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Specifications- Touchdown or Fumble? PowerPoint Presentation
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Specifications- Touchdown or Fumble?

Specifications- Touchdown or Fumble?

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Specifications- Touchdown or Fumble?

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  1. Specifications- Touchdown or Fumble? Presented by Laurie Sparkes, PE, VCO Warren Mitchell, CPPO, VCO

  2. Bidder’s Playbook • Do I understand what is to be bid? • Can my product meet all the “Shall and Must” requirements in the specifications? • Are there loopholes that I can use? • What is missing that I need to know? • Can I quote a price for this good or service?

  3. Kickoff – Start The Session

  4. Utility Vehicle

  5. Utility Vehicle Provide one off-road utility vehicle, diesel engine, minimum 32 horsepower. 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive All terrain traction tires on all wheels Seating for driver and (1) passenger Cargo bed with minimum dimensions of 40”W x 36”L x 10”D Minimum 1,400 lbs payload capacity, Minimum 900 lbs bed load capacity Vehicle shall be equipped to tow a trailer

  6. Utility Vehicle • Do I understand what is to be bid? • Confusing drive type requirement • Is there a loophole I can use: • Can bid 2wd (No 4wd) • Inadequate trailer towing information: • Can bid ANY towing. • No data to fit a need.

  7. Lawn Tractor

  8. Lawn Tractor Item: Lawn Tractor/Mower Brand: John Deere Model: PZW227H5336MWP2337 or equivalent Deliver FOB to Kudzu State Park Garage, 2 Maple Lane, Woodstock, VA 22664 Delivery shall be no greater than 30 days ARO. Contact Anna Log at (540) 459-0002 not less than 24 hours prior to delivery.

  9. Lawn Tractor • Do I understand what is to be bid? • “Model” is not a model number - It is an engine serial number • No describing of salient features • Can I quote a price for this? • Right equivalent product unknown • Obsolete engine - discontinued • Price not available

  10. Windows Installation

  11. Windows Installation Provide and install a quantity of six (6) double pane windows, located on the second floor of Denise Hertz Orthopedic Clinic at 241Bone Spur Point, Walker, VA 24240. Each window shall fit into a 60” high x 36” wide opening. The windows shall be double glazed, UV protective, with argon insulating gas between glazing layers. Installation shall be of high quality, and include complete interior and exterior caulking of seams, and application of weatherproof trim on each window, completed in a workmanlike manner. All crating and packaging items are to be removed from the premises and disposed of by the installer. Contact Ophilia Payne at (402) 234-0001 to arrange a site visit.

  12. Windows Installation • What is missing that I need to Know? • Type of windows not specified. • When is the work needed? • Are there loopholes I can use? • Bid lowest cost windows. • Do I understand what is needed? • Ambiguous language: “high quality”, “workmanlike manner” • What kind of trim?

  13. Research Microscope

  14. Research Microscope Provide a quantity of four (4) microscopes to be used in microbial research. Each microscope must be provided to meet the following specifications: The microscope shall be of the binocular viewing configuration. Viewing lenses shall be contained in a compensation free binocular viewing head, 45 degrees inclined from horizontal. Each eyepiece shall be a compound lens, 10x, 20mm wide field of view. There shall be (4) DIN standard objective lenses, 360 degree rotation turret mounted, 4x,10x, 40x, and 100x. All lenses shall be encased in stainless steel housings.

  15. Research Microscope The stage shall be a dual layer mechanical movement type, 140mm x 132mm size, with a range of motion of 70mm vertical x 30mm horizontal. All screws fastening the stage mechanism shall be M3 stainless steel socket head type, recessed below all surfaces. The stage shall be black in color. The stage light source shall be a 6V 20 Watt halogen bulb with adjustable intensity, illuminating an Abbe condenser lens with 1.25 NA with iris diaphragm and filter. Microscope base shall be not less than 5” wide x 8” long, and must weigh not less than 5 pounds. Exterior finish shall be white matte with contrasting black lettering. Lettering must be Arial font no less than 8 point height.

  16. Research Microscope • Can I meet all the “shalls” and “musts”? • Limits competition - Too many “shalls and musts” items • Use “should” and “may” for some items. • Keep items important to need. • Take out unnecessary items.

  17. Painting Services

  18. Painting Services The Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, and incidentals as necessary to prime and paint the walls and trim of the Fixed Pet Veterinary Clinic, at 2B Spade Way in Painter, VA 23441. The painting services shall meet the following minimum requirements: The paint used shall be of a type to produce no fumes or odor following application. Walls shall be painted a white semi-gloss. Trim shall be painted a medium blue semi-gloss. Paint application shall provide a smooth surface when dried, with evenly distributed color. There shall be no paint runs, thin areas, or areas of color mismatch. The Contractor shall remove all painting materials and waste material from the building premises after completion of contract requirements.

  19. Painting Services • What is missing that I need to know? • Room size? Need primer? surface repairs? • When to start and finish work? • Access to work site? • Are there loopholes I can use? • No minimum paint quality requirement • No licensing or insurance requirement.

  20. Industrial Band Saw

  21. Industrial Band Saw Provide a quantity of one (1) metal cutting band saw, DoAll Model C-916A or equivalent, with all standard equipment, and the following salient features. Any equivalent band saw shall meet or exceed the following minimum requirements: Band Type: 1" x 0.035” Bi-Metal, Band Length: 158"; Band Speed: Infinitely variable 50 to 400 fpm; Band Tension: Spring loaded by hand wheel, 30,000 psi; Band Wheels: 14.5" dia. Cast Iron Index Length: Adjustable workstop to 20"; Material Feed System: Powered Triple Vertical Pinch Rollers, ½ horsepower drive Feed Control: Infinitely variable, hydraulic control, spring balanced head; Motor mount bolts: (4) ½-13 with shake proof nuts and flat washers; Repeatability: 1/64”

  22. Industrial Band Saw Coolant System: 5 gallons, with recirculating, submersible 4 GPM pump, 1/15hp 110V, 1-PH. Motor, hose, and fittings, coolant applied through saw guides; Vise: pneumatic, variable pressure; Saw Blade Guard: Adjustable steel sleeve type; Powered Band Brush; Preset Cut Counter; Chip Drawer Saw Guides: Spring Loaded, solid carbide Inserts, blade coolant outlets; Infeed Idler Conveyor: 5’ Replacement Steel Wear Plates on Bed; Lever-operated Head Position Control; Work light; Capacity: 9" High by 16" Wide, 3/8” to 10-3/4" dia; Blade Drive Motor: 3 HP,60Hz, 3Ph Deliver to the Walden Correctional Center machine shop, second floor, 1 Long Road, Iron Gate, VA 24448, Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 3:30PM.

  23. Industrial Band Saw • Can I meet the “shalls” and “musts”? • Too many salient features as minimum requirements. • What is missing that I need to know? • No receiving information. • No Agency “Will” statements. • Can I quote a price for this? • Tight micro detail eliminates band saw equivalents

  24. Submersible Pumps

  25. Submersible Pumps Provide submersible water pumps for delivery on an “as needed” basis, over a Contract period of one year, for the Virginia Community College System. The pumps are needed to replace old sump units that are subject to failure during the time period of the contract. Pumps must produce a minimum flow of 8 GPM, and operate on 208 VAC 3Ph power. A float switch must be provided for automatic on-off operation based on water level. An Agency representative will contact the Vendor when a pump replacement is needed, and provide the delivery location. The Agency will provide pump installation.

  26. Submersible Pumps • What is missing that I need to know? • Unknown quantity of pumps needed • Unknown number of pump failures at unknown locations. • Can I price this? • Zero delivery lead time. How many pumps do I stock? • The 208V3Ph pumps not suitable for retail and home builders. • The pumps must be stocked for only one customer. • How long before I get a return on my investment? • Either no bid, or price very high per pump

  27. Printing Requirement

  28. Printing Requirement • What is missing that I need to know? • What are the details of the size and sheets? Are there four 5-1/2” X 8-1/2” PAGES per 8-1/2” X 11” sheet? The number of pages and the size need to work together. • How much typesetting is there for copy? What size type? Are there columns? • What kind of proof is needed? When do you want it? How long will you keep it? • What weight and type paper is appropriate?

  29. Printing Requirement • The cover and insert: What weight cover is appropriate? Which part of the cover prints? Insert? What size is the insert? Where is it in the book? Bound in place? • Bindingis related to number of pages and page size. Perhaps saddle stitched? Is it corner staple? Is it two or three staples along the edge of the sheet? • How are copies to be packaged? Are copies wrapped individually? In groups? How boxed? Are the boxes to be labeled? • There is no delivery information. Is inside delivery via loading dock? Is it curbside? What is the distance from truck to Room 331? What receiving hours? Contact information? Where is the Argosy Building?

  30. Portable Radio Equipment

  31. Portable Radio Equipment The following specification describes Relm portable radio equipment, capable of supporting communications requirements during wildfire firefighting, and is intended to define the specific proprietary items required to provide common emergency communications media with other State and Federal emergency response organizations. The use of the Relm brand name and part numbers in this specification is meant to be restrictive as to brand name, model, and manufacturer. It is intended to define the specific items of equipment required. Provide (40) units of the following Relm VHF portable radio equipment and accessories:

  32. Portable Radio Equipment Required portable radio equipment is manufactured by: RELM Wireless Corporation, 7100 Technology Drive, West Melbourne, FL 32904, (800) 821-2900 Provide:RelmModel DPHX5102XDPH Wireless, VHF portable radio: Must meet or exceed APCO P25 specifications, 400 channel capability. MIL-STD and NIFC fire certification required. Minimum 5 watts transmitter. EACH portable radio shall include the following items: LAA 0818 9.5 inch antenna LAA 0193 1700mAH Ni-Cad battery LAA 0305 Standard desktop charger Manual, English language Each unit shall be provided with a waterproof carrying container having a secure closing lid.

  33. Portable Radio Equipment Bidders shall provide delivery for the products offered, FOB destination. Deliver to Virginia Department of Fire, 1 Firebreak Circle, Hot Springs, VA 24445, between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday. Contact Colin Waters at (540) 123-4567 not less than 24 hours prior to delivery.

  34. Portable Radio Equipment • Do I understand what is to be bid? • Yes. Specs tell exactly what must be bid. • Proprietary justification: Compatibility with existing equipment • Are there loopholes that I can use? • Yes, Cover spec is not a clear description. • Left open to use my lowest bid idea.

  35. Golf Course Mower

  36. Golf Course Mower • Self Propelled Riding Mower, wide coverage gang type rotary blades riding mower for large grass area mowing, mowing of golf course rough turf and large grass sports fields. Provide a quantity of one (1) John Deere model 1600, or equivalent, with all standard equipment, and the following minimum salient features: • 50 horsepower diesel engine, minimum • Cutting width of 10 feet • (1) main deck and (2) wing decks • 1” to 5” cutting height • Hydraulic powered rotary cutting decks • Full time all wheel drive • Driver station with steering wheel and • adjustable seat

  37. Golf Course Mower All self propelled riding mowing equipment offered as an equivalent shall meet or exceed the preceding minimum requirements. Bidder shall provide complete product technical data and warranty information, included with bid. Delivery shall be made, FOB destination, to Lost Ball Golf Course garage, 4 Under Par Drive, Greens Hole, VA 25566. Delivery is accepted between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Contact Manny Strokes at (800) 123-4653, not less than 24 hours prior to delivery. Provide delivery lead time after receipt of order (ARO) with bid.

  38. Golf Course Mower • Do I understand what is to be bid? • Yes. A John Deere 1600 or my equivalent mower • Can my product meet all the shall and must requirements? • Yes. My product meets or exceeds the J-D 1600 specs. • Are there loopholes that I can use? • No. Needs are clear. • What is missing that I need to know? • Nothing. Salient features tell me what to include in my bid. • Can I quote a price for this good or service? • Yes. Can use price list data.

  39. Success! We are at the goal!

  40. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

  41. Post-GameWrap-Up: Put yourself in the shoes of the bidder when you write your specifications, and you will always make a TOUCHDOWN!