracle 10g, SQLAnywhere 10, and PowerBuilder 11

  • In Progress

    • Maintenance and Enhancement work for 2008-2009 releases

  • Upcoming

    • 2008-2009 FY Release

      • TMR resolutions plus enhancements