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Capt R Gabriele CMILT, FNI

Capt R Gabriele CMILT, FNI. Head, Pollution and Incident Response Ports & Yachting Directorate Malta Transport Centre Marsa MRS 1917 Tel: +356 22914420 Mob: +356 99494312 Fax: +356 22914429 Email: richard.gabriele@transport.gov.mt. CALYPSO PROJECT.

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Capt R Gabriele CMILT, FNI

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  1. Capt R Gabriele CMILT, FNI Head, Pollution and Incident Response Ports & Yachting Directorate Malta Transport Centre Marsa MRS 1917 Tel: +356 22914420 Mob: +356 99494312 Fax: +356 22914429 Email: richard.gabriele@transport.gov.mt


  3. Ports & Yachting Directorate Responsible for internal and territorial waters (12NM) and amongst others is responsible for: • Preservation of good order • Safety of navigation – (VTS, pilotage, port services, etc) • Prevention and control of pollution (TM is the designated National Competent Authority [NCA]) • Controlling and promoting yachting centres

  4. Importance of the CALYPSO Project for response operations (1) • In the Med tide is not an issue but wind and currents are • Real time information on wind and sea state exist but real time information on currents is lacking • During response operations it is very important to have real time information of sea surface currents as this is what affects most the movement of an oil slick therefore will enhance response planning to minimise impact on shoreline/environment

  5. Importance of the CALYPSO Project for response operations (2) • Real time data is also required to build historical information from which one can obtain accurate predictions to compile statistical patterns of rate and drift of currents • During operations information can be superimposed on existing computer models giving a more accurate picture • Such information can also be used to plan SAR operations

  6. Importance of the CALYPSO Project for response operations (3) • Last year radar information was used during the response exercise held offshore Malta (MALTEX 2012) • Data was used together with the weather information to direct response vessels during the operation • Last year only 2 out of 3 radars had been installed therefore now with the 3 radars in place information should be more accurate

  7. Working Group members were invited to participate in MALTEX 2012 • Working Group members observed the exercise • Radars were made use of for oil spill movement prediction MALTEX 2012

  8. Extracted from: “Participation of the PO-Unit in the Malta Oil Spill Exercise MALTEX 2012 Bulletin Summary - 12/09/2012 09:30 GMT” • prediction MALTEX 2012

  9. WP4.2 – Bi-lateral co-operation (1) TM led this WP with the following objectives: • Exchange of information between all those involved in response operations • To hold meetings between the Maltese and Italian Authorities involved • To promote expertise in the field • To aid in planning for common co-ordination of operational activities • Sharing of knowledge, facilities, equipment and support in the use of data

  10. WP4.2 – Bi-lateral co-operation (2) • To establish protocols for daily and emergency operations • Partners to agree to commit themselves to maintain the plan • To device national monitoring programmes in the two countries • Exchange of experts in the respective fields • The integration of the project within operational activities

  11. Final Aims • The installation and operation of the combined systems • Collaboration agreements between the different entities • Use of historical data for predictions • Combined response operations in cases of emergency

  12. Deliverables • Exchange between national responsible entities • Memorandum of Understanding • Draft Action Plan – Incident Response

  13. Results • Working Group under Work Package 4.2 set-up in March 2012 • 4 Meetings held, this being the 5th and final meeting • Experts / leading national entities in operational response from both countries have been involved • Operational Plan Drafted with input from both sides (Operational Plan serves the purposes of the MoU in one document) • Involvement of Italian side in MALTEX 2012 • Use of HF radar for oil spill movement prediction during MALTEX 2012

  14. Draft Operational Plan (1) • Listed as a deliverable during 2nd WG meeting on 29 May 2012 • Search was carried out for already existing agreements / protocols for bilateral response but no such operational agreements were found to exist. • Only one Malta-Italy bi-lateral relative agreement was found to be still active: Agreement on Co-operation for the forecasting, prevention and mitigation of natural and technological disasters between the Government of Malta and the Government of the Republic of Italy (1994) • This agreement gives both countries the ability to enter into specific operational agreements

  15. Draft Operational Plan (2) • Plan was drafted by Capt. Cafaro (ICG) and modelled on the RAMOGE agreement (Italy, France and Monaco) and adapted for this region • Discussions took place on plan between: • Malta: TM, CPD, AFM • Italy: Guardia Costiera • The draft version of the plan is complete • The plan is split in 2 main parts: • Part 1 General • Part 2 Operational

  16. Draft Operational Plan (3) • Once the final text is agreed upon the respective Foreign Affairs Ministries will take over to formalise the agreement between the two countries. • It is being proposed that this plan is implimented as a working document to the 1994 Agreement mentioned above

  17. We hope that with the input of all partners we can have a system from which both countries can benefit

  18. MALTEX 2013 17 & 18 September

  19. Thank you for your attention

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