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Self Study Compiled by Makeda Holley PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Study Compiled by Makeda Holley

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Self Study Compiled by Makeda Holley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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the Enhancement of Inclusive Middle school students in literacy through the usage of assistive technologies. Self Study Compiled by Makeda Holley. Rationale.

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the Enhancement of Inclusive Middle school students in literacy through the usage of assistive technologies

Self Study Compiled by Makeda Holley

  • For the last three years as an English Language Arts teacher, there has been a lapse in service of assistive technologies for students with disabilities.
  • The disabilities in the various classes range from: autism, other health impaired, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, bi-polar, and schizophrenia.
  • Students in the inclusion class at times feel left out due to the content of the class and have verbalized this on occasion via feeling lost and/or confused.
  • Regarding technology in the class, there are three desktop computers, a Smart Board, Projector, Access to a laptop cart and Access to five laptops via the Special Education department.
  • Through the usage of assistive technologies, students will enhance their literacy skills and be more prepared for the implementation of Common Core and critical thinking skills.
description of technology2
description of technology
  • Alice for I Pad tells the traditional story of Alice in Wonderland, but in a manner that allows students to interact. With students with disabilities, they are able to become a part of the story and “build the steps” to be successful.
how it applies to the classroom benefits
how it applies to the classroom?/Benefits
  • These applications and programs apply to the classroom by:
    • Promoting Universal Design of Learning
    • Multiple Means of Engagement
    • Multiple Means of action and expression
    • Acoustic processing is gradually increased
    • Provides an unknown love of literacy to be unveiled
need more information
need more information?
  • Assistive Technology Tools
  • Reading Assistive Technology
  • Supporting Literacy through Assistive Technology
  • Literacy and AT

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