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Pipa organa terbuka Pipa organa tertutup Pelayangan bunyi

Pipa organa terbuka Pipa organa tertutup Pelayangan bunyi. EKO NURSULISTIYO. Pipa organa terbuka. Pipa organa tertutup. Pipo organa tertutup. Pelayangan bunyi.

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Pipa organa terbuka Pipa organa tertutup Pelayangan bunyi

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  1. Pipa organa terbukaPipa organa tertutupPelayangan bunyi EKO NURSULISTIYO

  2. Pipa organa terbuka

  3. Pipa organa tertutup

  4. Pipo organa tertutup

  5. Pelayangan bunyi • Pelayangan bunyi adalah variasi periodik dari amplitudo pada satu titik akibat adanya superposisi dua buah gelombang yang mempunyai perbedaan frekuensi yang kecil.

  6. Pelayangan bunyi

  7. Pelayangan bunyi

  8. Soal • Calculate the length of a pipe that has a fundamentalfrequency of 240 Hz if the pipe is (a) closed at one endand (b) open at both ends. • The overall length of a piccolo is 32.0 cm. The resonatingair column vibrates as a pipe open at both ends.(a) Find the frequency of the lowest note that a piccolocan play, assuming that the speed of sound in air is340 m/s. (b) Opening holes in the side effectivelyshortens the length of the resonant column. If the highestnote that a piccolo can sound is 4 000 Hz, find thedistance between adjacent antinodes for this mode of vibration.

  9. Soal • A glass tube (open at both ends) of length L is positionednear an audio speaker of frequency f =680 Hz. For whatvalues of L will the tube resonate with the speaker? • A glass tube is open at one end and closed at the otherby a movable piston. The tube is filled with air warmerthan that at room temperature, and a 384-Hz tuningfork is held at the open end. Resonance is heard whenthe piston is 22.8 cm from the open end and againwhen it is 68.3 cm from the open end. (a) What speedof sound is implied by these data? (b) How far from theopen end will the piston be when the next resonance is heard?

  10. Soal • Frekuensi nada atas pertama pipa organa terbuka A sama dengan frekuensi nada dasar pipa organa tertutup B. Jika panjang pipa A = 60 cm, maka panjang pipa B adalah … • Seorang pendengar berdiri di samping sumber bunyi frekuensinya 684 Hz. Sebuah sumber bunyi lain dengan frekuensi 676 Hz bergerak mendekat pendengar itu dengan kecepatan 2 m s–1. Bila kecepatan merambat bunyi di udara 340 m s–1, maka frekuensi layangan yang didengar oleh pendengar itu adalah …

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