J rat and kastytis
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JŪRATĖ AND KASTYTIS :. Similarities with Homer’s legend. Keywords. Place of legends : The sea Nymph Calipso and mermaid Jūratė : Loved mortal hero passionately W ere the sea Goddesses Under went fatal love Odysseus and Kastytis : E ndurance , courage ous , mortal Gods were:

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J rat and kastytis


Similarities with Homer’s legend

J rat and kastytis



  • Thesea

    Nymph Calipso and mermaid Jūratė:

  • Loved mortal hero passionately

  • Were the sea Goddesses

  • Underwent fatal love

    Odysseus and Kastytis:

  • Endurance, courageous, mortal

    Gods were:

  • Vengeance, jealousy,powerful

J rat and kastytis

The Goddess Jūratė lived in a beautiful amber palace in the bottom of the Baltic sea.

Jūratė ruledtheseaandallofthesea-life.

J rat and kastytis

The immortal Goddess the bottom of the Baltic sea.Jūratė fell in love with thehandsome youngfisherman Kastytis

Sculpture by Nijolė Gaigalaitė, 1961,

Palanga, Lithuania

J rat and kastytis

The father of all Gods – Thunder-god the bottom of the Baltic sea.Perkūnas became furious and punished lovers.

Kastytis was killed by Perkūnas and Jūratė mourns him to this day.

J rat and kastytis

To Lithuanians, the small, tear – shaped pieces of amber are the tears of Jūratė, as clear and pure as her fatal love.

J rat and kastytis

In 1937, at the International Graphic Art Exhibition in Paris, artist Vaclovas Rataiskis-Ratas was awarded the prix d'honeur for his woodcut illustrations of Jūratė ir Kastytis