marine pollution n.
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Marine Pollution

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Marine Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marine Pollution. By : Kristen Henry. Ocean pollution Statistics .

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Marine Pollution

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    1. Marine Pollution By : Kristen Henry

    2. Ocean pollution Statistics Almost all of Earth’s land pollutants end up as ocean pollution. It travels threw air pollutants, sewages, and many others including litter. And if we really tried we could stop this madness by simple little things that we don’t even think about.

    3. Our fault Every year millions of sea creatures die because of our littering, and our carelessness. It’s our fault that marine mammals are going extinct. It’s our fault that we litter and don’t clean up our messes. That we choose to burn fossil fuels instead of a healthier alternative.

    4. Baiji Just look at what we did to this twenty thousand year old river dolphin. Fisherman found them tangled in their nets, and the water pollution was just something they couldn’t handle. We homo sapiens / humans killed this wonder of the sea. Scientists believe that this was the first dolphin species humans have wiped off the face of the earth. NOTTHE ONLY JUST THE FIRST! That means that humans have made more than one type of dolphin species go extinct.

    5. The Truth Once these wonders are gone were next, and it’s just a matter of time with the way that we pollute the environment. We might be on the top of the food chain, but if we start killing the little supports that we need it’s going to fall apart. Our whole civilization as we know it will be lost, we will be gone with no one to blame but ourselves.

    6. Protect the wonders Look at these beauties of the sea and tell me that you want them gone. Tell me that you don’t want to protect these beautiful creatures homes. Protect these wondrous creatures habitat By: -Using less fossil fuels -STOP LITTERING -Use less water These simple little everyday things can help save these magnificent creatures from extinction.