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Mobile Bit Font Creator

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Mobile Bit Font Creator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Bit Font Creator. Majid Asgari Presents. Show every Languages on every Java Enabled Wireless Devices. Goals. -Using 1-byte characters instead of Unicode characters to show every languages. (= half size) -Showing Fonts without install them on devices.

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mobile bit font creator

Mobile Bit Font Creator

Majid Asgari Presents

Show every Languages on every Java Enabled Wireless Devices



-Using 1-byte characters instead of Unicode characters to show every languages. (= half size)

-Showing Fonts without install them on devices.

-Having less volume for fonts (tenth). (14k for a large font)

-Showing every languages on every J2ME Devices (Java Enabled Wireless Devices).

-Showing complex script language and multiple languages texts with better appearance.

-Create fonts on MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS and other Operating Systems.

mbfc package
MBFC Package
  • MBFC is Mobile Bit Font Creator Package that includes:
  • 1-Project Handler
  • 2-Bitmap Chars Defining Tool.
  • 3-Char Groups Organizer. (for complex script languages like Arabic and Farsi)
  • 4-Unicode Linker.
  • 5-Text Converter. (and MBF creator)
  • 6-Entry-Canvas Creator.
bitmap chars defining tool
Bitmap Chars Defining Tool
  • Easy to use tool for defining chars. You must define every character’s figure.
  • You can copy-paste, change pen thickness and style, define guidelines and move rapidly in chars.
group organizer
Group Organizer
  • In Complex script languages every character has multiple figure and state: “separate” (isolated), “first”, “middle” and “last” shape. Like “ببب ب” in Arabic.
  • In Char Group Organizer we can define these groups for next steps.
unicode linker
Unicode Linker
  • Now we can link our groups to Unicode chars. Then we can import Unicode text to the application and the application can convert the text to proper byte for using in J2ME devices. In this way every characters are 1Byte instead of 2Bytes Unicode chars.
convertor assistant
Convertor Assistant
  • After linking to Unicode characters, you must only enter your text in j2me converter assistant frame and see the preview of the text on wireless devices simulator. After clicking on one button, every thing will be done.
entry canvas
  • It’s a very strong tool for creating better interface to interact with your users.
  • With multi-language entry canvas you can give text from users in every language. Users can shift between 6 defined layouts for entering words.