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Phases of the Moon PowerPoint Presentation
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Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon

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Phases of the Moon

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  1. Phases of the Moon By: Jefferson, Lizzie and Oscar

  2. New Moon The new moon looks like a black hole. It is all black like the night sky. The new moon is made when the side of the moon that is facing the earth is not lit up the sun.

  3. Waxing Crescent It looks like a sliver of cheese. You can hardly see it. It is made when the earth’s and sun’s line is moved a little so the sun can make the moon reflect the sun’s light.

  4. First Quarter It only shows half of a moon and only one part of the moon is lit. It is made when the moon is one quarter around the earth.

  5. Waxing Gibbous A waxing gibbous moon is not yet a full moon. After a week, it starts to become a full moon.

  6. Full Moon The full moon is bright and big. Two weeks later and the moon is half way through its revolution.

  7. Waning Gibbous The waning gibbous looks like the last quarter moon but the waning gibbous shows more light. The moon looks like this after the full moon.

  8. Last Quarter The last quarter moon looks a lot like the first quarter moon, but it is light and dark on different sides. The part that is lit gets smaller every day until it is a new moon.

  9. Waning Crescent A waning crescent is almost all black. This is the last phase until it becomes a new moon.