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My U.S. Network PowerPoint Presentation
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My U.S. Network

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My U.S. Network
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My U.S. Network

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  1. My U.S. Network Businesses working together for you! My U.S. Network enables businesses to "Network" together in order to save overall advertising expenditures, passing the savings along to the consumer.

  2. Included Marketing – Up to $10,000 Value • Advertisement in our Business Guide Mail Piece - Full color publication mailed to households in local targeted market, and placed at multiple pickup locations. Up to $8500 value • Auto Inventory or Property Listings posted on My U.S. Network (if applicable) • Personal Web Page - Every member will have a Feature Web Page with bios/feature story of their business, and photographs. • Eight changeable coupons listed on My U.S Network web page. Visitors may join a coupon list to receive your business coupons emailed to them directly by our U.S. Network Team each month. With the click of a mouse your visitors may email your coupons to friends and family free of charge. • My U.S. Network Advertisement in select medias – Newspaper, Banner Advertisements, Chamber of Commerce Sites, etc. • Lead Generating Window for your Business Web Page • Included in a complete market saturation email campaign…My U.S. Network will broadcast an email advertisement to every available local email address in our deployment center’s database. The advertisement encourages consumers to visit to receive thousands in savings and register to win thousands in gifts. $3200 Value. • Banner Advertisement On My U.S. Network linking to your email or official website • Unlimited Help Wanted Listings on My U.S. Network

  3. Mailer

  4. Optional Items Available $499 mthly $399 mthly $299 mthly $199 mthly $999 mthly $199 mthly $799 mthly $599 mthly $499 mthly $ 49 mthly • Banner for National Website Homepage • Banner for National State Locator Landing Page • Banner for Official State Landing Page • Banner for Official Local Landing Page • Banner for Company Web Page • Company Bio/Ad for National Website Homepage • Company Bio/Ad for National State Locator Page • Company Bio/Ad for Official State Page • Company Bio/Ad for Official Local Page • Call/Ad Tracking Number & 200 minutes

  5. Website Landing Page Samples My U.S. Network Homepage Help Wanted Landing Page

  6. Website Lead Generator Window

  7. Up To Eight Coupons/ Advertisements

  8. Opt In Email Advertising www.worldwideautomall.comClick Here>>>

  9. My U.S. Network is an Auto Technologies Inc. owned company.  Additional Auto Technologies Inc. owned companies include: New Wave Promotions, Statewide Auto Sale, EZ Credit Approval, & A.T.T.S.123. My U.S. Network was created by businesses for businesses. The premise -  "A Network of Businesses", enabling businesses to network together in order to save overall advertising expenditures - passing the savings along to the consumers.  Auto Technologies Inc. and New Wave Promotions have provided marketing for multiple industries since 2001. Many businesses were unable to utilize some of the traditional marketing avenues available to them due to the high investments. My U.S. Network allows business to join forces, and resources, affording them the opportunity to participate in traditional Direct Mail Promotions, Email Broadcast Advertising, combined with Call Tracking, Lead Generating and Coupon Deployment. No longer will only the large businesses have the advantage of saturating their targeted markets through more costly direct mail, email, banner and online marketing . 1-866-673-5476